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For a minute there, Clay Travis was a pundit du jour on Fox News. He appeared several times on Tucker Carlson Tonight in August and September to criticize ESPN for its infamous “Robert Lee” controversy and its handling of Jemele Hill’s tweets about Donald Trump.

But Travis’ appearances on the network have seemingly slowed over the past eight weeks or so, and he claims to know exactly why: because Fox’s parent company was attempting to butter up Disney, ESPN’s parent company, for a potential acquisition.

Travis shared that allegation Monday afternoon on Periscope, after news broke that Disney was seeking to buy most of 21st Century Fox.

I’ve been going on Fox News and killing it. Suddenly my invites to Fox News stopped. And I emailed them because I got tipped off. I got told I was not allowed to go on Fox News anymore because Disney and Bob Iger had complained about me going after ESPN. And that Fox was trying to keep Bob Iger happy by not putting me on Fox News.

That didn’t make any sense to me at the time because why would they do that? Why would Fox News not want me going off on ESPN, calling them MSESPN and whatnot? Now, I think it makes a lot of sense because there were high-level talks going on between the two companies, and if Fox is trying to curry favor with Disney and get Disney to buy their broadcast assets, one way they could do that is by trying to restrict the distribution of my message.

Discussions between Fox and Disney reportedly don’t include Fox News or the other Fox television networks, but it’s still possible Fox higher-ups would feel a certain pressure to cede to Iger’s requests or demands. And you can see why the Disney CEO would use whatever leverage he could to get the country’s most popular cable news channel to lay off his prized network.

Then again, it is certainly possible Travis is embellishing an off-hand comment or unsubstantiated rumor. Maybe Fox News simply bumped him because they don’t like boobs quite as much as he does.

Either way, the Fox News audience will apparently not be getting more Travis anytime soon.

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  • Deon Hamner

    He’s a nut job like Alex Jones… One day I pray we can have sports where it’s more on the field/court than the talking nothing heads…. Clay, Jemele and others need to go…

  • markvidpa

    The guy is forgetting his boobs appearance on CNN.
    Fucking psycho who doesn’t belong on the air. Does he not understand Fox News isn’t a part of the merger if it happens?
    He needs to understand Clay Travis isn’t on DIsney’s radar. At all.
    He was tipped off. Bullshit, Clay. And we all know you read this site. Prove it, liar.

  • thewatcher2

    To quote the police chief in The Last Boy Scout “Something smells in here. By God, it’s his statement!” If Disney is interested in Fox Entertainment, why would they target someone who’s not afiliated with it – unless Travis believes he is an entertainer. Then all this proves once again is that he’s one of the biggest BS artists out there. Even CNN called him on his BS when he tried to lie about get re-invited after Boob-gate!


    Clay Travis= Jemelle Hille =Liars looking for attention

  • sportsfan365

    A little Clay Travis goes a long way.

  • souvien

    KKKlay really is the Tomi Lauren of sports media…just a contrived fart in a mitten…

  • Inyoface

    Good. Continue to phase this asshat out. The less of him we have to concern ourselves with, the better. The ultimate “LOOK AT ME BEING A JACKHOLE YOU GUYS!! KILLING IT”. Your 2 minutes of “killing it” are up. BYE.

  • Isadora Teich

    All you soft dick motherfuckers wish you were more like Clay and less like a fucking snowflake. Go take a piss sitting down

  • inku palios

    Disney doesn’t want Fox News, Sports, or their television division. They only bought Twentieth Century Fox for the X-Men & the Fantastic Four.

  • Jeff Reynolds

    “Maybe Fox News simply bumped him because they don’t like boobs quite as much as he does.”

    I think the author inadvertently stumbled onto the truth.