Matt Yoder

Matt Yoder has been a sports fan for his entire life and has impressed and puzzled friends and family with his ability to remember useless stats and information.  His sports interests range from football, basketball and soccer to Aussie rules football, rugby and darts.  Matt’s stellar athletic career consisted of finishing one spot shy of the all conference golf team in high school (although he contends the scoring system was “shaky at best”).

Matt’s first and only love since birth has been the New Orleans Saints… somewhat strange for a kid that’s lived his entire existence in the middle of Ohio.  The happiest moment of his life occurred February 7, 2010 when the Saints won the Super Bowl.  So yea, basically it’s all downhill from there.

In 2011, Matt won the Best Young Sportswriter Award through the initial Untitled Sports Media Awards Project at BWB4 in New York City.  

Matt currently wanders through the wilderness of life writing and Tebowing for a living.