Fans of the 1985 Chicago Bears team which won Super Bowl XX, went 15-1 during the regular season and is generally regarded as having the best defense in NFL history will have an opportunity to watch a new tribute to the legendary squad.

As reported by The Tracking Board, a new documentary titled ‘85: The Greatest Team in Football History has been acquired by Screen Media Films, and the film will get a one-night national showing in partnership with Fathom Events.

The one-night showing will be on Jan. 29 and you can find out if any theaters near you will be showing the film through the Fathom Events website. Advance tickets can now be purchased.

The theatrical showing will also include an exclusive introduction for the film and the film will be followed by a panel discussion with members of the 1985 Bears — including quarterback Jim McMahon, defensive lineman Dan Hampton, and linebacker Otis Wilson (who was also a producer on the film) — from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The panel will be moderated by Matt Walsh (Veep), who narrates the documentary.

Here is the official synopsis for the film:

Re-live the excitement of the most memorable team in sports history, the 1985 Chicago Bears, just days before the biggest game of the football season! The championship team, led by Walter Payton, Jim McMahon, William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry, and Coach Mike Ditka, dominated on and off the field! ‘85: The Greatest Team in Football History chronicles their journey to victory and pop culture fame.

Featuring interviews with football legends Mike Singletary, Dan Hampton, Phil Simms, and Dan Marino, as well as famous Chicagoans from all walks of life, including President Obama, Bill Murray, and Jesse Jackson, this special one-night event celebrates the unforgettable team that launched an iconic ‘80s music video and inspired the SNL sketch ‘Da Bears.’

The 1985 Bears also got the “30 for 30” treatment earlier last year in a documentary titled The ’85 Bears, directed by Jason Hehir. In his review, Ben Koo thought that film felt slow and ran too long, perhaps in an effort to cater to diehard Bears fans who would appreciate some of the footage that was included. That could make for an intriguing comparison with this new Bears documentary.

Again, ‘85: The Greatest Team in Football History will premiere with a one-night national showing through Fathom Events on Monday, Jan. 29, six days before Super Bowl LII.

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  • Christopher Bates

    Most overrated team in the history of sports. How does the “best defense in NFL history” give up 38 points to the Dolphins?

    • StoJa

      Uh, no. The most overated team in the history of sports are the undefeated Dolphins. SO because Dan fucking Marino carved them up for 38 points at home, on MNF in front fo the ’72 Dolphins alumni, that makes them overrated? You’re a special kind of stupid. Anyone with a football IQ over 1 knows this is not only the greatest defense ever but maybe the greatest team ever. Stop trying to be so “edgy” with your perposterous hot sports takes. Shut up.

      • Christopher Bates

        Awwwww…did we get our feewings hurt? Look at all the excuses for why giving up 38 points isn’t a problem.

        • StoJa

          First of all, grow up, internet tough guy. You’re not impressing anyone. Secondly, so who is the greatest defense then? The 2000 Ravens? They gave up 36 points to the fucking jacksonville Jaguars. That’s using your own logic. The 2002 Tampa Bay Bucs? They lost 4 gaes that year? Any of the Steelers defenses?

          • Christopher Bates

            You’ve said all kinds of things that you would never say to my face, and yet I’m the “internet tough guy.” All right, then.

            In any case, you have gotta dial it back, brother. The fact that one guy doesn’t think the Bears were all that great is not worth getting THIS upset about. Life is short.

          • StoJa

            Really? What wouldn’t I say to your face? I’d say all this and a lot worse. You don’t know me.

            I’m not upset, whatsoever. Are you mentally capable of answering the question or…..?

          • Christopher Bates

            Yeah, I’m skeptical you would walk up to someone in a bar or a restaurant and shout at them. “You’re a special kind of stupid. Shut up!” And if you would indeed do that (and “a lot worse”), then you’re pretty much–by definition–an asshole. There is simply no context in which that kind of behavior is acceptable.

            Anyhow, fine, the 1985 Bears are indeed the greatest defense ever. Because dammit, when they gave up 38 points to the Dolphins, they did it with SWAGGER and AUTHORITY. You could just FEEL their dominance as they gave up each of those five touchdowns.

            Of course, I should point out that they were the second-cheatingest team of all time, given that the entire defense (and much of the offense) was on steroids. I guess I’m not surprised at your love for them, given that your avatar commemorates the only team that cheated more. Sorry, wrong verb tense. Cheats more.