FS1 showed off a new scorebug for Game 1 of the Yankees-Indians ALDS on Thursday night in Cleveland, and we think it’s a good look. It’s a simple, yet effective look that appears to feature the same design and font as the new Fox NFL scorebug (debuted in the preseason).

The only complaint I have is that they show the hitter’s batting average on the graphic during their first plate appearance in the game, and you’d think by now we could focus on a far more valuable statistic like OPS or OBP (or just show the hitter’s slash line… or just get rid of that part of the scorebug altogether). Then again, the average viewer may only know the basic stats, so it’s understandable.

Here’s a look at the scorebug and what also seems to be a new graphic to display the hitter’s batting average, home runs, runs batted in, and OPS as they step in the box:

And compare that with this example of the old Fox scorebug:

When the batter comes up for his second plate appearance, the scorebug shows what the batter has done at the plate in the game rather than showing the batting average. In the case of Cleveland’s Francisco Lindor, he walked in his first plate appearance, so we see “WALK” on the graphic during his second plate appearance:

And here’s a look at how the scorebug looks with runners on base (in this case, bases loaded for the Indians):

The response to the new scorebug has been mostly positive on Twitter:

And fans definitely approve of the new Fox scorebug more than the new TBS scorebug.


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  • C P

    Am I the only person that hates the “flat” trend in graphics? This looks so 1998. I digress, if this trend continues, the old scorebug will be resurrected 10 years from now.

  • Justin_Herrick

    Looks like a solid graphics package to me. It’s clean, and you get all the information you need. I do disagree with you, Matt, about the batting average being the go-to statistic. I think it works very well because the average fan (and those who don’t watch baseball) easily understand it unlike OPS or OBP. There’s little thinking behind batting average for everyone.

  • Derek Michael

    Fox has everything at its disposal, but all they can come up with in the graphics department, is something that looks like they created in ten minutes. It also looks like a major regression to like circa 1997 graphic technology as well. I understand them wanting to go more minimalistic, but come on. It’s 2017.

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  • noonan18

    I liked it but I was confused a bit when the Indians came to the plate. While the scorebug has them in red, the players stat line showed outlined in blue. I know the Indians colors are blue too but for the sake of consistency, I think keeping it the same color as the red would be less confusing to the casual fan. Not sure if this was by design or just an oops on their part.

  • Matt

    Look sharp like their college football graphics on FS1.

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