NBC Sports Bay Area's Ahmed Fareed will be hosting for NBCSN during the 2018 Olympics.

The hosting assignments for NBC’s coverage of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics are out, and there are some big changes from both how the network covered the last Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014 and how they covered last summer’s Rio Olympics. Mike Tirico taking over from Bob Costas as NBC primetime host (and skipping the Super Bowl to do so) had been previously announced, but NBC has now revealed its other hosts: Rebecca Lowe, Liam McHugh, Carolyn Manno, Ahmed Fareed (seen above), and Fred Roggin. And the changes to NBCSN’s coverage are particularly notable.

In 2014, Al Michaels, Dan Patrick, and Lowe combined to host weekday and weekend daytime coverage on NBCSN, and they all hosted on location in Sochi. In 2016, Michaels and Tirico were the main daytime NBC hosts, with McHugh and Manno hosting on NBCSN and Patrick and Lowe working on both networks. For these Games, Michaels and Patrick aren’t listed, Lowe will be hosting NBC’s daytime coverage, and Fareed will be hosting daytime coverage on NBCSN. And Fareed and Roggin (who’s hosting the curling coverage) will both be broadcasting from NBC’s International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Connecticut rather than from South Korea.

Some of this may be about the time zone. Sochi was eight hours ahead of Eastern Time, while PyeongChang is 14 hours ahead. Thus, daytime coverage in Eastern time was in the evening in Sochi (for example, noon was 8 p.m.), but would be in the middle of the night in Pyeongchang. And even though some Olympic events have had their schedules altered for the benefit of U.S. TV, the lineup of daytime Eastern events still looks to be lighter this time around. It’s also presumably much easier on the host to have them working regular hours instead of broadcasting all night.

It’s also interesting how much of a changing of the Winter Olympics guard this looks like. Costas, Michaels, and Patrick all aren’t involved (thanks at least partly to NBC also broadcasting the Super Bowl shortly before this), Lowe’s playing a more prominent role, as are McHugh (he was a NBCSN anchor in London and a host in Rio, but was only the hockey host in Sochi) and Manno (a freestyle skiing reporter in Sochi and a host in Rio). Fareed, normally an anchor and reporter for NBC Sports Bay Area, is working his first Winter Olympics for NBC and his second Games for them (he worked as a host on USA’s coverage in Rio).

This release is notable as well for what it doesn’t announce, specifically with regard to the Opening Ceremonies. In 2014 and 2016, Matt Lauer co-hosted that coverage, part of the 11 Olympics he’d worked on with NBC. Today colleague Meredith Viera co-hosted both times, alongside David Remnick in 2014 and Hota Kotb in 2016. Lauer was fired this week for “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace,” so he will not be returning to that role. We’ll see who winds up taking his place.

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  • Brett Graves

    No Dan Patrick…Interesting. I understand Al Michaels not being to this Olympics with respect to his age and the Super Bowl being a week before. I wonder if Dan is staying with NBC moving forward? He has mentioned during his radio show that his contract is up after this Super Bowl with NBC….

  • Bscotch Bscotch

    Better get Lauer off there, lest he sully the integrity of the Olympic movement

    • inku palios

      Lauer got fired, so don’t worry about him groping Rebecca Lowe.

  • David

    Roggin was in Stamford for the 2014 Olympics, so that’s nothing new for him to host the curling show from there. All the events from Korea will take place between 7pm ET and around 10am ET. Where Fareed likely comes in is where NBCSN is promising 24 hour a day coverage on several days so that there is fresh programming during the daytime (even if it’s events from the previous night), not just re-airs. I like that plan. Keeps NBCSN and the Olympics relevant during the morning/afternoon before the next night gets underway.

    They still do need a hockey host or 2. I would assume Kathryn Tappen will be 1 of them since McHugh is already accounted for. Maybe Patrick is the other one?

  • William

    One forgotten nAmerican. Krista Voda from the NASCAR coverage?