After being unceremoniously dumped by FS1 last week, the worst kept secret in sports has finally been revealed. In a deal announced during NHL Trade Deadline Day, TSN is bringing Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole back to their country of origin, Canada.

Last week, FS1 announced that it was canceling Jay and Dan’s late night Fox Sports Live show and would not be renewing their contracts. Once that happened, the wheels began churning for them to return to TSN where they gained popularity for hosting the late night editions of SportsCentre.

The move was announced by TSN’s NHL insider Bob McKenzie during the network’s TradeCentre show. As usual, Jay and Dan treated the news with their irreverent humor:

It makes sense for Onrait and O’Toole to go back to the network that treated them so well in their heyday, but it’s also unfortunate that they won’t be on an American outlet. Jay and Dan showed some of the brilliance on FS1 that made them popular in Canada, but after the original newsy version of Fox Sports Live was cut and made into a late night talk show, FS1 didn’t promote the program and in essence put it on the back burner.

Now, Jay and Dan are heading back to Canada and will have the opportunity to tap into the fanbase that made them popular. As per TSN’s release, they’ll be hosting SportsCentre With Jay and Dan each night at midnight Eastern:

The pair will bring their trademark charisma to SC WITH JAY AND DAN, airing weeknights at 12 midnight ET and looping the following morning, as they deliver a new and decidedly humorous approach.

With content created for multi-platform consumption to reach fans across the country and millennial audiences in particular, Onrait and O’Toole will also contribute original content throughout the day across TSN’s digital and social media platforms, providing Canadian fans a refreshing look at the world of sports.

Their incarnation of SPORTSCENTRE, SC WITH JAY AND DAN will be driven by the duo’s strong personalities, and will include highlights, trending stories, the return of fan-favourite segments like “Ya Blew It!!!”, as well as other new surprises from this unpredictable team. The pair’s unique brand of hijinks will also permeate across Bell Media’s various programs and platforms.

Perhaps we’ll see Jay and Dan in the U.S. again, but for now, they’re going back to Canada  to where it all began for them.


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  • ja2

    That “Reporters” thing was a joke. They’re doing the midnight Sportscenter to be repeated in the mornings, just like they used to.

  • AFCassidy

    Hosting “The Reporters” was a joke.

  • YouAreWrongAndDumb

    You were too beautiful for this world, Jay and Dan!

  • Keith P.

    You’ll never see them in the US again. It’s too bad that a couple of TSN anchors are going to be cut loose to bring these clowns back. Bell pinches every penny so you know some people are going to be escorted out of the building.

    • aoystreck

      never like to see people lose their jobs (unless they deserve it), but in the case of TSN, they always have their top tier people and then a handful of forgettable anchors you never leave an impression. After Jay and Dan left, they hired a string of blonde women and dark-haired men, out of which Kara Wagland is the only one I would miss (and she’s going on mat leave soon anyway, which likely spares someone’s job for a few months at least)

  • MrKTE

    Sooo… what’s the best way to watch TSN here in the States?

    • Mike Peycha

      Kodi. Use the made in Canada add on

  • Rusty Shackleford

    They were properly promoted but the audience just didn’t show up consistently. They’re better off in Canada. Hollywood didn’t suit them well.

  • newdog301

    I never cared for them, but I think they could have helped NBCSN’s hockey coverage a little bit.

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