The NFL’s long-awaited return to Los Angeles has led to many, many questions about why the NFL thought it was a good idea to return to Los Angeles.

The Rams are finding success on the field under Sean McVay, off to a 3-1 start behind a resurrected Jared Goff and high-scoring offense. However, they are failing to put butts in seats at the L.A. Coliseum with the franchise down over 25,000 people per game in attendance.

It’s even worse for the Chargers playing at the Stubhub Center. They can’t even fill the Galaxy’s stadium at 30,000 capacity with tarps now covering seats. Equally as embarrassing as the light attendance is the fact that a significant chunk of those at Sunday’s game against the Eagles were wearing green.and the team’s home venue filled by fans of the opposing team.

The NFL’s attendance issues are a huge red flag in Los Angeles with a multi-billion dollar stadium on the way. But growing the fanbase on local television may be proving to big an even bigger challenge.

Los Angeles sportscaster Fred Roggin tweeted out the local ratings for Week 4’s games in the L.A. market. Neither the Chargers or the Rams drew top spot, that belonged to the Colts-Seahawks Sunday night game. The Rams couldn’t even draw top spot playing America’s Team in Dallas as their game against the Cowboys came in at #2. The Chargers? Tied for the FIFTH MOST WATCHED NFL GAME in Los Angeles with the Steelers-Ravens tilt. Those two cities are 2,500 miles away from Los Angeles. But that’s not even the worst news for the Chargers trying to grab a toehold in the Los Angeles market.

Do you see what game ranks fourth place, ahead of Chargers-Eagles? That would be the Dolphins-Saints game that took place in London, England – a game that was aired in Los Angeles at 6:30 AM local time.

Let that sink in. The Chargers lost in local ratings to a game played before much of the population even got out of bed.

This isn’t a one week fluke either, but likely to be a trend that we will see throughout the season. NFL fans in Los Angeles have had two decades of watching the best and biggest games every week and not having to be tied down by a local market franchise. This was always going to be the concern with teams coming to Los Angeles. The market just doesn’t want to support an NFL team of their own, let alone two teams.

The Rams have a big enough of a challenge on their own trying to reestablish a fanbase after leaving for St. Louis over two decades ago. But the Chargers? They face what looks to be an increasingly fruitless endeavor in trying to gain fans in Los Angeles.

If they can’t fill a soccer stadium, and they get outrated by a game played before the crack of dawn, what hope do the Chargers have in Los Angeles?

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  • Timothy Karwowski

    The chargers owner now knows what oppression feels like and his team isn’t kneeling for the anthem.

  • aamern79

    At least the Rams game was considered the second most watched NFL game in LA. But depending how far the Dodgers get in the baseball playoffs, both NFL teams (Rams/Chargers) may or may not be considered an afterthought. Especially with the Lakers/Kings season just around the corner.

  • Tigercat919

    What is it about Los Angeles that makes it such a poor NFL city? The city has a strong college football presence and one of the best high school football scenes in the country. I know there are lots of other sporting entertainment options in the city but it has proven to be big on football from a college and high school point.

    • Helder

      The Rams will do fine. Even if their numbers are down from last season they will be alright when they move into their new stadium. There will be a lot of buzz when that happens. If they’re winning even better.

      Nobody wanted the Chargers. They wanted the Raiders.

      The only scenario that would have worked for the Chargers was to be the only team in L.A. Had the NFL picked the Carson project the Raiders would be welcomed and supported and the Chargers would be in the same situation.

  • Amber Puga

    When the Oakland Raiders play the LA Chargers in LA I can guarantee you it will have the feel of a Raider home game. The Raiders have a huge fan base in LA it the Stubhub Center will be a sea of Silver and Black including the Black Hole in the end zones.

  • Dale Moog

    A few thoughts on these numbers first the Dallas/Rams game was on at 10 if that had been a 1:25 game it would have been #1 and second the Chargers game was not even on FOX in was on My Network TV KCOP this was because the NFL did not think about the broadcast rights for FOX and CBS with CBS having the national game at 1:25 Fox could not show 2 games in LA so they had to move the Chargers to another network with permission from CBS. Since the Rams/Dallas game was on FOX the game they had to move was Chargers/Philly. When the Chargers play on Thursday night or Monday night they will draw good numbers in LA overall it was a bad idea to move the Chargers to LA now they should have done what the Raiders did just stay in SD until the new stadium was finished of move to another city for 3 years.

    • Shawn Diiorio

      Problem is they still stand to be more profitable in LA as a joke than as a lame duck team in San Diego.

  • Bryan Smith

    The only way things will change for the Chargers and Rams is if they win. Bottom line. At 0-4 the Chargers aren’t going anywhere this year and they basically will be playing 16 road games. Or at least for them it will feel like it. The Rams blew an opportunity last year when they had the LA market to themselves. However it appears in 2017 they have a decent team. Winning in Dallas is a big deal and if they can beat the Seahawks this week then perhaps LA folks will start getting on the bandwagon. But I think people are waiting to see if the Rams flame out before they show up at the Coliseum.

  • Shame Hannity

    The Chargers will never have a solid fan base here in LA. San Diego has turned it’s back on them and we don’t want them. The Rams will take a few years, but they should be ok. USC will always be the top football team here. In addition to a huge Raiders’ fan base in LA, there are also a lot of Cowboys, Steelers, and Packers fans in SoCal.

  • Falcons Blew A 28-3 Lead

    This is just depressing at this point.

  • Rich Greene

    With the cheapest nosebleed seats starting at $189.00 ea. even before the ridiculous “convenience” fees charged by the pirates at Ticketmistress, then $100 bucks for parking and $22 for a large beer, it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out why the Uncharged are not drawing fans to a soccer stadium. Yes, we Angelenos have gotten spoiled these last 23 years by not having to suffer through abysmal TV games from a local team. Hell, the NFL has turned into such a bore that the only way I can even bear to watch pro football these days is on the Red Zone Channel. Any visiting team on San Diego’s remaining schedule (I refuse to call them the Los Angeles chargers) will be sure to outdraw the “home” team. Live with it, Spanos, you greedy crook.

  • Xavier Lucas

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  • valorius

    As a veteran of the US Army infantry, please allow me to kindly request that you STAND UP for our national anthem.

  • valorius

    Funny, i didnt see any NFL players in las vegas putting their tails on the line to save innocent lives like the cops were. I never saw any in my foxhole either.
    -A former US Army infantryman

    • Francois Tarrida

      Google Pat Tillman please

      • valorius

        I know who Pat Tillman the US Army Infantry Ranger was.
        -A Former US Army infantryman

  • marcus813

    The ticket and parking prices are so exorbitant, but I think many people forget that part.of the equation. When they move to Inglewood, the ticket and parking prices should be lower and that should help create more interest, especially if they can finally win regularly again.


    The Chargers should never have left San Diego!

    Jacksonville fans should be weary: I have a friend whose daughter lives in London and she’s heard rumors that the Jaguars are about to be sold to some British industrialists and will move to London in 2018, becoming the first ever team in a North American “big four” pro sport to be based outside of North America. Reportedly, this would involve Jacksonville moving from the AFC South to the AFC East and Miami moving from the AFC East to the AFC South so that the Jaguars’ in-division away games would be in the three U.S. cities closest to London.