Mitch Levy (C) has been arrested in a prostitution sting.

Mitch Levy (seen at center above), host of morning show Mitch In The Morning on Seattle station Sports Radio 950 KJR, has reportedly been arrested in a prostitution sting in nearby Bellevue, Washington. Jason Barrett has the details at Sports Radio PD:

Bellevue, Washington police ran an undercover operation, which included opening up a brothel for seven days at a local condominium to attract unsuspecting sex buyers. They posted online ads to entice individuals to come forward, engaged in explicit text messages with potential customers, and when those men showed up, they were arrested.

A total of 110 men were locked up and over 100 cars, motorcycles and bikes were impounded. Among those put behind bars were a large number of technology workers and Seattle sports radio morning host Mitch Levy.

According to the police report, Levy placed $160 in cash on a bedside table in anticipation of a half-hour of sex. He told one of the arresting detectives he played golf earlier in the day and was there for a massage. The police report debunks that notion though adding that there was no other reason for Levy to be at the condo other than to buy sex.

Levy was booked into jail on August 26th before posting $500 bail. He’s since been charged with misdemeanor patronizing a prostitute.

As Barrett notes, it’s the second time this week KJR has made the news. The Seattle Times previously banned all their writers from appearing on the station, which the paper claims is because of the “off-color” and “sexist” remarks heard on KJR, but which Alex Avita of Seattle SportsNet chalks up to criticism of the Times‘ coverage of competing Seattle arena initiatives.

This isn’t the first time a sports media figure has gotten in trouble over a prostitution sting. CBS and Turner’s Greg Anthony was arrested in a D.C. sting in January 2015, and was suspended as a result, and NFL Network’s Warren Sapp was arrested in a Phoenix sting around the Super Bowl that February (he was fired soon afterwards). KJR hasn’t issued a statement on Levy’s arrest or if it will affect his job yet.

[Sports Radio PD]

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  • inku palios

    Honestly, KJR needs to fire their president, & replace him with someone who can make the network relevant again.

    • Matthew Downen

      Just like America.

      • Clint

        That happen a long time before Trump.

      • bwdenman

        Did you say the same thing with Billy Clinton?

  • Tom Davis

    Levy once challenged a star women’s BB player .. if she lost the bet, he could spank her on the air as she yelled, Daddy, more! There is too much sex talk on his show for me.

  • Nick

    Mitch Levy is a disgusting and pathetic human being. The foreign immigrant women in this prostitution ring are essentially sex slaves. What a role model for his son?

    Why hasn’t he been fired yet? I will not listen to KJR until this little weasel is fired. This piece of crap doesn’t have the balls to come forward and apologize for his actions. He is actually going to argue he was there for a massage. What a slime ball? He should be thrown in jail and taught a few lessons about forced sexual activity.

    • Steed

      This was a police sting operation, there were no prostitutes, just police.

      • Johnny

        I don’t understand. Does the absence of prostitutes somehow exonerate Mitch Levy, who was at the condo for the purposes of buying sex. Why would falling for a police sting be less dreadful than actually paying $160 to a hooker? Seems morally dubious any way you look at it.

        • Steed

          Nick was concerned about “The foreign immigrant women in this prostitution ring”. They don’t exist, so no need to worry about them.

          • Johnny

            So you are a concern troll? I understand.

          • Steed

            You apparently don’t understand what a “concern troll” is. Nick expressed concern, not me.

          • Johnny

            Your concern about his concern, and your absolute lack of empathy for people involved in sex trafficking propelled my view. If you are concerned about the abusive nature of local prostitution, please say so; otherwise, I am free to deduce what kind of human being you are, whether a simple concern troll or just an example of how despicable a person can be. Please respond with a further insult, as obviously it is your raison d’etre, and I expect nothing less.

          • Steed

            “a further insult”?

            I didn’t post any insults. You did. Your reading comprehension is poor.

            In this story, there were no victimized women. I think that is good, don’t you?

            Such a fuss over a simple factual clarification.

          • John Batinovich

            You’re an idiot. Quit while you get your ass handed to you on a platter. There were no prostitutes involved in this sting operation, only the promise of them. Only cops and douchebags like Levy were there. Get it?

  • Daniel Haller Houston

    I have listened to Mitch for years and its hard to be surprised. When he is not doing the sleazy stuff he is a decent show host. Usually a decent interviewer. I feel bad for his wife and kids and the immigrant forced into prostiution. Mitch needs to apologize and resign.

    • Steed

      There were no immigrants forced into prostitution, this was a police sting operation, there were no prostitutes, just police.

  • Deon Hamner

    Like to pay to play huh Mitch? Bye bye pervert…

  • bwdenman

    Scrap the whole station. It’s garbage. Just play national hosts.

  • J. M.

    Didn’t Mitch have an Erotic Monkey account? What about you? lmao

  • Doug Bilderback

    Mr. Bucholtz, can you please select a different picture in this case? There is no need to drag in Mr. Levy’s co-host or producer, even if just by association in the picture. They are a victim in this situation and no need to harm their reputation by linking them to Mr. Levy actions.

  • Nick Chambers

    Maybe rather then dragging people through the mud and destroying someone’s family and ability to continue to make money, the law enforcement community should invest their time and money into educating people about the truth of what these forced sex worker and exploited children are having to go through. I guarantee most people arrested in those stings or other stings or even the people reading about it still view prostitution as a victimless crime between consenting adults. If they flooded our lives with those facts the way they do with all the useless crap that doesn’t matter and then these guys still spend money to support these disgusting traffickers, then by all means crucify whoever you want in the public eye. I just can’t believe Mitch went there knowing the women he was seeing was anything more then an adult female that was willingly working as a prostitute.
    Let make this clear, I do not support prostitution nor the breaking of any law, I just question the Police’s parading a man around and destroying his life over a “”Misdemeanor” offence!!! Seems a little drastic to me is all. Like every police officer in that sting is free of sin in their life??? Pretty messed up if you ask me… Now let the feminists attack!!!

    • Johnny

      Is MItch’s wife a feminist? I’m sure his kids don’t think this is a big deal, particularly now that school is starting and they can explain to their classmates how their dad was just looking for a little nooky after golf.

      • Nick Chambers

        My point exactly… Why parade the guy thru the media? I had a cousin who was forced into prostitution and ultimately it was the cause of her death… I don’t feel like they are doing enough to educate the common person what the true crime is here. Even the headline on this article proves my point

        “Seattle sports radio host Mitch Levy one of 110 arrested in Bellevue prostitution sting”

        Then a tiny portion of the article mentions the fact that originally a forced prostitution operation was what brought on this sting… If educate everyone what is happening, the way the educate us to death on things that put money in their pockets, and the Mitch Levy’s of the world still can’t see why it’s not a victimless crime them crucify them all… That’s my point!!! I though I made that very clear?

        • Steed

          Nobody in that original sting was charged with forcing anyone into prostitution, just “promoting” prostitution. Why didn’t they charge anyone with kidnapping or forcing people to work as sex slaves, after claiming that is the kind of crime they uncovered? Good question.

        • John Batinovich

          Why? Because he a douchebag and deserves it.

          • Nick Chambers

            While I agree… Being a Douchebag shouldn’t the deciding factor on whether or not you decide to destroy someone’s life over a misdemeanor crime… I agree with holy cow It’s All About the Money with these people..

    • holy cow

      The motive is pure money!

    • John Batinovich

      He destroyed his own life by cheating on his wife/family and frequenting prostitutes. End of story.

  • Michael Kelly

    Well I guess this explains why he has not been on the radio all month with not a mention of why he is gone. I am sure he is in wife jail forever though

  • Annette Oliver

    What a waste of time and taxpayer money.
    Hopefully all involved will get back to there personal lives.

  • Anonymous

    Mitch should blame Hillary. Will be all good then.

  • Shawn Nuocmam

    Entrapment, tax payers spend all this money for cops to arrest consensual sex instead of dangerous drug dealers and corrupt politicians? Waste of tax money and resources. While someone with automatic guns mow down countless innocent people, ie Las Vegas?

  • Sam Base

    Seattle has lousy sports radio for the most part. The morning show at KIRO is horrible and so is the afternoon show. John Clayton is the class of the city in terms of sports radio.