The LaVar Ball experience might be reaching a breaking point.

In an appearance on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Ball made multiple cracks about FS1 host Jason Whitlock’s weight and sparred with Kristine Leahy about whether he was disrespectful toward women.

The trouble started when Leahy questioned Ball, the father of NBA Draft prospect Lonzo Ball, on how many sneakers his Big Baller Brand had sold. Ball told Leahy to “stay in your lane,” called her a hater, mimicked her voice and refused to make eye contact with her.

Ball did not take nicely to Leahy’s suggestion that Big Baller Brand should market toward women, in addition to men.

The conversation soon shifted to Whitlock, who has been critical of LaVar throughout his months-long publicity tour. LaVar proclaimed that, “Going back to Whitlock, I don’t think he can comment on anything but snacks.”

Cowherd, who hosts Speak for Yourself alongside Whitlock, called the jab “harsh,” while Kristine Leahy questioned Ball for disrespecting people for their weight and again brought up his attitude toward women.

LaVar later said of Whitlock, “Don’t come at me and don’t think I’m gonna come at you.” He said Whitlock “don’t like trainers. If he come in my house I’ma work him out.”

Whitlock, for what it’s worth, responded light-heartedly on Twitter, with the hashtag #ILikeSnacks.

You can listen to the whole interview right here. The fireworks start around the six-minute mark.

Making fun of people’s weight, snapping at a woman for telling him to market toward both genders? It looks like LaVar Ball has stepped over the line from innocently annoying (or amusing) to offensive. It’s probably time for him to step away from the microphone for a little while.

As for FS1 and all the other networks giving LaVar airtime, maybe it’s time to stop.

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  • Dale Moog

    This Dumb ASS just cost himself millions because he is pushing his son to sell himself. I see him as Chris Jenner someone who pushed their Kids down our throat for their own fame a low life scum who has no respect for them selves or their family that they would use their own kids to become famous. He needs to be called out then NEVER again be given a platform

    • doninjapan

      Hopefully, Lonzo will eventually man up to his dad.

  • Babak Lavasani

    What a fuckin asshole. This is match made in heaven this prick and the Fakers. I hate the fuckin Lakers and I hope they pick him.

    • brothermuzone

      Pretty sure the lakers are going to draft lonzo not lavar

      • Babak Lavasani

        Fuck all of them who cares. I hope they lose every game.

  • Saber Khai

    LaVar Ball is who he is. No one is going to change that, and no one is going to stop shoving microphones in his face because he’s a GREAT sound bite.

    My problem is Colin “Coward” living up to his name. Instead of using his microphone to call out LaVar for the sexist, misogynistic, fat-shaming ass that he is, the best he could do is the meek, tepid “she’s a reporter” and “that’s a little harsh” while EQUIVOCATING at the same time. At the very LEAST Cowherd should have said “Hey, she’s a quality reporter and asking good questions. I’d expect you to have the same consideration and respect for her on my show as you would for me.” He didn’t though. He let LaVar turn it into the LaVar Ball Show and essentially hid.

    Good for Kristine Leahy though. LaVar did his best to shame her into silence; nevertheless SHE PERSISTED.

    • PhillyReichel

      The problem with that is that Cowherd could have ended the freedom Ball was feeling to espouse his trash; which, as a seasoned interviewer like Cowherd knows, is gold. The Ball interview significantly increased his podcast and click-through taffic.

      • Saber Khai

        There’s truth to that, but Cowherd’s whole shtick is stirring up controversy. What better way to do that than to get Ball on his heels and go after the guy?

        Oh, wait…I used to listen to his show. He doesn’t do that to in-studio guests, just call-in interviews and responding to something someone else said.

    • VinHuddle

      She did hold her own when it came to Old Man Ball…good for her as you said!

      • Vernon Dozier

        No she didn’t, she pulled out the victim card.

        • Is that where Kathy Griffin got her acting ability from? Did you see her fake bawling in that press conference of hers? LOL

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  • MrBull

    What a piece of garbage LaVar Ball is…disrespectful….only thing worst was Colin ‘wimpy’ Cowherd not stepping up and throwing Ball off the show for how he talked to Leahy….but, to do that ‘Wimpy’ would have to have a pair of ‘big ballers’ instead of a purse backing up his manhood….

  • Adam

    Cowherd was kind of like Paul Ryan in all of this. Disgusted, but unwilling to do anything to stop it.

    • Lindas1st


  • Anthony Sortini

    Why market his shoes to woman? They will not buy it. Hell most men are not buying it so who cares. Not worth it.

  • TriCuriousGeorge

    Dude knows how to promote. I hope his son doesn’t pee the bed so we can get more of this.

  • Brennan Ault

    Funny thing is you guys voted in this EXACT same character into the White House, this sounds like how trump talks to most women.

  • souvien

    good gawd, this is sports talk at it’s absolute worst…what an effing embarrassment that this garbage passes for some as entertainment…

  • GF

    Whatever. The corporate sports media keeps giving him a platform. It’s their fault for giving him airtime.

  • doninjapan

    Disappointed with Cowherd for not supporting Leahy more. I kinda hope LA do indeed take Lonzo, and then Magic (or even better, Lonzo) just tell Lavar to sit down, shut up.
    This isn’t about you.

    • Corliss Reddick

      Either you are ignoring the fact or don’t care that this woman questioned this man’s questioning parenting skills prior. She got what she deserves and is not the victim.

      • doninjapan

        Wake up, chief…
        Two things here: 1. We now know enough about Lavar that “questioning parenting skills” is fair game, and 2. this isn’t 1950. You can’t treat people like that.

  • Ichabod Crane

    Political correctness meets real world.

  • Jason H.

    Is gender specific apparel now an infraction? There are entire stores dedicated to gender specific clothing, even in the athletic apparel market. Why does his line have to be marketed to women?

    The second thing would be, the setup of that show is stupid. You shouldn’t have somebody directly behind the guest and expect that guest to turn around and engage this person. On late night talk shows, they’ll have the sidekick off to the side, but they’re not trying to interview the guest from there. If she’s going to be talking to somebody, she needs to be where the guest can see her.

    And lastly, he has a point that people are coming at him, and he’s not allowed to give it right back? To her and Whitlock. This lady made it personal from the jump by questioning his parenting on another show. He wasn’t being disrespectful to women, he was being disrespectful to her and she couldn’t take it. He gave it to her how she brought it when he wasn’t around. Now she’s playing victim.

    And trust me, I am no fan of Lavar Ball, I normally don’t like his antics or methods, but I had no problem with this exchange. If you give it out, you better be able to take it.

    • Corliss Reddick

      Jason H. You are absolutely correct. She was the one who came at him first and he has the right to defend himself. She was not the victim. I’m not a Lavar Ball fan but he has the right to defend himself against her feminist agenda.

    • Muskrat42

      Agree 100%. BTW, Cowterd looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy w/ all that makeup. (But then I’m just a sexist, misogynistic, fat shaming anti-ventriloquite.)

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  • LeCury McCray

    I guess you guys don’t have the audio with her going at him as a parent and claiming his kids are afraid of him and has been extremely disrespectful for weeks talking about him. He may have been childish in his response but she trying to play the victim. All he did was give her the same disrespectful energy she has been giving him. Her feelings get hurt and all of a sudden he is disrespecting women and threatening her. GTFOH..

  • Julian Smith

    Shenanigans, he’s bold and that’s why no one likes him. The billions statement is wild. The statement about Whitlock and snacks was funny. He didn’t disrespect women. CTG did the same thing she did. Ppl need to calm down.

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