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Charles Barkley, like just about everyone else in America, thinks LaVar Ball should probably cut back just a bit on hyping up his son, UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball.

And since Barkley is not usually timid about sharing his opinions, he recently said exactly that, referring to LaVar’s bluster as, “stupidity.”

Well, just as Barkley is not shy in front of a microphone, neither is LaVar. Here’s what Mr. Ball told Colin Cowherd on Tuesday:

“I don’t pull anything back. Whatever I say I say. It’s just like, what Charles Barkley is saying and all these guys, if Charles thought like me, maybe he’d win a championship. Because he’s saying sometimes when stuff comes out of people’s mouth it’s just stupid. Guess what, you’re talking too.”

Maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that Barkley and Ball, two of the loudest, least filtered people in sports right now, would find their way into a feud.

If you’re not familiar with Ball’s blabbing, he has repeatedly claimed his son, who will likely be a top-5 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, is already better than Steph Curry. He also said Lonzo would only play for the Lakers, though he took that back a day later.

Moments after calling out Barkley on Cowherd’s show, Ball defended his younger son LaMelo’s 92-point game against accusations of cherry-picking by saying, “I love cherries.”

Clearly, Ball does not plan to stop talking anytime soon. We’ll see if Barkley, fresh off a lengthy tiff with LeBron James, will dignify any of this with a response.

UPDATE: Of course Barkley dignified all of this with a response, telling reporters, “Your son’s life is his life, it’s not yours.” He also said, “I didn’t win a championship. I’m all right. I will compare my exploits to Mr. Ball’s anytime.

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