A day after the LaVar Ball-Colin Cowherd bromance devolved into a nationally televised trainwreck, the fallout continues.

If you missed it, Ball appeared on The Herd on Thursday, where he sparred with Cowherd’s co-host Kristine Leahy over the Big Baller Brand’s attitude toward women, told her to “stay in your lane,” called her a “hater” and refused to look at her. He also made multiple jokes about FS1 host Jason Whitlock’s weight.

Leahy said Thursday she doesn’t want The Herd—or any FS1 program—to have him on again.

“I hope that yesterday showed who he is and that we stop putting him on all of these networks just to get controversial statements out of him because that is potentially what could happen,” she said. “And I think there’s no place for that in TV, no matter what kind of ratings you’re going to get.”

This is a bit of a change, as Leahy said Wednesday she would welcome Ball back on the air.

“I would actually love to have him back on the show,” she said on Speak for Yourself. “I know a lot of people are saying we should never have him on again. I would love to if he would like to come and look me in the eye and talk to me as a person and he can disagree everything i have to say. But let’s do it man to man”

On Thursday, Cowherd also gave an explanation as to why he didn’t speak up during the exchange between Ball and Leahy, something many viewers took issue with.

This whole thing is a mess, but let’s try to make some sense of it.

Leahy is right that sports talk on TV and on the radio shouldn’t have the type of over-the-top personal attacks that LaVar brought Thursday. Which means it also probably shouldn’t feature the type of over-the-top personal attacks that Leahy had lobbed at LaVar previously.

The fact is, when provocative opinions are part of your brand strategy, you risk things getting out of hand sometimes. That’s true in terms of provocative guests like LaVar Ball and also in terms of provocative hosts. Because Ball certainly isn’t the only person making “controversial statements” on FS1 airwaves for the sake of ratings.

In many ways, Thursday’s incident on The Herd was a natural outgrowth of the “embrace debate” ethos of sports talk in 2017. As our Andrew Bucholtz wrote, it was also an ideal outcome for FS1.

Fox has been trotting out Ball across their platforms on countless occasions, with his desire to hawk his $495 shoes meshing perfectly with their desire for controversial, opinion-provoking moments that will get people talking about FS1. Here, they got a really memorable moment from Ball, one that got much of Twitter erupting with takes on a little-watched show on a little-watched network, and one that will be discussed ad nauseam across FS1 and elsewhere in the next few days.

Leahy is totally fair to request that LaVar Ball not return to The Herd or to FS1 anytime soon. He was rude and disrespectful to her, and she deserves better. But for the sake of consistency, she and the rest of the sports world’s opinionators should be thoughtful and respectful in their comments, as well.

About Alex Putterman

Alex is a writer and editor for The Comeback and Awful Announcing. He has written for The Atlantic, VICE Sports, MLB.com, SI.com and more. He is a proud alum of Northwestern University and The Daily Northwestern. You can find him on Twitter @AlexPutterman.

  • LadyAmerican

    Good for her for standing up to this asshole!

  • moviewarrior

    Thanks for the article you are the first person to address or mention why Lavar spoke to her in that fashion. She got personal first

    • newdog301

      This narrative needs to end. She didn’t address any of that on the show with him that day, nor did he use that as his motivation for being disrespectful.

      He was acting like an asshole, pure and simple. It doesn’t matter what she said in the past, which from a distance appears to be accurate anyway.

      He could have countered her previous arguments. He didn’t. She asked him how many shoes he sold. He said something completely irrelevant. She said he might need to appeal to women with his brand. He insinuated that being called “Big Baller” somehow only relates to men.

      • moviewarrior

        Not a fan of Lavar but she can’t play the victim. She came for first

        • newdog301

          It’s her job to commentate on sports figures.

          Your sentence only validates her position that he shouldn’t be allowed on FS1 programs. If he is unable to answer questions from people who did their job and spoke about him, then he can’t be booked on shows. It is an interview. He is there to answers their questions.

          But this is not even relevant. He was not responding in that way because of what Kristine said previously. Do you think he watches The Herd and Speak For Yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY? No. I doubt he had any idea what she previously said about it.

          He refused to answer her questions and was disrespectful. It’s not being a PC person, because I’m quite far from that. He just came off really horribly in this segment and good on Kristine for handling it with class.

          • Jason H.

            Whether it’s her job or not, she still can get held accountable for what she spews. People trying to hold Lavar accountable and let Leahy skate. She said something offensive and he gave it right back to her.

          • newdog301

            The last reply I’ll put toward this, nothing against you, but I think everyone would like to move on from this.

            If he thought what she said was offensive he had a couple of reasonable options.

            1) He could have refused to appear on the show. Given he’s trying to be the Kris Jenner of basketball, we know that’s not happening.

            2) He could have reasonably retorted her. “Kristine I’ll answer your question in a minute, but first I want to touch on something you said a few weeks ago. You insinuated that my children are afraid of me and that I have reared them in an unconventional way. I have taught my kids to be strong and proud men and while they have respect for me as their elder, the respect is returned because of the way they carry themselves. I think what you said was out of bounds and I’d like an explanation for why you made that initial point.”

            Again, he clearly wasn’t going to do that because we know what kind of person he is. He likes crash TV, he likes controversy. He went into this looking to disrespect Kristine and mission accomplished.

            I think what Kristine said was completely within the realm of her job and I happen to agree with everything she said. It’s also very interesting because many male sports commentators, including some at Fox Sports, have suggested very similar viewpoints and LaVar did not react to them that way. Why do you think that is?

        • StoJa

          If THAT gets Lonzo’s balls in a twist, he’s a soft ass bitch. This is purely because she is a woman and no other reason.

          • moviewarrior

            your very reply proves my point. I’m no fan of Ball but if she is a reporter than she should know that she crossed the line with personal comments but he is a soft to respond to that right

          • P Fog!

            Maybe Ball just don’t like her and wasn’t fake about it. It happens.

      • Michael Chile

        Just like you could counter all of my previous arguments instead of bringing up new ones and making blatant and unfounded allegations just like Leahy did about LaVar. Gotta love how these feminists love to run their mouths without any evidence or facts to support their claims, yet they are very quick to demand the same when being criticized. Talk about hypocrisy and double standards at their very best aka the founding principle of feminism.

  • Shawn

    Typical passive aggressive entitled attitude that’s been displayed forever. She can disrespect him, his parenting skills and his intelligence and nothing is written about it. But soon as he says something to the blonde suddenly there is a modicum of decorum that should be displayed by him while she plays the victim and the big bad scary Black man threatening me card that has caused hundreds to thousands of black men to be hung in this country. If you cant take it, don’t dish it. Don’t be a feminist when it’s convenient.

    • newdog301

      That’s not at all what happened, but keep telling yourself that.

      If I said Shawn is an idiot (which isn’t what she said in an earlier, not-relevant to this conversation setting), you’re not justified in saying, “You’ll get what’s coming to you, newdog.”

      I’d also like to know how you automatically make the jump from a question about his shoe sales to, “Stay in your lane.” You can tell this is someone who has a history of struggling to deal with either strong women, or any women really that don’t bow down to him.

      And I’m not even going to dignify the final part of your post about hanging (not hung either) with a response. The racist actions of people a century ago is not an excuse for LaVar to treat a reporter, asking a question about the very thing he is there plugging, like garbage.

      • Michael Chile

        It is also her duty to perform her JOB in a responsible manner. She is on that show to be a SPORTS REPORTER not a family counselor/expert and/or social worker, however Lonzo feels about this dad is not her business and she does not have concrete facts about the matter to attack or criticize Mr. Ball about his parenting skills. If more parents were as active as Mr. Ball in engaging their kids into active sports like he has perhaps obesity would not be such a big problem in America.

        Furthermore, she made an inaccurate statement when she said that in order for Mr. Ball’s business venture to be successful he will need to be to cater to women.

        • newdog301

          “It is also her duty to perform her JOB in a responsible manner. She is on that show to be a SPORTS REPORTER not a family counselor/expert and/or social worker, however Lonzo feels about this dad is not her business and she does not have concrete facts about the matter to attack or criticize Mr. Ball about his parenting skills”

          Your job is whatever your producers tell you to talk about. That’s perhaps the only valid point that you raised that LaVar and Lonzo’s personal life shouldn’t be discussed, but that’s the fabric of sports talk we live in. People are going to talk about things like that and if her producers tell her it scores ratings, she and Colin have to discuss it.

          Let’s also ignore the fact that that is why LaVar is on the show to begin with. He opened that door by becoming a story. He’s not a current athlete. He’s not a game commentator. He’s not a reporter or journalist. So, why is he on the show? Because he’s made himself a story, and since his only claim to fame is being the father of an expected high draft pick, his behavior can be debated on programs like this.

          “If more parents were as active as Mr. Ball in engaging their kids into active sports like he has perhaps obesity would not be such a big problem in America.”

          Maybe, maybe not. That’s not an invitation to mock Jason’s weight. And this comes off as an attack against any journalist, reporter or commentator who is not a former professional player. If you’re saying the only thing he is qualified to talk about is snacks, then you’re saying no one who did not play has the ability to commentate, which also extends to Shannon Sharpe, who he loves, and his ability to talk about sports other than football.

          “Furthermore, she made an inaccurate statement when she said that in order for Mr. Ball’s business venture to be successful he will need to be to cater to women.”

          She didn’t say they have to cater or pander to women, but most successful clothing businesses are either exclusively female, or target both. There are very few men’s only clothing businesses that work. That’s why if you go to the mall you’ll see random “Men’s Mart” and “Men’s Suits” stores, but plenty of mixed and predominantly female-targeting ones. Look at what happened to Men’s Wearhouse.

          • Michael Chile

            Sure buddy, it is so easy to claim right from wrong when you are allowed to nitpick and be blatantly biased about your arguments. Like I said before, it is irresponsible and unethical to call someone out on what happens inside their home when you are not an expert on the subject, you have no concrete evidence and there are no official reports to support your claims. It simply lack of professionalism. Furthermore, LaVar has the right not answer his questions, especially after he respectfully told her he did not want to speak. This is where your entitled feminists are wrong nobody is oblige to speak to anyone especially when you they are egging you on and making false accusations about you. LaVar was there to speak to Colin exclusively and there is not wrong with that. I am almost 100% certain that LaVar was under no contractual obligation to speak to her and she should had respected but no you feminists are under the impression that men can not deny women under any circumstance and LaVar maned up and showed you differently. Take That For Data!

          • newdog301

            I don’t think I’m a feminist, I’m a man who believes in treating people correctly and fairly, which is why I am able to see this situation with a level head.

            How come you haven’t addressed LaVar’s comments about Kyrie Irving not knowing how to be a man because his mother died? Isn’t that the point you’re making, that you shouldn’t judge people from afar?

            Because it doesn’t help your narrative. LaVar is a loser and a failure, both literally and symbolically in his career and business dealings. He’s costing his son millions of dollars by turning off actual apparel makers, apparel makers that wisely target women, and thus are profitable.

            His son could have made millions off a shoe deal this year. Instead, the two of them will end up pocketing a few hundred dollars to cover the costs of making his terrible shoes. Not to mention the ridicule in the locker room he’ll have to go through from his teammates.

            Cost him endorsements, hurt his draft stock, yep, sounds like a great parent to me.

          • Michael Chile

            Because like a hypocritical feminist you are here trying to justify your disdain for men by mixing apples with oranges or did you forget that this tread is specifically about what happened between Kristine Leahy and LaVar Ball this has nothing to do with Kyrie Irving thank you very, nice try but no. Stay In Yo Lane as Kyrie Irving is completely different matter!

          • newdog301

            So, you have a problem with Kristine commenting on Lonzo’s living situation, but not a problem with LaVar commenting on Kyrie’s?

            Sounds like racism, sexism or both.

          • Michael Chile

            I have news for you ms. beta male, you are not the voice of reason to dictate who I have to agree or disagree with. I would not be surprised if your a bitter feminist cat lady hiding behind male driven handle.

          • Michael Chile

            Since you wanna go jumping from from Leahy to Irving let me guess you are the same feminist who probably feels like men who underestimate women are misogynist and disrespectful, but at one underestimated Donald Trump to point where you called him a loser and failure because you knew for fact that he was not going to win the republican ticket and no way could he possibly beat cheating Hillary. First, there plenty of NBA player who wished they had a father growing up to begin with. Second, simply on the fact that education has felt behind so greatly in America and he was able to get his son Division 1 college scholarship at one of the countries most renown universities and that his son will make it into an elite club like that of the NBA makes him a winner. How about you go accomplish all that ms. feminist beta male. Third, you do know for a fact that Big Baller Brand can evolve into the next Under Armour or next successful athletic gear company (that actually caters to women even before Leahy falsely said that it did not) that can bring Lonzo Ball even more money than a rookie endorsement. Damn it is so easy to assume when you are feminist going against men, but when the roles are reversed it is so easy to demand concrete facts.

          • newdog301

            I’m officially convinced you’re either a troll for LaVar or LaVar himself.

            He was disrespectful to Kristine. He was disrespectful to Kyrie. They were not “OMG Clapbacks!” they were a grown man acting like a 13 year old on Twitter.

            He has cost his son millions of dollars at this present moment. That is an indisputable fact. That is the opposite of good parenting.

          • Michael Chile

            Look at what happened to OWN and look at what happened to Yahoo under female CEOs.

          • newdog301

            The dumbest thing you’ve said yet, which is saying something. Businesses don’t fail because of someone’s gender, they fail because the people were wrong for the job. For the two you listed there, there’s been billions throughout history run by men that failed.

            And I think Oprah is doing just fine these days. She’s worth more than you or I could dream of.

      • Shawn

        Yes, because he is such an untamed human being he would actually threaten a woman on national television. Anyone without baggage would know he’s talking about karma not threatening her with physical harm.

        Second, she knows nothing about selling shoes or his business because if she bothered to search she would have noticed on his website he did have apparel for women but her privilege allowed for her to determine who he was and what he was capable of doing so yes, she should stay in her lane. Her advice was unwelcomed and incorrect.

        Third, IF you have any African American friends and/or associates and will humble yourself enough to ask a question, ask them the history of white women falsely accusing black men of threatening them or crimes and what has happened to them. And I’m not just talking about the lynchings in the 1800 and 1900s or Emmitt Till in the 1960s. Im talking about Leiha Ann-Sue Artman in Michigan last year and Breana Harmon Talbott in Texas this year so please become better informed. She knew what she was doing and it’s dangerous. I’d be afraid of her too.

        • newdog301

          Someone listened to Charlamagne tha God’s nonsense this morning, didn’t they?

          LaVar does not get the right to threaten anyone because of things in the past. That’s such a terrible justification you’re trying to make.

          “Her advice was unwelcomed and incorrect.”

          – How many shoes have you sold?
          – Stay in your lane.

          Did you skip basic English class where they covered question marks? Usually you are not giving advice when you end a sentence with one.

          His “stay in your lane” comment was unwarranted, incorrect and disrespectful advice.

          LaVar is a moron and a relic of the past. It’s a shame his sons have to deal with a father who is exploiting their ability to help him live out the basketball dream he couldn’t achieve on his own.

          • Shawn

            Sorry I have my own brain and reasoning skills which is why I am able to discern what an overt threat is and if someone is attempting to use an age old method to be victimized. You must have slept through English class and this video because she said herself she was offering advice so your question mark nonsense is wasting my time.

            Your last statement is irrelevant and has nothing to do with the conversation between the two but I’m sure it’s the reason why you’re incapable of seeing this for what it is. I also notice your silence on the long documented history of women from certain cultures erroneously blaming black men for crimes and playing the victim card.

            Lastly, one of my degrees is in English. What’s yours?

          • newdog301

            “I also notice your silence on the long documented history of women from certain cultures erroneously blaming black men for crimes and playing the victim card.”

            Because that has nothing to do with this issue. We are not talking about To Kill a Mockingbird, we’re talking about a real life situation where someone showed up to an interview, did not want to answer questions and when pressed about not answering questions told a woman to “stay in your lane” and that “you scare me.”

            This speaks to insecurity and dated gender stereotypes in LaVar Ball. Not anyone else, not a history of white women or black men, just one individual’s insecurity and disrespectful behavior.

            If you have no intention of answering questions from someone you know will be on the show you should not go on it. Thus her point about not being welcomed back is valid.

          • Shawn

            I gave you two real life situations if you would bother to Google the names. You’re lost want to remain ignorant and am ecstatic about it. Move on, I’m done with you.

  • newdog301

    He shouldn’t be allowed or welcomed back on and it’s not solely because of this incident.

    Take Ms. Leahy out of the equation for a minute and just focus on the exchanges between Colin and LaVar. He’s just talking about his shoes. What the hell is this? Why are they giving a nutjob free advertising blocks on their key shows?

    At some point they need to grow a backbone and turn down a potential ratings boost for the sake of respect.

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  • MrBull

    Colin is a gutless, full of bs mouth piece….he was afraid to speak up to Ball about his disrespect to Leahy…not because as Wimpy claims ‘she can handle herself’, but, because Wimpy has no spine!..
    It is his show ‘The Herd with Colin Cowherd’…his name is the title of the show!…Wimpy was probably afraid that Ball would “go off on him”….

  • brown ben plumm

    Poor entitled person can dish it but not take it. Then tries to play victim. Not falling for it! Fake Michelle Beadle should grow up.

    • StoJa

      Can’t take it? She went toe to toe with that fucking dickbag and looked the better for doing it.

      • Sheep

        lol no she didnt, she doubled back and tried to set him up. then played the victim card.

        • Jason H.

          After she initiated the whole thing in the first place.

      • Michael Chile

        Of course she looked better because in your delusional bitter feminist world women are never wrong when going up against a man. It is all about revenge towards all men who will not bow down women for the old macho days when women wanted control over society.

    • Michael Chile

      Lmao Michelle Beadle is just as big of a bitter hypocritical feminist as her. One time Beadle was WFAN-NY while transitioning from NBC Sports back to ESPN and they asked to mimic a silly “gasface” soundbite and after she did it they used the soundbite a couple of times and she could not stand being teased by her own innuendo. Now, I found that quite ironic coming from someone as witty like Beadle who makes a living out of making fun of people (in their vast majority men). In essence, it was typical feminist diva behavior it is ok dish it out, but not take it in.

  • alnc

    She got what she deserved. She opened her mouth and he told her to take her blonde somewhere else. You hang with snake they bite, and she said stupid stuff about him personally so, there. Cowherd should have not sat there like a knot on a log either. He punked out like I thought, all hot air and run of the mouth till someone busts him.

  • B52

    GIVE THESE TWO A SHOW! THEY ARE BOTH SO OBNOXIOUS! She actually made this insane creep not look that bad with her passive aggressive baiting. Cowherd has always been trash,so its inevitable that he becomes the jerry springer of sports talk. Only interesting clip in all of fs1’s history-besides the post season pete rose antics….
    Her bait about “not wanting to sell to women” was nonsense-he’s pushing a MENS b’ball shoe!

  • Macunaima

    “He was rude and disrespectful to her, and she deserves better.”

    Excuse me, but why is that? She’s a talking head on a dumb sports show. Why does she “deserve” anything? LaVar did not threaten her or anything like that. Being an asshole is not a crime. Just because she’s a woman people should kiss her ass?

  • YouAreWrongAndDumb

    She is a pretty blonde lady.

  • P Fog!

    Maybe Kristne should have stayed in her lane and stuck to sports. Maybe Colin should have stayed in his lane and stuck to sports. But they can’t because if some form of politics didn’t invade sports, they wouldn’t have shit to talk about.

  • BobLee Says

    LaVar Ball was “unprofessional” ??? What is his “profession” that he acted “un” of? Is “media creation of the month” a recognized occupation? Is this boorish lout “certified” or “licensed” for that profession?
    Talk Media LOVES raving lunatics like this clod…. and he knows it.
    FWIW: Kristine Leahy is “professional sports TV eye candy” and is one of my favorite “professionals”.

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