The kickoff of Washington-Stanford was moved back 15 minutes to 10:45 PM ET on Friday night, due to NASCAR Trucks racing being shown on FS1. Washington-Stanford was supposed to be shown on the network at 10:30 PM ET.

And then after crashes and red flags in the truck race, FS1 still missed the entire first quarter of the Washington-Stanford game anyway.

When FS1 finally was ready to show the football game, the first quarter was concluding and going to commercial break.

Finally, actual football to begin the second quarter.

The game was also shown on FS2 and the Fox Sports Go app during the first quarter, but many people don’t have FS2, and the app option can be a pain in the ass (especially if you went to a bar to see the game or are trying to watch with several people).

This is the second straight week a Stanford game hasn’t started on the Fox network it was supposed to, with the Stanford-Washington State game being moved from Fox to Fox Business Network last week while Michigan State-Penn State was in a weather delay. That’s after a Michigan-Purdue game was moved from Fox to Fox Business Network in late September due to a Cubs-Brewers game still happening on Fox.

In tonight’s instance, we’re talking about a top-10 team in the country (No. 9 Washington) taking on another very good team in Stanford that has a Heisman Trophy candidate in running back Bryce Love.

Understandably, many folks on Twitter were quite upset that the first quarter of this game was missed on FS1 due to truck racing.

Washington head coach Chris Petersen has made it clear that he hates these late-night games that are scheduled to accommodate TV networks, so he has to especially be angry that tonight’s game featured a delayed kickoff for TV reasons, and then FS1 still managed to miss the entire first quarter.

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  • kca13

    They can get over it. NASCAR has been pushed around the channel guide many times because of other sports. The ignorance in some of these tweets is appalling.

    • sowhat2015Brian O’Neill

      College football over NASCAR, Always. That Jed and Jethro vroom-vroom crap shouldn’t even be racing after Labor Day. And nobody but nobody watches the truck series.

      • kca13

        That is crap. Look at the weekly ratings they post for FS1, when there’s a truck race that week it is always near the top.

        • danderson600

          i’m amazed that people want to watch the truck races. i mean, why is it popular?

      • Dale Moog

        It had better ratings than the college football on NBCSN and than college basketball on ESPNU last night it also does better than most College basketball on FS1.

    • MrSchimpf

      NBCSN was airing a little-interest Brown/Dartmouth game only on TV because it was played in Fenway Park (and with 1,000 in the stands). Why doesn’t NASCAR just move it there? And how isn’t the Pac 12 not ending this boondoggle turning worse than ‘the mtn.’ on its worst day? We get the Pac 12 networks on Spectrum but because the contract is so complicated, ex-Charter customers don’t get app access at all.

      • kca13

        The truck series contract is exclusive to Fox Sports

        • Dale Moog

          Amen People are so Stupid they should do a little research before they post

  • Bubba

    Sucks to be them. Stay with a live event until it ends. Also since FS1 used to be Speed Channel I’d bet the truck race got better ratings than the football game.

  • eddie

    fox sports just put fs2 and fox business network for overflow live sports and this year they just put nascar and collage football overflow on air tv for plan b.

  • Matt

    Maybe folk need to find FS2

  • Parts

    “This new TV deal means more of our games will be seen” they said.

  • So the overflow channel got the originally scheduled football game, instead of the overrun race.

    I think it’s very odd, even as Fox is a major Nascar media partner.

  • noonan18

    Wow. The arrogance. How many times has a nascar race been pre-empted because college football games take 5 hours to play? Its the networks fault for trying to cram all that programming together with no regards for delays. I like both sports but networks are never going to break away from an event until its conclusion, regardless of your arrogance. Apparently nobody has ever heard of the Heidi game?

  • squintstopher

    And this is just another reason I don’t pay for cable. That, and the excessively long commercial breaks. What, they want to charge me to watch a 4 hour broadcast that is half commercials? Nope.