This is one of the more fun baseball catches you’ll see, and it wasn’t made by a player on the field. Or a fan with a glove. Instead, it was SNY’s Steve Gelbs, with nothing but his non-microphone hand.

Covering the Mets as they visited Houston for the Astros first home series post-Harvey devastation, Gelbs was in the middle of sharing some of what he learned of Houston’s recovery from the hurricane when Juan Lagares hit a foul chopper right towards him as he reported from the box just beyond the third-base dugout:

Gelbs displayed solid fundamentals in multiple disciplines as he made that play; baseball-wise, he clearly watched it all the way into his hand, read the bounces perfectly, and completed the snag. And from a television standpoint, he didn’t even pause his story as the ball approached, only breaking out of it once he realized the crowd noise would be audible on the broadcast; he clearly wasn’t sure that the play had been caught on camera at that point.

Clearly he’s a pro on multiple levels.

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