Cricket matches and vasectomy procedures don’t often intersect, but they did this week when Mike Lane of the New Zealand-based Alternative Commentary Collective live-streamed his commentary of Sunday’s New Zealand-Australia match while getting a vasectomy. Here’s the archived Facebook Live stream:

And some highlights, from The New Zealand Herald:

Streaming the procedure live on Facebook, Mike Lane can be seen lying down in a hospital bed still watching the cricket on his phone and providing commentary while the doctor is busy at work.

“This is the most a man has touched my testicles since you have Jeremy” he says, referring to co-host Jeremy Wells.

“Yep that’s an interesting feeling… I can’t feel my balls, they are fully numb.”

Lane looks in pain most of the video, before eventually signing off saying: “Might have to leave you fellas, things are starting to get a little bit intimate.”

You can also hear Lane interacting with the doctor throughout. Joe Buck urinating in a garbage can while calling a touchdown looks positively pedestrian by comparison. But is this something we all really want to see people doing? Maybe it’s the natural end point of all those Facebook ads telling everyone to go live:

[The New Zealand Herald, via Reddit]

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