Jane Slater said on NFL Network that Tyron Smith was "dealing with a bulging dick."

One of the funniest, and most-repeated, missteps in sports broadcasting is when someone’s trying to describe a back injury of a “bulging disc” and says “bulging dick” by mistake. There are plenty of examples over the years, including Steve Levy’s infamous 1995 one on SportsCenter and Al Trautwig and Andy Katz each falling victim in 2012, and NESN’s Sarah Davis giving us a variation with “herniated dick” in 2015.

Now NFL Network’s Jane Slater has joined the club. Here’s Slater trying to report on Dallas Cowboys offensive tackle Tyron Smith, who had a back issue last year:

“If you’ll remember, last year he was dealing with a bulging dick, uh, disc issue in his lower back. They tell us this is not connected.” Well, that’s good at least. And that’s a nice and quick recovery by Slater, who went on to finish her report.

Slater also took this in good stride on Twitter:

She’s not the first broadcaster to do this, and it’s highly doubtful she’ll be the last.


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  • Christian The W

    maybe write ‘dick’ in the script and they’ll say disc

  • Daves Homeroast

    What I can’t figure out is how you can say “two-hit shutout” w/o slipping up.

  • jumpnjive

    Kelly Tilghman from Golf Channel said it loud and clear at the Players Championship a few years back when discussing Tiger Woods ‘Bulging Disc’.
    Then again, being that it’s Tiger and what we know since then, she may have been correct on both accounts… jes sayin