It’s been a rough era for football fans in the state of Georgia. 11 months after the Atlanta Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl, Alabama backup quarterback Tua Tagovailoa led the Crimson Tide back from a 20-10 deficit with three minutes left, and delivered a walk-off 41-yard touchdown pass to DeVonta Smith for a 26-23 over victory over Georgia in Monday’s College Football Playoff championship game.

What a turnaround for Alabama, who not only trailed in the fourth quarter but also lost on (essentially) the final play of last year’s championship game to Clemson. As you can imagine, the incredible finish led to some awesome calls on the various broadcasts. We’ve rounded them all up for you here.

Here’s Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit on the main ESPN broadcast:

And the ESPN2 “Homers” broadcast featuring Joe Tessitore and former Bama linebacker Landon Collins. Former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray certainly did not enjoy it:

The over-the-top “Voices” broadcast showcasing the reaction of five different crews at once:

A more subdued reaction from the Coaches Film Room on ESPNNews:

And here are the same coaches breaking down the replay:

And an All-SEC championship wouldn’t be complete without Paul Finebaum and former Bama quarterback Greg McElroy on SEC Network:

Lastly, here’s the final play made even better with Titanic music:

Of course, this was all for naught. We all know UCF is the real national champion.

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  • Smarky Smark & The Funky Bunch

    The voices cast was terrible but I did love the spontaneous coast to coast standing up by the various ESPNers on that last play….except Lebatard. Rebel til the end.

  • Robbymack87


    • No compilation is great without Spanish-language announcers.

  • ssenjo

    I was an impartial fan, but I yelled louder than most all of those announcers. What are the odds of such a beautiful play like that happening to instantly end the entire season?? Chris Fowler did a good job with his call of the play.