Months after we learned that FS1 would not renew Katie Nolan’s Garbage Time, it looks like the Emmy-winning host might soon leave Fox for its biggest competitor.

According to sports media reporter Jim Miller, Nolan will likely jump to ESPN—either imminently, or when her contract at Fox runs up at the end of the year.

Neither Fox nor Nolan has publicly discussed a plan for her post-Garbage Time future, and she has scarcely been seen on the FS1 airwaves in recent months. Miller reported last week that FS1 boss Jamie Horowitz planned to meet with Nolan before he was fired amid a sexual harassment investigation.

The fact that ESPN was trying to lure Nolan from Fox first came to light in February, shortly after the news that Garbage Time would not come back.

Nolan was vocal last year about wanting a nightly evening slot at Fox, suggesting a late-night talk show about sports. But according to Awful Announcing’s sources, when the 11 p.m. slot opened up following the cancellation of Fox Sports Live, the network offered it not to Nolan but to Clay Travis, who turned it down after being told he’d have to limit his political and social commentary and focus mainly on sports. Additionally, he wasn’t keen on having to relocate from Nashville to Los Angeles. The 11 p.m. ET slot is now typically filled by MLB Whiparound or live programming.

Anyway, with Horowitz out, Garbage Time gone, and ESPN apparently calling, Nolan’s time at Fox certainly appears to be nearing an end.

If Nolan in fact goes to ESPN she could fit in a number of roles, potentially alongside Mike Greenberg on his new morning show, which will debut this coming January. She’s had success, particularly with young viewers, in a variety of formats, so there’s little question ESPN can build a show, or at least part of one, around her. It makes perfect sense that ESPN would want Nolan onboard, and it increasingly makes sense that she might want a change of scenery.

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  • Corey

    If ESPN is smart they would have her host something similar to Garbage Time. It won an Emmy for crying out loud.

  • MetaphysicalMan

    Ooof, I hope she doesn’t have to prop up Mike Greenberg. But, anything will be better than being stuck on the bench. FS1 is a train wreck.

    • newdog301

      Lol, I could see her sports career coming full circle with her ending up as “the social media guru” on Mike Greenberg’s show, the exact role she started with FS1 on Crowd Goes Wild, before they actually let her be at the table with everyone else.

      The best spot for her? The new co-host on Highly Questionable. Papi vs. Katie Nolan would be comedic gold, but I doubt ESPN would do it.

      • Walt_Gekko

        Not sure Ms. Nolan would want to relocate to Miami to do “Highly Questionable” unless she also got her own show separate from that.

        Her and Mike Greenberg in the mornings make sense.

        • newdog301

          I think people are confused about what the new show is going to be, but there’s a reason we keep calling it Mike Greenberg’s show. It’s not going to be The View or The Five, where there’s a bunch of people on an equal playing field. He had that already with Mike and Mike and there’s a reason he chose to leave it.

          Whatever the format of the new show is, it’s going to be him leading and dominating the conversation. He may have “co-hosts”, but they’re going to be there to laugh at his jokes and follow his lead.

  • Howard Salwasser

    And with that, my interest in FS1 in anything but live sports coverage is done.

    • Bud Weiser, WTIT


  • BobLee Says

    Assuming both Nolan’s and “Greenys” on-air personas are close to their actual personalities, pairing them would seem a quite bizarre combo. MG the consummate suburban hubby/dad and Nolan the sassy potty-mouthed party girl…. Maybe “bizarre” is what ESPN is looking for in Skipper’s latest image retooling.

  • John Vicari

    If Michelle Beadle’s role expands I could see Nolan being the new host on sportsnation or be part of a show like that. No matter where she goes and does I think she’ll succeed. Very underrated talent

  • Deon Hamner

    She’s a dime a a dozen talent. But watch the website and fan boys hop to being pro espn… suddenly talking heads ain’t so bad now huh?!

    • Sean Mooney

      She is not a dime a dozen talent.

      • Nick

        Yes, she is. She’s only funny and innovative to you because you’re attracted to her.

        • Sean Mooney

          And if I don’t think she’s attractive?

          I like how someone like you positions a counter argument probably based around your own feelings.

          I think her writing is sharp, she has a solid delivery of the material, and she has a presence and demeanor to her that so many of the vapid personalities- men and women- don’t have.

          • Nick

            What is an insightful or impactful article or clip that she’s done?
            All of these arguments are based on our feelings. You feel that she’s a quality writer and television personality, while I feel differently.

          • Sean Mooney

            Her segment on Greg Hardy, taking Peter King to task, talking about the SEC, the way football markets to women, the reaction to Ray Rice….just to name a few.

            Honestly, you diminishing her because of her perceived attractiveness is just as terrible as what you are accusing me of.

        • MetaphysicalMan

          As if there aren’t a lot of attractive women in sports media. What, you think Katie is head and shoulders above the rest in looks? You got a thing for her?

          • inku palios

            Katie Nolan is one of the more intelligent women in sports. FS1 only cares about disgruntled former ESPN employees.

        • Bud Weiser, WTIT

          That is as ridiculous as it gets. Where are the other 11 women as good as Nolan?

          • Nick

            Erin Andrews, Pam Oliver, Julie Stewart-Binks, Sam Ponder, Michelle Beadle, Sage Steele, Jemele Hill, Sarah Spain, Rachel Nichols, Linda Cohn, Lindsay Czarniak

          • Sean Mooney

            Jemele Hill, Michelle Beadle, Rachel Nichols I will give you. The rest are all some form of every type of woman broadcaster out there.

  • Walt_Gekko

    Pairing Ms. Nolan with Greenberg likely makes the most sense. She likely would bring in younger male viewers who are not easy to get to watch morning television at all. They would likely give Disney a powerful 1-2 punch between such a show on ESPN and GMA on ABC (which both could fill in on from time-to-time as well).

  • RJ2008

    My sources in Bristol are telling me she will be Bomani Jones replacement in HQ.

  • ChalupaB

    Good. She is too talented to be sitting on the sidelines. FS1 is really dropping the ball here.

  • Bud Weiser, WTIT

    Katie is crazy talented. I started watching her videos way back at Guyism. She is also uber attractive. Put her on the radio? If radio is what she wanted, I’d advise her to go after PM drive at WFAN. Radio is only fun to do when its local. Chris Russo said it last week while promoting that ESPN 30 for 30 show. Fox is nuts. They hired all the wrong guys from ESPN then ignored their own most talent person…

  • alnc

    Nolan attracts fan boys who love the non blonde, I get that but I agree with what someone says about FS1 all the “dregs” of ESPN are on their channel now and any original talent on Fox is gone.
    How strange is that ESPN sent its trash to Fox and boy does it stink. Enjoy Rod Parker, Herd, Whitlock and Skip. LOL

  • Katie Nolan to ESPN would be what the wrestling world would call either a face-turn by ESPN or a heel-turn by Katie Nolan. Or both?

    Why is FS1 even still in business if they can’t figure out a role for Katie Nolan. She’s the only reason most people ever watched anything other than a game on that channel

  • MrBull

    Nolan is a better fit at Fox then espn…yet, Fox seems to be completely clueless on how to establish and run a sports network…
    At espn, Nolan’s best spot would be on Greenberg’s show, as she would add much needed life and humor to show that has a lifeless and humorless host….

  • SamT

    Shows how desperate ESPN is taking Fox failed cast offs Garbage time was a great name for her show. Described her talent.

  • BobLee Says

    I “get” Katie Nolan’s appeal. I was a 15 y/o high school sophomore once upon a time. “A potty-mouthed gal that talks sports”… die and go to heaven for a certain demographic. Is that demographic worth millions to ESPN? Apparently so…

  • Conquistador17

    Katie Nolan, the female equivalent to Bill Simmons. There may be a market for them but I don’t think it is as big as their fans (or they) think it is.

  • Adam Domo

    hahathahahahaha i’d love this. Talk about an AWFUL EYE FOR TALENT if this is true (for foxsports). She’s clearly an incredibly markettable young lady and the fact that FS1 cant see this is hilarious.

    Lets build a network around Cowherd and Skip Bayless… smart

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  • Liberals R Disturbed

    If Garbage girl keeps running her mouth about THE real media stars and the trumpster while still being an obamaphile, she’s going miss working a lot more. This little potty mouthed wrench is asking for it. That’s if anyone could find her

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