Mike Milbury may want to wait awhile before coming back to Nashville.

After dishing out some controversial comments about Predators defenseman P.K. Subban (again) in Game 5, some fans showed up to Game 6 on Sunday night with anti-Milbury signs. NBC tried to cover up the negative publicity by offering hats for signs, but that didn’t do much to quiet the fans who believe Milbury should be removed from his post with NBC.

Shortly after Nashville’s defeat, Milbury was analyzing the result from a location within Bridgestone Arena when one fan chose to serenade him with some NSFW heckling.

It’s a little tricky to make out exactly what the fan is yelling, but there is a clear “get the f*** out of Nashville,” as well as a “f*** you,” thrown in for good measure.

Milbury appeared to be startled by the fan yelling below him and completely lost his train of thought. It’s unclear whether the fan gave up yelling or if someone ushered him along, but Milbury soon regained his focus and finished his analysis. He should be pretty used to some verbal abuse by now considering he has received plenty of it across his time in hockey.

Of course, this isn’t the first fun confrontation Milbury has had with a fan. Consider this clip from a few decades ago when Milbury (#26) went into the stands and hit a fan with his own shoe.

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  • mike illingworth

    Watched the cbc coverage on g17 from Nashville and the international feed on the same satellite from Pittsburgh. NBC/NBCSN had the finals??? Didn’t care. Coach’s Corner much more entertaining.

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  • MrBull

    Milbury should have gone into the stands again and taken the drunks shoe and beat him senseless with it…
    Nashville fans showed that they can give Philly and Boston fans for being the nastiness hockey fans after their post Game actions…