The number of at-large teams from mid-major conferences is continuing to dwindle. In spite of the success and high quality of many mid-major programs, and their consistent deep runs in the NCAA Tournament, it seems as though the programs outside the major conferences are getting less and less respect.

Perhaps that’s why Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall had a bone to pick with CBS Sports bracketologist Jerry Palm. You see, Wichita State did indeed clinch another bid to the NCAA Tournament with a victory over Illinois State in the MVC title game on Sunday. However, Palm said that it was a must-win game for the Shockers because whoever lost would be eliminated from tournament consideration.

This, in spite of the Shockers being ranked #21 in the country with a 27-4 record overall and a 17-1 record in the conference. For what it’s worth, Illinois State had the same record in conference and a 27-6 overall record. So after the game, Marshall called out Palm and dissed his ranking among fellow bracketologists.

To be honest, I’m surprised more coaches and players in NCAA basketball haven’t used the bracketology snub more often and more publicly as motivation. Bracket predictors are almost reaching the same level of cultural significance as mock drafters and the football world loves to look back at draft predictions gone awry.

Marshall says that Palm is ranked #61 out of 88 bracketologists. While that may sound like a random claim that’s pulled out of thin air to try to discredit him it’s actually true! The website Bracket Matrix has a ranking of 88 bracketologists with a five year average score and Palm does indeed rank in the bottom third at #61. In case you were wondering, ESPN’s Joe Lunardi ranks #22, four spots behind Wild Bill’s Bracketology. Maybe the lesson here is that bracketology isn’t the exact science we’ve all believed it to be…

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  • Jay Godwin

    Jerry Palm is a joke. Why does CBS use a brackeologist that is number 61 out of 88? He’s in love with Cal and the PAC 12. And including the big 10. Go figure it’s CBS. I think Illinois state belongs in. I’ve disliked this guy, he has my razorbacks with still work to do and my god we are a p5 school and 3rd in the sec.

    • I love Arkansas basketball. Bring back the Nolan Richardson Golden Age 🙂

  • TriCuriousGeorge

    > Maybe the lesson here is that bracketology isn’t the exact science we’ve all believed it to be…

    Uh… what? Some dudes who have seen all of 7 basketball games guess as to who might make the tourney? That is what guys do around a table while downing drinks in a bar. Science this ain’t.

  • ben

    I agree whoever gets to pick these teams to be in a tournament are evil and corrupt how much do you get paid Wichita State and Illinois state should be in the tournament instead of Northwestern or Michigan State that is a fucking scam Northwestern and Michigan State couldn’t beat a high school team Northwestern and Michigan State have a horrible record that’s why I don’t believe in sports anymore it is evil and corrupt

  • Racing Fan

    I actually saw that guy say last week WSU needed to win the conference tournament to get in. That’s crazy. Both those teams should be in easy. Especially with WSU’s track record in the tournament. It’s crazy teams with 17-14 records might make the field.

    • I saw the same program, CBS Sports Network’s postgame show, right? Jerry Palm’s a silly goose.