For the first time since 1986, the United States won’t be at the World Cup. The USMNT lost 2-1 to Trinidad & Tobago on Tuesday night, dooming them to fifth place in CONCACAF’s Hex following unfavorable results in the Honduras-Mexico and Panama-Costa Rica matches.

Over on ESPNEWS after the match, ESPN soccer analyst (and former USMNT player) Taylor Twellman delivered a scathing rebuke of the team that rings quite true.

Last month, Fox commentator (and another former USMNT star) Alexi Lalas went on a similar rant that gained plenty of attention.

I love a good rant like this, because you can tell it’s coming from the heart. Twellman’s pretty clearly livid about the loss, the elimination from World Cup qualifying, and the direction of US Soccer as a whole.

If there’s one positive about this loss…hey, at least we won’t need to hear all the debate shows dip their toe in the waters of soccer next summer.

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  • pattywagon – SEELE 01

    The rant is a spot on. What a disgrace today. It’s not just Bruce Arena, but the whole program at the top level. The U-21 and U-17 level looks good, but once they get to the top level it becomes a mess. I mostly blame Sunil Gulati for how he has handled the whole program at the top level. He has made too many questionable coaching decisions. Meanwhile, the people he hires to handle the day to day business, then they fail to do their f-ing job.

    Their job is to get to the World Cup for the amount of the money people have pumped into. Instead I see a bunch of people out on the field who sigh and look agitated how they have to move. WTF? Seriously, where is the effort. As much as I like Dempsey, but he has gotten soft being in the MLS. The MLS has made good strides, but it’s a soft league compared to the top national teams whose players play in the PL, La Liga, or even in South America. It’s unbelievable how pathetic they look. The world rankings should crash this team 30-50 spots to remind them everyday how much of an f-up this campaign was, and how Iceland with 300,000 people is in the World Cup over you. I’m not taking anything from Iceland, but it says a lot how a small nation survived the Euro qualifiers while USA with it’s money and high population can’t do their jobs.