Gary Danielson called this Auburn jump pass in advance.

It’s often cool when game analysts are able to perfectly predict what play is coming next. CBS NFL analyst Tony Romo has picked up recent fame for doing that on their NFL broadcasts, but his NCAA colleague Gary Danielson has often done that on the college side for the network over the years.

Danielson displayed an excellent example of play prediction on the Saturday’s Alabama – Auburn Iron Bowl with Brad Nessler and Allie LaForce, calling a jump pass touchdown from Auburn running back Kerryon Johnson out of a Wildcat formation before it happened:

“Brad, I was here three weeks ago, and I saw Kerryon Johnson do the Tim Tebow jump pass from the Wildcat in this position.”

Yep, that proved apt indeed. That’s nice work from Danielson to translate this back to what he previously saw, and to anticipate such a critical play. Oh, and later on, Danielson correctly called an Alabama deep pass touchdown after five straight runs, albeit to a different receiver than he predicted.

Danielson pointed out later that the guy he predicted was the original receiver, but fell down, prompting the shift to the deeper receiver. He then talked about how he’s coming after Romo.

“I’m just going to let Tony Romo try and even up this thing. I think I’ve got the lead, well, I’ve got 20 years on him, I should have the lead.”


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  • Keith P.

    I found Danielson annoying in this game. He spent a lot of time on the Auburn too many men penalty repeatedly counting heads, but totally failed to explain how and why the officials failed to call Bama for illegal motion or illegal shift on the same play other than to repeatedly say “it’s not reviewable”. So what if its not reviewable, they would have seen it, so why no call?

  • omahaslim

    Was Danielson paid by the word yesterday? Does he ever STFU? What an irritating announcer.

    • StoJa

      Talking is LITERALLY his fucking job. Mute the damn TV then.

      • omahaslim

        Then I cant hear the play by play man, whom I thought was pretty good. Talking may be his job, but dysentery of the mouth is not a requirement. There was not a moment that he wasn’t sharing his inanity.

  • vmijohn

    What is so significant about “predicting” the play call? He obviously saw it in practice THAT WEEK, and made a note to “predict” the play when he saw the formation. No one’s experience was augmented at all by his talking. Nessler is doing yeoman’s work by not strangling him for stepping all over his play calling.

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