This time around, we’re going to be starting in the AL East. Last year, the Baltimore Orioles crew surged into a top three position, but the only other AL East team in the top half of the rankings was the Toronto Blue Jays. Will things be different this time around?

Polls will close promptly at 11 AM on June 14th.

Baltimore Orioles
-Gary Thorne (play by play)
-Jim Palmer (analyst)
-Jim Hunter (play by play – select)
-Mike Bordick (analyst – select)

Boston Red Sox
-Dave O’Brien (play by play)
-Jerry Remy (analyst)
-Tom Caron (play by play – select)
-Dennis Eckersley (analyst – select)
-Steve Lyons (analyst – select)

New York Yankees
-Michael Kay (play by play)
-Ken Singleton (analyst)
-David Cone (analyst)
-John Flaherty (analyst)
-Al Leiter (analyst)
-Paul O’Neill (analyst)

Tampa Bay Rays
-Dewayne Staats (play by play)
-Brian Anderson (analyst)
-Orestes Destrade (analyst – select)

Toronto Blue Jays
-Buck Martinez (play by play)
-Pat Tabler (analyst)
-Matt Devlin (play by play – select)
-Dan Shulman (play by play – select)
-Joe Siddall (analyst – select)

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  • Keith P.

    The Blue Jays fans must be stuffing the ballot box given how awful Martinez and Tabler are. Total home team cheerleaders who deserve an “F” across the board. I am in the apparent minority when it comes to the Orioles, as I don’t find Gary Thorne particularly enjoyable these days and the analysts he works with are dull. The Red Sox broadcasts have taken a giant step backwards with O’Brien and whomever is in the analyst seat these days. Nothing like the halcyon days of Orsillo and Remy. Finally, maybe it’s just me, but I find myself actually enjoying Yankee broadcasts lately.

    • Dale Moog

      You are right on Martinez but they do get Shulman for a few games and Matt Deviln is good so by default it is a B or C would be an F if it was Buck EVERY DAY

  • BIG ED

    Singleton is PBP on select road series when Kay does not travel.

    • Aaron Liranzo


  • Septic Bladder

    Thorne calls everything in the future tense.
    “That’ll be put in the air to right center”.
    “That ‘ll be taken outside for a ball”
    Very distracting.

    Kay finishes almost every call with his voice inflecting upward, instead of down as a declarative sentence should end.
    Very irritating.

    Martinez voice is very condescending.

    O’Brien is no Orsillo.

    So Staats wins by default!

    • Brian Taylor

      Couldn’t agree more about Thorne and his use of the future tense. I hate it. “F” for Thorne.

  • Kevin Fitzgerald

    Gary Thorne having a religious experience after Mancini’s game tying/winning HRs last week sealed the A for me.

  • David Cone is the only reason to not turn Yankee games on mute. I lived in Kansas City and though their announcers were homers. They were knowledgeable and entertaining. Michael Kay makes me not want to be a Yankees fan. He’s that bad. John Flaherty is like listening to the wah wha teacher in Peanuts. Singleton I like, but he’s just plain crazy. Paul O’neil is actually pretty good. If it were him and Cone with a decent play by play guy. They would be one of the best in baseball. Michael Kay is that bad.

    • Aaron Liranzo

      Kay is good and Paul O’Neil is great. I don’t understand why everybody hates Kay. He had a good voice, does great on the huge calls, and knows about the game. His banter with his partners is also great

      You just hate him for no reason

  • Girvan Dinnall

    Jim Kaat