As we know, television has the say in sports. From when to take breaks to starting the game, TV is the all-encompassing presence. It doesn’t mean everyone has to like it and when it comes to the late start on Sunday Night Baseball, it can make some people grumpy. Announcer Howie Rose certainly wasn’t happy as he was waiting for the start of the Dodgers-Mets game as ESPN was holding up the start.

He let his listeners on WOR and the Mets Radio Network know his feelings. Rose was seething saying a “network stooge” was responsible for the delay:

That rant was classic:

“Dodgers have won their first six and they’ll go for the season series sweep tonight just as soon as the network stooge down there says that it’s okay to play baseball. The pitcher Steven Matz is rubbing up the ball, he’s ready to go. The home plate umpire Tim Timmons, looking suitably disgusted, just took his mask off and kind of rests it against his left hip, as he helplessly stares near the Dodger dugout where said network stooge is holding all the cards. So, suspended animation on the field right now. You’ve got nine Mets standing around, you’ve got the Dodgers’ lead-off hitter Chris Taylor standing — it really is ludicrous! But now and only now do we get the okay, and so we’re going to have a baseball game here tonight, about seven hours later than we should have.”

Sunday Night Baseball is ESPN’s showcase, but playing at 8 p.m. ET isn’t ideal for teams especially when they have to travel the next day. And Rose wasn’t taking any excuses from ESPN or anyone on the delaying the start of the game.

[USA Today]

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  • It’s also not ideal for anyone who bought tickets earlier in the season expecting a day game. The decision to move the game to 8 pm was made recently, no doubt leaving a lot of people unable to go, or forced to drastically alter their plans. I have friends who went last night, but wouldn’t have even know the game was moved if I hadn’t told them.

    • Dale Moog

      Your friends MUST be MORONS if they did not know the time the games starts. In fact they should NEVER BE ALLOWED to EVER attend an event EVER if they are so STUPID they could not look up the game time. I mean we do not live in 1900 anymore. however your point about the game being moved to Sunday night is a good one though it does make it harder for someone who planned for a 1pm start to shift to 8pm

      • YoDudes

        Whoa whoa easy there dude

  • Richard Hannon

    Simon, Dale: Phil Mushnick will not work forever at The NY Post. Burnish this meme a bit (helps to call out ESPN by name), add two, maybe three others (say baseball managing “by the book” and anything negative about Mike Francesa (no matter how irrelevant to your main topic or from how long ago), and you could be in the running to replace him. Sucking on lemons might aid in developing the proper disposition…

  • Parts

    Words do not allow me to accurately express how much I love listening to Howie Rose.

  • Lyle Delp

    The worst stooges are the guys in the red vests who help make each college football game last four hours.

  • Geoffrey Interests

    For the fans that bought tickets before the game time was moved, that sucks.

    For the paid team employee, grow up. There are people that would kill to have a play-by-play for a professional team, stop whining because you couldn’t go out to dinner on one Sunday night.