Update: FS1 has sent along this comment. Also this isn’t the only high profile move the network has made today.

“Following the success of her Emmy Award-winning original program GARBAGE TIME, including the show’s successful daily hour-long run during Super Bowl Week, we could not be more excited about Katie Nolan’s future with FOX Sports and we look forward to further developing her role at FS1.”

Garbage Time might come back, but if it does, fans of the show will likely not recognize it. Awful Announcing has learned that the show will not be renewed in its current format as the show’s contract with the network expired after the Super Bowl.

While the show is technically on hiatus and FS1 has yet to announce a decision, multiple sources have confirmed the network does not plan to bring back the show, at least in its original format. Similar to Fox Sports Live pivoting from a highlight-focused SportsCenter competitor to a late-night talk show with cheap furniture in a cramped and dimly lit room, Garbage Time could see a similar retooling which would essentially be an entirely new show, but keeping the Garbage Time name.

The decision hasn’t gone over well with many involved with the show, as Garbage Time was one of the few bright spots for a network that has failed to find its footing outside of spikes from occasional big games that air on the network. The show won an Emmy and was one of the few original programs on the network that didn’t rile up critics and sports media observers on social media. That said, the decision wasn’t too surprising to many as Nolan was one of the more popular personalities on the network and her exposure was limited in a weekly half-hour show that required months off in between seasons. As one source put it, the decision was not a surprise.

“Charlie (Dixon) and Jamie (Horowitz) haven’t shown much interest in legacy programs and, to some degree, personalities that predate their arrival. If it’s not something they conceived, they don’t really care much and that applies more so to anything outside of daytime, which is their focus.”

Both Fox and Embassy Row (Garbage Time‘s production company) declined to comment, which is not surprising as discussions on Nolan’s future with the network and a possible Garbage Time return in a different format are still ongoing. This comes at a time when the network is trying to fill out its weekday daytime lineup with a lead-in morning show for Undisputed as well as a lead-in for Speak For Yourself. Sporting News’ Michael McCarthy and king of the FS1-related scoops has linked Cris Carter and Nick Wright as likely candidates to anchor the morning show and that duo tested last week with various female hosts, including Elika Sadeghi who spent the last two years as a  popular personality on ESPNU.

While there is some speculation Nolan could potentially slide into a hosting role with Wright and Carter (during Super Bowl week, the trio were teamed together a few times with Wright appearing regularly on Garbage Time), we’re told whatever the network and Nolan settle on, the new show (or retooling Garbage Time) would likely continue to be a Nolan-centric show, so perhaps a move to a daytime program with a more ensemble talent lineup is unlikely.

It’s hard to judge the network’s decision, given we don’t know the new direction they’ll go in. Garbage Time was well received, but often hard to find given late start times due to live events. Additionally, the show would record every episode on DVRs even if you set it to record just new episodes. The show often produced clips that would hit paydirt in terms of viral distribution, but ultimately didn’t move the needle enough in the ratings or didn’t take up as many programming hours for the Dixon and Horowitz hierarchy to continue following the path it was on.

This is certainly one to keep an eye on, as many have speculated on the long-term fits of popular personalities who predate Horowitz’s arrival like Nolan, Jay Onrait, and Dan O’Toole given they don’t seem to fit into the network’s almost sole focus on daytime debate. You’d have to think FS1 is motivated to keep Nolan happy going forward, but it’s possible that Nolan’s ambitions going forward and FS1’s programming strategy just might not be a good long term fit.

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  • Kristin Davis

    Katie Nolan is a supreme talent and although I love this show, I know she is destined for greater things.


    Oh well it looks like the problem is the shoe costs too much to do and they didn’t want to spend that type of money on a scripted show.

  • Eric Powers

    It’s to bad that the network can’t see that Katie is what makes the show. She is such a vibrant character. She would do well on the NFL network.

  • Jcool

    Ever since Michelle Beadle hit it big you have seen these similar type girls show up. IMO they need to come up with a unique take. You are never going to out Beadle, Beadle.

    • Sean Mooney

      Nolan is way better than Beadle.

      • joecooltheman

        Agreed, not even close.

    • BobLee Says

      Beadle and Nolan do seem to be competing for the same fan faction. Offering fantasies aplenty for lonely young millennials in mom’s basement. Hey, they count in the ratings too.

  • James Uy Ty III

    I enjoyed Garbage Time especially when Katie sings Add Drop! She was cute in her T Rex costume in one episode. Probably she will be moved to Undisputed

    • I still miss Pick Dome … sigh

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  • Dan Pfeifer

    I liked a lot of Nolan’s takes, but then they had a feature with her totally fan-girling over the Patriots and I kinda tuned her out after that. Sorry, we already have one Bill Simmons. We don’t need another of any gender.

    My question is this: Is anything FS1 doing working? Really? Fox Sports Live didn’t work. Garbage Time seemed to be working, but no longer will even get the chance. I suppose some folks are watching The Undisputed, but sorry, “embrace debate” shows that aren’t PTI or maybe — maybe — Around The Horn do nothing for me.

    All FS1 seems to have going for it is some UFC programming, BIG EAST basketball and some baseball over the summer. That’s it.

    At least NBCSN has felt like it’s built a small niche. The Premier League coverage is good, the NHL thing works and I can handle the simulcast of Dan Patrick in the morning. Their approach at least feels cohesive. FS1 has felt like a clumsy effort by comparison. I don’t see them pulling the plug altogether, but I’m trying to figure out what they’re trying to do.

    • In fairness to FS1 (and I have no idea who wants to their various talk shows with insufferable former ESPN types), Fox gets half of the old ESPN Big Ten package this fall. So they’ll have Big Ten football and hoops too.

  • souvien

    hey, gotta make room for Ku Klux Klay Travis’ Ole’ Timey Southern Sports Cotillion!

  • Keith P.

    I like Katie and hope Fox doesn’t ruin her career the way they did with Onrait and O’Toole (although they were largely victims of self-inflicted wounds).

    • newdog301

      Come on, Fox Sports has given Jay and Dan plenty of opportunities over the last 3 1/2 years.

      When you have a show live at the Super Bowl where there are countless current and former players and celebrities around to have on and you choose to make the program about you reacting to items dropping from a crane, that is YOUR fault.

  • Dave C

    I hope they don’t change it from her taped show to a live panel talk show. I love Garbage Time, but the Super Bowl panel shows they ran daily the week prior to the game were just not that good.

  • newdog301

    I’ve said from even before FS1 launched in August 2013 that the spot they could compete was in the early morning. Not going head to head with PTI or the 11 PM SportsCenter, or even with First Take, despite Undisputed having some success.

    Morning shows are one of the few things that are recession proof and stream proof. Today, GMA and CBS This Morning still get huge numbers, along with the various cable news shows people watch.

    ESPN throws together a rag tag version of SportsCenter at this time and then Mike and Mike on ESPN2. This is the one area where Fox Sports could use its resources to compete. Have a true morning show that’s a little bit comedy, some big name interviews, some highlights. Cover ALL sports too, emphasize soccer, the NHL and UFC, sports ESPN does not give appropriate coverage too.

    Someone like Katie Nolan would excel in this kind of environment.

  • John R Rybock

    I hope they find a good use for her, or let her go elsewhere that might. We can say she was only one late night once a week, which is true. But FS1 just made it hard to catch her show if you didn’t see it live. Repeats weren’t on the website or Hulu or even my OnDemand. So, even as a fan, if I missed an ep, I might catch a segment on YouTube, but even if I saw it, there was no way to share it with other people; and when you have a low-budget show on the fringe, you need to make it possible for the audience to be the salesmen for a potential new and growing audience. It didn’t feel like there was much interest in promoting it, and few resources given to it, but damn if the small team who worked on it didn’t do an impressive job with what they had. And I will miss the podcast, she had grown as an interviewer and got some really interesting interviews from athletes and others in sports.

    Good luck, Garbage Time team.

    • redflash

      Hey mate, can we be friends?

  • Sean Mooney

    Katie Nolan is a very pretty woman who is also very funny and a very intelligent and whip smart writer for her show. If FS1 ends up doing her wrong it s to their detriment as a network.

    And yes- I know she will never fuck me. Lots of women won’t. Doesn’t mean I should think less of them.

  • BobLee Says

    I can’t see her or her name and not think about “…for a tray of Oreos”. That had to be a seminal moment in cable sports TV.

    • joecooltheman

      Sleeve of oreos.

      • BobLee Says

        “sleeve” or “tray”… what she said she did to get those Oreos was the punchline.

  • CreightonRabs

    Good riddance. The show’s title fit the description of the show perfectly.

    • joecooltheman

      Flat out wrong.

      • CreightonRabs


  • Jeremy W

    i wouild fire beadle and make katie nolan the host of sportsnation

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  • BobLee Says

    I don’t watch either with any regularity but I assume Katie Nolan is FS1 answer to Michelle Beadle. A tart-tongued “naughty gal” who inspires all sorts of fantasies with a fan constituency sequestered in mom’s basement.
    In the all-important ratings war… they count too.

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  • James Uy Ty III

    Katie Nolan will have a new FS1 show, Rollin with Nolan, starting next Tuesday at 7 pm Eastern Time. It will also be a weekly show and much earlier than Garbage Time. It was plugged just a while ago during a commercial break in the replay of Undisputed.

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