Greg Schiano with Tampa Bay.

Tennessee’s short-lived decision to hire Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano and then recant hours later after massive backlash from the internet, senators and more has sparked a whole lot of fallout, and a whole lot of media members criticizing the protests and those who led them, in particular Clay Travis of Fox Sports Radio/Outkick The Coverage.

Here are a few examples:

Yahoo’s Pat Forde also dialed up the rhetoric in a column:

As Yahoo Sports reported, the school was poised to hire Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano — the guy who achieved the impossible by making Rutgers respectable earlier this century. And then came the lynch mob to destroy the deal.

You people are ridiculous. Not all of you, but the delusional loudmouths who somehow think a program with a 62-63 record over the last decade is too good for Schiano. The internet vigilantes who want to bully their way into running the school’s coaching search. The piling-on politicians. The protestors. The rock painters. The rubes who still are waiting for Jon Gruden to slide down the chimney.

But the worst among the Tennessee lunatic fringe are the disingenuous liars who say this Schiano backlash is about Mike McQueary’s testimony regarding Jerry Sandusky and things that happened at Penn State, when in reality it’s because they don’t think Schiano is going to win a Southeastern Conference title. Don’t go getting righteously indignant when this has nothing to do with being righteous and everything to do with trying to beat Georgia.

Carnival barker Clay Travis, who spent Sunday fomenting this revolt, makes it clear in this column what he thinks is the primary problem with Schiano: “In what universe does it make sense to hire Greg [expletive] Schiano right now? We’re talking about a guy with a losing record in college football at Rutgers who got fired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and just vanished from coaching until Urban Meyer decided to hire him as defensive coordinator.” In the next paragraph, he gets to the Penn State business. But first? First and foremost? It’s the mortal sin of a losing record at Rutgers.

If you are a Tennessee fan who has sincere ethical qualms about what Schiano may have known at Penn State many years ago, fine. The attorney general who prosecuted the Sandusky case doesn’t, but OK. Ohio State apparently is satisfied with Schiano’s reputation, since it has employed him the last two years.

But if you used this as a Trojan horse to blockade a coaching hire you don’t like because you think Tennessee football deserves better, shame on you. And now that the Schiano hire has been blown up because of this, good luck landing the next guy. Who would want to deal with this fan base right now?

On ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith said “I think this is a travesty, and I want to be on the record stating that I think Greg Schiano is being royally screwed over in all of this. This is a travesty of justice.”

On Outside The Lines, Bob Ley went after both protesters and Tennessee’s administration:

“Volunteer Nation got a jump start by one day on Cyber Monday, they sold Greg Schiano short. There are a lot of adjectives to describe exactly what was done to Schiano. They include surprising, unprecedented, but here is the most accurate, unfair. …Instead, in a scene only missing Madam Defarge knitting by the guillotine (look it up), Volunteer Nation united behind unproven hearsay from a civil lawsuit to label Schiano an enabler of sexual abuse. You can be down on Schiano for his player relations, for his bad time in Tampa, his uneven success in a weakened Big East conference, but none of those carry the toxic weight of that charge about Penn State. In a post-Weinstein, post-Charlie Rose world, there’s a lot of changing that need to happen, a lot of unheeded voices who must be heard, but reviving an unproven allegation and letting the downhill gravity of social media turn that into a blown-up contract leads to only one question: who is more to blame, those who were yelling or those who were supposed to be in charge who listened and then decided to act?”

As Ley notes, there are plenty of possible reasons to criticize Schiano that have nothing to do with Penn State, from his cited biggest success being a 68-67 overall record at Rutgers to the complaints of verbal abuse from players there to his 11-21 NFL stint. And there would have been plenty of non-Penn State reasons for Tennessee fans to be mad at athletic director John Currie for hiring Schiano rather than any of the other candidates on the market.

But the Penn State allegations definitely had the most power in reversing this decision. They revolve around testimony from former Penn State assistant Mike McQueary in a 2015 civil lawsuit, which was unsealed last summer:

McQueary, who testified in Sandusky’s 2012 criminal case that he had told Paterno of seeing Sandusky rape a boy in 2001, said in the 2015 deposition that he had “briefly” discussed with Bradley what he had seen.

“He said another assistant coach had come to him in the early ’90s about a very similar situation to mine, and he said that he had — someone had come to him as far back as early as the ’80s about seeing Jerry Sandusky doing something with a boy,” McQueary said.

According to McQueary, Bradley identified Schiano, now the Ohio State defensive coordinator, as the other assistant. In response to a question about whether Bradley had shared details of what Schiano had said, McQueary related a conversation with Bradley.

“No,” McQueary replied, according to the documents, “only that he had — I can’t remember if it was one night or one morning — but that Greg had come into his office white as a ghost and said he just saw Jerry doing something to a boy in the shower. And that’s it. That’s all he ever told me.”

McQueary added that he didn’t know whether Bradley, now UCLA’s defensive coordinator, had reported the incident, which he said happened in “like 2005, ’06; it could have been anywhere in there.”

Bradley and Schiano both denied seeing any abuse at Penn State, and prosecutors did not lay charges against them. But those allegations live on out there, and they’re definitely something that helped stir up the fires in this situation. How much of the backlash was sincerely about that and how much was people hating the Schiano hire for football reasons (or for the claims of verbal abuse against him) is debatable, but it’s clear that the internet uproar overturned this decision, and a lot of prominent media members are very upset about that.

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Andrew Bucholtz is a staff writer for Awful Announcing.

  • Adam Domo

    and more and more and more im becoming much less interested in being apart of ‘the left’ and being on the side of these CLUELESS pitch-fork waving MANIACS!

    • mafafu

      Clay Travis is not “the left”.

      • RP

        Always amazing when a moron somehow convinces himself the Overton Window has been dragged to the LEFT for 40 goddamn years…

  • BobLee Says

    “Social media” is a post-apocalyptic wasteland as depicted in the Mad Max / Thunderdome movies. There are no winners or losers… simply “survivors”. “Inciting a mob” is like lighting a fuse. When it explodes everything in its blast field is damaged.

    • Hephaestus

      Most social media needs to go. People don’t seem to have the critical thinking necessary to navigate its waters. At the very least, once you get out of school, get the hell off of twitter and instagram.

  • James Johnson

    When Doug Gottlieb and Steve A. Smith agree on the same topic, then only one thing could be occuring and it’s hell freezing over.

    • RP

      Both are unlistenable and any appearance immediately result in my dial changing. Have you ever heard Gottlieb’s radio show? Holy crap it is awful. He mentions that he played college basketball EVERY SINGLE SHOW. I drive to town 4 times a month, so I’m not in the car a ton, and I’ve heard the anecdote about UCLA recruiting Baron Davis instead of him (I’m sure they were conflicted whether to choose a future NBA All-Star or a 6’1″ white guy who left Notre Dame for ***credit card fraud*** and never played 1 second in the NBA.
      Also said he was on college basketball coverage to bring “white man’s perspective” and said DeAndre Hopkins wasn’t “smart enough” to ignore the Texans owner’s racist comment about inmates running the prison.
      How is this man still employed?


  • Michael

    Who cares what these fools think. How many championships do any of them have? Do you think any of them buy Tennessee merchandise or go to Neyland to watch them play? I could care less what these idiots think. All I know is that Schiano is not good enough to be head coach at UT. Hire Tee Martin, fire John Currie and GO VOLS!!!

    • StoJa

      Tennessee has one championship, 22 years ago. The bar’s not that fucking high.

      • Michael

        Maybe you should check your facts. We have 6 national titles, we’re 2nd in the SEC only behind Alabama, 9th on the all-time wins list, 3rd in bowl victories and 6th in bowl appearances. That’s not bad for a team that’s had a terrible decade. We still recruit very well and Neyland stadium is awesome. All we need is a good coach again and we’ll be fine. So yeah the bars pretty high. Hiring somebody like Schiano definitely would lower it

        • Mike

          “We?” Did you play there? I didn’t play at any major school or for any pro team and if I support them, i don’t call them “we.”

          • Michael

            Ok. Then “YOU” go fuck yourself! And yes its “WE”, didn’t play there but love the city, the university, and the team no matter what, VFL m’fer! You wouldn’t understand!!

          • Mike

            Whatever there bud. Have a nice day

          • StoJa

            Unreasonable? Dude is straight up delusional from the Planet Zippy.

          • Michael

            Planet Zippy? Is this some planet you discovered while studying at FSU? You should just stop, its just too easy to fuck with you:) And no I dont want to upsize my order. DUMBASS!!

        • StoJa

          Great. Good for you. All that doesn’t mean shit because you haven’t been relevant since 1998. Schiano made RUTGERS more relevant than Tennessee is or has been.

          • Michael

            Now you’re just being ignorant. Rutgers is barely a .500 team and we’re 450 games over .500. Also they started playing football 22 yrs. before UT. There is NO comparison. They do have that national title 148 yrs. ago though to fall back on.HA HA FUCKING HA!! Now go sit down!!

          • StoJa

            You’re not even the best team IN Tennessee! Vanderbilt 42, Tennessee 24. 0-8 in the SEC. Sit the fuck down. You’re completely irrelevant in the SEC and have been for a long ass time. It’s cute you guys think your something though. Oh well. At least you have women’s basketball to fall back on.

          • Michael

            I can’t believe I’m even engaging in a conversation about football with a fucking Rutgers fan but whatever. Yeah we sucked this year and we lost 8 games for the first time in program history. You probably can’t count how many 8 loss or more seasons Rutgers has. I mean come on you guys won 2 games this year. Like I said before 450 wins over .500 to a barely .500 team. So what we lost to Vanderbilt, we’ve beaten them about 42 more times than they’ve beaten us. The thing is nobody was talking about Alabama about 10 years ago because they’re was nothing to talk about
            There hadn’t been for a long time. When you have won before on the level that teams have like Alabama and us, you have down years sometimes a lot of them. This will end for us, but not for Rutgers. So sit the fuck down and quit talking about something you know nothing about. WINNING!!

          • StoJa

            Who the fuck said I was a Rutgers fan…?? FSU. Class of 2001. Honest to god…where did you pull that one from? I thought Penn State fans were the most delusional people on the planet. Then I started talking to a Vols fan…..

          • Michael

            Well I guess I got it from where you were talking about how relevant Rutgers was with Schiano. Why would anybody but a Rutgers fan say that, but now I see. FSU class of 2001, I bet with that degree you could go into any Mc Donalds in the US and go straight to working the drive thru with no training required. GO VOLS and don’t fuck my order up dumbass!!

        • rk29

          Well Navy and Army have a bunch of national titles as well. UT hasn’t been relevant in about a decade and hasn’t been in the national title picture in two decades. Nebraska is one of the most prolific programs of all time but as a job, it is about on par with Tenn right now and Nebraska has been relevant and won titles more recently and without the same pressure from unrealistic fans.

          Florida, Alabama, Auburn, and LSU have all won multiple conference and national titles since UT even won a conference title and UGA has been consistently in the hunt and even Mizzou has been more competitive than UT in recent years. UT right now, just isn’t that kind of marquee job.

          Programs that have risen up to national prominence or resurrected in recent years have had multiple coaches and transitional coaches that helped them rebuild or it was a coach that wasn’t a marquee name, but became a marquee name with their success. Hiring a marquee name isn’t going to provide a certainty for success either.

          • bayonetbrant

            “Nebraska is one of the most prolific programs of all time but as a job, it is about on par with Tenn right now and Nebraska has been relevant and won titles more recently and without the same pressure from unrealistic fans.”
            Actually, Nebraska’s last national title was 1997. Tennessee’s was 1998. Tennessee fans are still delusional nut jobs, but they *have* won a title more recently than the Cornhuskers.

          • rk29

            You are correct, they only played for it in 2001

        • WestCoastBias

          Here’s a fun game for you to play with anyone that doesn’t belong to the SEC religion. Ask them to name the 14 SEC teams. The first ones are easy for anyone – Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Kentucky, Ole Miss. Many people can remember the new ones since they make no sense – Texas A&M and Missouri. Then you really have to start envisioning the map of the U.S. to fill out the last ones – South Carolina, Tennessee, Miss St, Arkansas. And everyone always forgets Vanderbilt.

          • Michael

            ?? STFU

  • Bragar

    Silly fans! Don’t you know professional talkers have all of the knowledge? Listen to them! They have all the answers and a thousand questions you never even thought of!

    Professional talkers are THE main reason I no longer watch espn. I watch college football. I turn on the set when the game starts. I watch with the sound turned down so I don’t have to hear the idiots maul the English language or spout inane comments repeated by every other pro-talker everywhere.

    The collective media are toxic!

  • Morgan Wick

    You know if he hadn’t been involved Clay Travis would be denouncing mob mentality again and blaming “out-of-control witch-hunting liberals”.

  • sportsfan365

    Pot meet kettle. Most of these dunderheads make a living inciting people. Travis’ mistake was that he thinks the Tennessee job deserves someone that could actually get a job coaching somewhere else.

  • Raymond Terry

    Greg Schiano is the hill to die on? good luck with that “Media Figures”.

  • MrBull

    The hypocrites of the media are ripping the ‘fans of Tennessee’ who led and rightly so, a revolt of the hirîng of Schiano…instead of ‘popping off’ about social mob mentality, where is the criticism more so to the AD of Tennessee for making a clueless and dumb move to hire Schiano to begin with.”…

    • rk29

      But the Penn State rumors were BS and completely unsubstantiated and were a smokescreen because UT believes it should have a marquee coaching name.

      Even the timelines of Schiano at Penn State and when the major known incidents happened at PSU, call Schiano’s potential knowledge into question. Schiano was gone for about 15 years before the scandal broke. McQueary is already of questionable moral character and was likely looking to spread as much blame as he could. There was a coverup for sure but that doesn’t mean assistants like Schiano, Caldwell, Bradley or Larry Johnson knew about it. Plenty of coaches went through there during that time and went to other major college jobs and the NFL and could have blown the whistle if they knew something without any real fear or reprisal.

      The AD bungled this thing completely and Schiano is getting dragged through the mud unfairly. If he is a bad coaching hire, just call that out but don’t make this about child molestation when it was about football. Meyer oversaw a lot of questionable criminal activities of players when he was at UF, Franklin had a rape case with his players at Vandy, Fisher at FSU and the list goes on with accusations of knowledge and coverups but if any of those were the hire, you can be certain that there wouldn’t have been a peep.

  • Duncan Hirohito

    Did he witness whatshisname committing sodomy on a teenager in the shower room or not? He sure didn’t get all morally outraged when the noise left him at OSU and that’s a restrained reaction for a purported leader of young men.

  • RP

    For all you self-congratulatory gatekeepers of the Establishment decrying mob mentality:


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  • Carter_Burger67

    What does that make University of Tennessee admins for caving to the pressure?