When you turn on your TV to watch a game on the MLB Extra Innings package, you expect it to be there. But in the case of DirecTV, the games did not come on at 7 p.m. ET Friday as scheduled and they continue to be off as of this writing. Beyond a half-hour past the first pitches in the early games, there were no broadcasts leaving fans scratching their heads.

UPDATE: At 9 p.m. ET, two hours after the early games were to begin, the feeds finally came online. The MLB Extra Innings Mix Channel at position 720 was still out, but fans could finally go to channels 721-749 and watch the home and away feeds.

And I switched around on DirecTV myself to see if there were any changes and no, there weren’t:

The MLB Extra Innings mix channel at channel 720 looks like this:

You can go the actual RSN channel like Channel 659 for Root Sports Pittsburgh or Channel 640 for MASN and see your game that way, but if you’re used to having MLB Extra Innings as your one-stop shopping to flip around games, then you’re out of luck for now.

There’s no official response from DirecTV or MLB about this. We’ll update this story as soon as there are any changes.

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  • NeverPolled99

    I’ve been on hold with 1-800-DirecTV for the past hour now. At first I was hung up on by a bot who kept asking me my name before it said it couldn’t hear me – this is my 2nd go-round.

    • Bill Levi

      Was on chat with them they said there was a glitch and should be fixed soon. They said to go to the sport channels in the 600’s to find your game.

      • NeverPolled99

        Yeah I finally got through and they said the same thing – problem is i don’t have “my” game. I play fantasy baseball and flip around through *all* of the games.

        At least we know it is being addressed. They could chop the obviously large # of calls they’re currently getting down by probably half by simply announcing what’s going on on their web site or something.

    • DaCubsDaBears

      I got thru after a 25 minute wait, spoke to a clueless rep who transferred me to technical support, waited 5 minutes and got cut off.
      Still not on as of 820 et

      • NeverPolled99

        Same here.

  • NeverPolled99

    BTW – no statement, no nothing from DTV as to what the hell is going on.

  • NeverPolled99

    Back on here.

  • ItsBlackjack115

    Another reason to get MLB.TV and PlayStation Vue instead.

  • mike illingworth

    Ken Ken Ken – DirecTV has a long history of problems with EI going back to 1996. Thankfully there are other ways to get the games now besides these knuckleheads…MLB.TV hired some of these fine idiots when that package started too. Don’t buy DirecTV lesson #’s 244, 824, 7093, 80987 & 890987

  • Robert Hendrix

    This is B.S. we pay DIRECTV to see these ballgames and nothing but a DIRECTV Logo on all the allotted channels for the MLB games for tonight. Never EVER had this problem until AT&T took this outfit over

    • Josephineabiles

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  • Aaron is Brony

    Glad I cancelled DirecTV on Monday! Ever since AT&T took over, the service has gone to s###. I got MLB.TV and if there is a blackout, I got SiriusXM. DirecTV/AT&T can eat s###.

  • MrBull

    AT&T will destroy Directv like they have destroyed basic telephone service….wait till the price $$$$ increases start coming…

  • nbtx27

    mlb.tv is much better. Right now you can get the rest of the year for around $50. choice of game stream, or radio stream, or video with radio overlay, it’s really good.