Amazon made its NFL streaming debut on Thursday night for the Green Bay Packers’ 35-14 victory over the Chicago Bears, and an average of 372,000 people worldwide watched on Amazon Prime for at least 30 seconds. The average Amazon Prime viewer watched the game for 55 minutes.

The NFL says that 1.6 million people worldwide “initiated a stream” for TNF on Amazon Prime.

The 372,000 number is well below the 14.6 million people who watched the game on traditional television (CBS and NFL Network), but is a notable increase on the 243,000 people who watched Twitter’s streaming debut of TNF last season. The Amazon stream was available to the approximately 85 million Amazon Prime subscribers, while the Twitter stream of last year’s Jets-Bills game was available worldwide without even requiring anyone to log in on Twitter.

So, the increase on the Twitter numbers is very encouraging for Amazon, but their viewership still accounted for just 2.5% of the overall TNF audience.

And the 1.6 million number seems great, but nobody really knows what “initiated a stream” means. Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and now Amazon have been notorious for being creative in pumping their numbers. The majority of the audience they’re claiming apparently watched under 30 seconds would point to a lot of people being forcefed TNF and then clicking out of the game on Amazon Prime. Or maybe they were just Bears fans that saw the score — or especially one of Mike Glennon’s four terrible turnovers — and thought, “Nah, I’m good.”

Amazon will stream 10 more NFL games this season as part of their $50 million deal.

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  • Bscotch Bscotch

    You’re not making a valid comparison. The 14.6 million linear viewers = the average minute audience (vs. how many viewers saw at least 1 minute). The Amazon # is basically a reach number, based on those who watched for at least 30 sec. If you ran that sort of calculation for the linear telecasts, it would be much higher than 14.6 million. So….between the CBS/NFLN number, the Amazon number and then the Twitter number – you’re mixing apples and oranges.

  • Doug Niemczynski

    Still very disappointed as a 54 year Packer fan. Packers have no class. Putting FOOTBALL in front of AMERICA.. God, Family, Job people and God gave us our Liberty as a nation, but you rather support the NFL after the players piss on America by their kneeling and now they want to try this linking arms crap. Odel Beckham acts like a dog and pretends to piss on the Eagles fans after scoring a touchdown. This alone shows the intelligence of these players and the fans will follow them to the edge of hell just to watch a football game. I really and truly thought Packer fans were something special and being from a small town owned by the fans they would show some type of precedence to the rest of the league, But nope, they also have forgotten America and just want to watch football. I truly believe Curly Lambeau and Vince Lombardi would be thoroughly disgusted.

    • JeffinOKC

      You really think the Vince Lombardi who had a homosexual brother and was considered the most liberal coach in the NFL regarding sexuality and interracial marriage would be thoroughly disgusted?

    • Realest760

      Man you sound like the biggest F ing baby how old are you 12 ?? bro it’s sports it’s never that deep wtf wrong with you ???

      Trying living in Puerto Rico where they still have no power and that bum trump is out here playing gulf….

  • Realest760

    I miss it on Twitter I watched every game at work even tho they sucked….