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While Tony Reali was shooting Around the Horn on Tuesday, an ISIS-affiliated terrorist drove a truck through a bike path in Manhattan, killing eight people, just outside where Reali’s wife sat at home and his daughter went to school. It was Around the Horn’s Halloween episode, the goofiest edition of a generally goofy show, and the host was forced to sit and smile while not knowing whether his family was safe.

Reali told the story Friday afternoon on Twitter, while reflecting on 15 years of Around the Horn.

It’s pretty much impossible to imagine what that time must have been like for Reali. Not only was he helpless as his wife and daughter faced potential danger, he was forced to put on a good face for a national TV show audience.

Reali continued his Twitter thread by thanking the Around the Horn crew for supporting him while all this was going on.

As Reali pointed out, this story had a happy ending for him but not for the families of the 19 people who were killed or injured in the attack. His experience is a good reminder that tragedy is not an abstract event on the news but something that affects real people.

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  • Patrick Ryan Williford

    Came in expecting comments about “the failing ESPN.” Pleasantly surprised, maybe there is hope after all…

  • Dee Snutz

    Nobody reads this shit.

    • skirkpat12

      The comment section is always better then the article for ESPN related articles. I’m happy that everything was okay for Reali’s family.

  • Walt_Gekko

    That was amazing that happened. Had to be extremely nerve-wracking to have it happen that way.

  • notfunny2u

    Saw him in person one day as we were both with our families at the same park. He seems like a very, very down-to-earth guy and genuinely nice. Definitely one of the best on that network.