Fox Sports likes tinkering with their NFL scorebug. Over the years we’ve seen many iterations of the scorebug with most years it being a small box on the upper left hand corner of the screen. There was also a stretch where Fox used the top bar across viewers’ screens that contained all of the relevant information.

This year Fox has gone a completely different direction as seen in their preseason debut telecast between the Bengals and Redskins.

As you can see above, Fox is going with a bar across the bottom of the screen with bright backgrounds for the team names and a very simplified look.

The response from NFL fans was mostly mixed.

The biggest takeaway just might be that it doesn’t really look like Fox because it is so stripped down. Pretty much all of their competitors are now using a scorebug along the bottom of the screen for NFL games so perhaps this is Fox aligning themselves with the other networks to give a more uniform presentation for the NFL.

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  • BobLee Says

    So enough Kaepernick & Robert Lee… we’re moving to the REALLY important issues now. …. I was kinda of hoping some 10th man on some NBA team would blame Trump for the Houston Hurricane… Oh Well!…-(

    • Karl

      I think you’re confusing this sports media blog for something else?

  • Keith P.

    The Fox scorebug looks extremely generic in terms of design, fonts, and the lack of any logos. The font size is also very small on all but the largest big screen TVs. I do not like it.

  • Justin_Herrick

    Just make the font bigger and add the team logos. I think it’s fine after that.

  • Carter_Burger67

    I liked it. Simple without being distracting. Like others have said, make the fonts a little bigger, but other wise, I’m cool with it.

  • GameFederer

    I wouldn’t make the fonts bigger. I love how simple it is so I have to give FOX props. I like how non-distracting it is.

  • tmcb

    Not a bad look, but in a horrible position. It will be in the way for feet inbounds or 1st down spots or anything near the bottom of the screen…. and w/ all that room at the top where nothing ever get’s cut off. It’s really scary that some VIP get paid big bucks and makes dopey decisions like this. It will get in the way, no doubt. Probably a couple times each game. Not good.

    • Agreed. The score bug should always be up top- never below where it covers the field.

  • MrBull

    Like it…old school…basic …simple ….straight forward….

  • Andy Salcedo

    To me it bares a slight resemblance to CBS’s NFL bug, just without the gradients and more space for the team name

  • marcus813

    I think there’s too much wasted space where the teams’ names are. Their logos could be included there to make the bar look fuller.

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  • effluent

    As modern score bugs go, it’s good other than being wider than it needs to be. The modern, flat design is refreshing. They’re all too obtrusive. The very first Fox score bug got it right. Opacity turned down and small and not overly noticeable. I wish they were all like that but it will never happen.

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