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As Fox’s Joe Buck is prepairing for another spring of calling MLB and golf, he’s suggesting announcers should stick to what they know and not venture into the hot-button topics of the day. In an interview with the Sporting News, Buck said fans watch sports to get away from news headlines and announcers shouldn’t anger viewers.

“I think people watch these games to get away from that stuff. I think you risk alienating, and upsetting, a lot of people when you start going down that rabbit hole,” he told SN.

And he added, “My job is to call the action. Not stand on a soapbox and go on and on and on about a point, and forget about the game.”

But as sports and politics have mixed and vice-versa, the sports media is trying to find a happy medium in trying to cover stories as they surface such as the Colin Kaepernick anthem kneel-down.

“With him kneeling, it was a story. I think our bosses wisely didn’t want to appear that we were just ignoring it. Because it was something that people were talking about. Certainly after the game and certainly during the game on social media. You have to address it. So we recorded him kneeling.”

Buck says as he and his Fox mates were preparing to discuss it, he knew he had just 15 seconds to get it right as he had a minefield to tiptoe through. Buck said he didn’t get it right, social media would be all over him, but at the same time, it had to be addressed.

But overall, he says it’s best to leave news and politics to the cable news networks and not bring it up during a game:

“Unless I’m completely wrong, and I know in this case I’m not, nobody’s tuning into the 49ers-Cowboys game to hear my political opinions, whether it’s about Trump, or Kaepernick or Flint, Michigan. That’s not why they’re watching a football game. It’s misplaced. I hear guys doing it at times. It seems self-serving. Like they want to inject themselves into the conversation. Wait for a talk show. Go on Bill Maher’s show. Bill O’Reilly. Whoever. I think people watch these games to get away from that stuff. I think you risk alienating and upsetting a lot of people when you start going down that rabbit hole.”

A lot of people will agree with Buck. But there are some personalities who have mixed sports and politics who will not.

When times were simpler, it was easy to separate sports and news, but in our current climate, the two arenas have often surfaced together. It’s led to fans to exclaim “stick to sports!” And for those who would rather see announcers and sports personalties “stick to sports,” you couldn’t have someone on their side more than Joe Buck.

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  • YouAreWrongAndDumb

    I wish Joe Buck would stick to sign language.

  • BobLee Says

    Ever notice how the Anti-Trumpers encourge athletes and other entertainers to “speak out” on politics ….. SO LONG AS their opinions agree with the Anti-Trumpers.

    • sarah413

      That door swings both ways.

  • philly97

    Uh-oh, here come the “Boycott Joe Buck” protests!

  • Lyle Delp

    How about dreadful variety shows?

  • sarah413

    I, for one, am tired of the constant political slant seemingly put on everything now, especially sports. Somehow and in some way, a sports media person thinks that we have to listen to their political agenda, yet that same person can’t stand it if someone disagrees. It’s a two way street people. If you want to make everything political, then go get a job at the news outlet of your choosing. sports are supposed to offer a break from the goings on.
    Now for the part that will surely upset some here. Stop playing the National Anthem at sporting events, unless a National Team is involved. The Anthem wasn’t played at baseball games until WW1 and it was strictly meant to elicit patriotic fervor. When you have that National Team involved, you play the Anthem from the other Nation as well as the Star Spangled Banner. Teams now are multi national and that changes the dynamic.
    I also call for a complete and total ban of Sweet Caroline! Enough is enough.

  • ARHS Stats

    Why does Joe Buck not do this?

    He is always reporting news about other teams not involved in the game, he is announcing.

    Making it seem he has favorite teams.