Jay Onrait channeled Lawrence O'Donnell's meltdown for a TSN bit.

On Wednesday, Mediaite released an eight-minute video of behind-the-scenes footage from MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell’s Aug. 29 show, which saw him yelling about staffers making unrelated comments in his earpiece, complaining about the editing of a piece, and most notably, ranting “Stop the hammering!” O’Donnell apologized on Twitter, but the clip still drew a lot of jokes and mockery, and the best riff on it may have come from Canada, where SC With Jay and Dan‘s Jay Onrait parodied the “Stop the hammering!” part of the rant perfectly:

For reference, here’s the relevant part of the original clip:

It’s nice that Onrait was even able to work Phil Griffin (the MSNBC president referenced in O’Donnell’s rant) in here. And this is a pretty pitch-perfect imitation, and excellent simulated anger. (It even confused some of those who responded to the tweet and thought Onrait’s meltdown was real.) The quiet “Here are your soccer highlights from Spain” at the end is solid too.

Onrait and co-host Dan O’Toole are in their first month back on-air at TSN following a four-year stint at FS1 that ended when their Fox Sports LiveĀ show was cancelled (for the third time, really) back in February. And, as they did in some of their Fox work, they’ve made parodies a key part of their latest show. A couple of other strong ones recently included riffing on hockey nicknames/DNA test commercials and mocking debate segments:

In addition to their nightly show, which is also replayed every morning on a couple of TSN’s feeds, Jay and Dan have brought back their popular podcastĀ (with a Coors Light sponsorship, even) and acquired the rights to the podcasts they did while at Fox. Looks like things are going well for them in not-LA.

[Jay and Dan on Twitter]

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  • Keith P.

    The three of you should get a room. Jeezus.

  • souvien

    Damn, ‘member when FS1 was the “one for fun” as opposed to “The Island of Misfit ESPN castoffs”…good times!

  • Bscotch Bscotch

    A real head-scratcher why that scary talent didn’t resonate in America

  • RonaldP66

    He just mimicked what O’Donnell did. Would have been funnier if he did a variation of it.

  • MrBull

    Funny stuff…but, worst was O’Donnell and his ego ranting and his ‘openly stating’ how he ‘fixes the narrative’ of what his show is about aka – complaining how a sound bite was to edit one way other wise the view point by person in the sound bite would go against the bs O’Donnell is trying to spin to his liberal followers…