Last night on Monday Night Football the Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team, took a knee as one before the national anthem. The team later stood and locked arms for the anthem, but seeing the entire Cowboys team take a knee amidst the current furor happening around the NFL was a powerful gesture.

As you might imagine, the reaction to the Cowboys’ statement has been polarizing, as the entire debate around taking a knee during the national anthem has been across America. The president even specifically targeted the Cowboys in his trademark morning Twitterstorm Monday morning. But with the Cowboys’ actions last night, there was one voice that I was looking forward to hearing in giving his thoughts on the matter: Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen.

In case you may not be aware of recent history, Hansen has delivered powerful essays whenever sports, politics, and culture intersect. You can see some of his previous essays here, here, and here on a variety of topics. Monday night, he turned his attention to the peaceful protests happening all around the NFL and gave his own perspective not just as a sportscaster, but as a Vietnam War veteran. No matter which side you’re on in this debate, stop and watch and listen to these words.

Hansen has always been willing to speak truth to power, no matter how popular his opinions may be or who might agree with him. And as Hansen says, perhaps it would be worth remembering why Colin Kaepernick took a knee in the first place and what this is really all about.


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  • BobLee Says

    Dale Hansen ?? Isn’t he the same “angry old white guy in Dallas” that “sites like this one” lampoon when his opinions DON’T agree with yours. Is it THAT Dale Hansen? Surely there can’t be too many “Dale Hansens in Dallas” …??

    • There’s a little search box at the top right of the page. Please see if you can find any occurrence’s of Dale Hansen being lampooned. I couldn’t.
      BTW, nice diversion tactic. I really like how you criticized this site instead of responding to anything Dale said 😉

      • BobLee Says

        Did I say “…like this one”? Yes, I believe I did. There are numerous sites “like this one”. I recall Dale from when I lived in Dallas in the 80s. Highly opinionated. I often agree with him… but some times I don’t. I don’t disagree with this one.

  • CreightonRabs

    Nobody outside of Dallas/Fort Worth gives a flying fuck about what this lefty wacko has to say.