Ripping ESPN is something of a pastime for sports fans. It’s really been that way ever since the advent of blogging, which gave fans and alternative media a voice that they previously didn’t have, and has increased significantly in the age of social media, where it’s easy to quickly post a derisive comment that doesn’t necessarily require much thought or depth.

Those who work at ESPN obviously hear a lot of that blowback, and some are more vocal about it. “SportsCenter” anchor Scott Van Pelt was particularly outspoken about receiving criticism and insults from viewers in an interview with Jimmy Traina for his “Off the Board” podcast. Van Pelt said detractors live in a “make-believe world” where they “talk shit,” but don’t share that kind of feedback with him when he meets people in person. They don’t talk about not watching ESPN or that Van Pelt’s show isn’t good. So where are those critics?

“There’s nothing more chicken shit than that,” he said.

You can listen to the entire podcast here. The conversation about ESPN’s critics begins around the 26:00 mark:

Part of the backlash that’s developed toward ESPN over the past 12-15 years comes from the evolution of how we consume sports and sports media. “SportsCenter” is just never going to have the utility for us that it once did because we can get highlights and analysis from so many other outlets and mediums now. The same goes for studio and debate shows. We’ve seen and participated in those discussions on social medias with friends, followers and a media that is increasingly accessible in that space. We’ve had them with our friends and hanging out at bars.

So when people say they don’t watch ESPN anymore, is that what they mean more than watching live events like college football, the NBA, MLB, college basketball and the NFL? Or as Traina asserted while talking to Van Pelt, is there a narrative — especially among those who follow and cover sports media — that ESPN is failing because of political slant and social commentary? Van Pelt had no use for that stance either:

“If you truly wanna boycott the NFL and you wanna boycott ESPN, the notion that some guy sitting out there, or gal, and they decide, ‘You know what, I’m gonna cut my entire cable package because ESPN gave an award on a made-up show in July because there’s no sports, to a woman who used to be a man, so I’m now not gonna have any cable TV at all and I’m gonna sit around at night and read books by candlelight like olden times because of that,’ that’s not happening. And if you did that, than you’re so dumb that I can’t even pray for you because you’re beyond hope.”

Of course, cord-cutting is a real concern for ESPN and Disney. We cover that here at Awful Announcing on a regular basis. But are subscribers cutting cable and satellite because of ESPN’s politics? As Van Pelt points out, very few — if any — are going to take that kind of stand. People are dropping those services for less expensive alternatives that offer the programming they want without having to pay for all of the channels they don’t want. But those aren’t the people beating their chests about how much they dislike ESPN and the network having an agenda.

It’s compelling to hear a prominent personality at ESPN be so outspoken on the subject, however. Clearly, certain criticisms about ESPN have irritated Van Pelt and he surely speaks for many others in Bristol who have let such remarks and narratives get under their skin. Frankly, it’s fun to hear Van Pelt get so worked up about it and he’s obviously in a position (freshly armed with a contract extension) where he can say what he actually thinks and have it really matter.

There is plenty more in his conversation with Traina, including the “Barstool Van Talk” situation, that’s worth your listening time.

[Off the Board]

About Ian Casselberry

Ian is an editor for The Comeback and Awful Announcing. He has covered baseball for Yahoo! Sports,, Bleacher Report and SB Nation, and provides analysis for several sports talk radio shows each week. He currently lives in Asheville, NC.

  • dont_bring_me_down

    Wow, a blatantly divisive comment that seeks to insult critics with political and religious connotation. And for some reason, he denigrates book reading…

    ….What the hell is up with the left?? These people are going nuts before our eyes.

    • namingrightsforsale

      Just taking their cues from the right, which has operated like that for a long, long time. It’s easy to get driven crazy in an environment so divorced from civility and respect for the truth, and that is an environment that has been very clearly fostered by the propaganda machine of conservatives.

      For example, you have an issue with him insulting “critics” with certain connotations (that are vastly overstated), but then have no issue suggesting he’s crazy for disagreeing with what you think.

      • Dean J Rutter

        That is exactly why fans are tuning out. Sports should be a divorce from reality. Thats why it used to be great. Forget about politics on Sunday and enjoy the games. Those days are gone forever. Such a shame.

        • namingrightsforsale

          It’d be great if we had that luxury, but we don’t, and it’s largely because of the regressive efforts by conservatives. I’m very sympathetic to needing a break from politics, but we need to be honest about who and what is responsible for the current level of divisiveness and current condition of the country.

          • crs44

            Right, because liberals have NEVER been divisive. Shut up, lunatic.

          • namingrightsforsale

            More name calling! Truly respectable.

            I didn’t say that liberals had never been divisive, just that the primary drivers of divisiveness have been in the conservative media.

          • Vorpal

            what policies do you speak of? Liberals have cornered the market on bad ideas….things only get better when the adults get back in charge…adults being Republicans and more over folks like Trump who call spades spades and ignore Democratic shitty ideas like political correctness. Democrats believe in spending other folks money because they know better how to spend it then the person who earned it. Your liberal drivel is just that…drivel. and yes ESPN has left the reservation and ruined it’s business model for political correctness. not working out so well for them…

          • Dean J Rutter

            Well it can not truly be blamed on any one thing.
            If people would calm the heck down and enjoy life things would be better.

          • namingrightsforsale

            It’s hard to enjoy life when there are people trying to ruin it for you and others. Why do you think I dislike the right wing so much? It’s not because I think people like you are bad people – it’s that the policies you support as a conservative are bad policies designed to hurt a lot of people so that a few can benefit. They are both immoral and anti-American, because hurting a lot of people weakens the country and its future.

            I do calm down, though – you’ll notice that I’ve been insulted numerous times and haven’t retaliated.

          • Dean J Rutter

            So lets have an honest conversation then. I will start with Obama care..which is collapsing. I know several hard working decent families who have suffered greatly from the cost of that. 4 to 6 thousand dollar deductibes for each family member..including children.
            That was an Obama lie that hurt millions of people.
            Obama shutting down factories and mines putting 10s of thousands of Americans out of work. That hurt people. Left wing policies in place to force bussinesses to close simply because of there religios beliefes. But if it was reversed and a Muslim owned bakery refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding nothing would happen. And as of late in many places our children are being forced to share a bathroom with the opposite sex. Well depinding on what gender they choose to be.
            That is hurting parents and children. I could go on but tell me again how left wing policies are better for all Americans?.

      • Bragar

        You really ought to stop chief. Every post you make is less and less coherent. And for God’s sake, get you some spell check!

        • namingrightsforsale

          Is anything I said there untrue? You go into no details and then end with a lazy dig at spelling (read: typing), which suggests that there isn’t.

  • Nat D

    I’d say there is a real cost to ESPN for getting political, and especially for getting political is a snarky, left-wing way. A large and vocal section of sports fans actively hate ESPN and laugh every time they lay off their “talent.” There is literally no reason for a station who covers sports to have alienated their core audience in this way. I don’t see a single upside, for example, for Jemele Hill to have her own show. It surely isn’t because she does a good job analyzing sports.

    I also think Van Pelt is wrong in that their business model is dying. Nobody is willing to pay $98 per year to hear Stephen A. argue with himself six hours a day. Live sports will soon cut the cord from ESPN.

    • namingrightsforsale

      It’s funny that people always say the problem is with ESPN being “political,” but tend to express little concern when right wing politics are injected into things. That strongly suggests that the actual problem is conservatives being triggered by exposure to something suggesting that they might be wrong in how they think.

      • Nat D

        ESPN never voices conservative politics.

        • namingrightsforsale

          I meant generally.

          • Ray Horcajo

            what does jemele hill know about human decency that you and i don’t know. espn is a sports channel, let the human decency bullshit crowd suck their pitiful opinions and asses over to oprah or lifetime. starting with max k and jh

          • namingrightsforsale

            Lol so you do think human decency isn’t important? (You did call it bullshit after all.) What’s wrong with wanting to be a decent person instead of a raging asshole, and expecting similar behavior from society as a whole?

      • Ray Horcajo

        who on espn do you deem to be conservative, jughead?

        • namingrightsforsale

          Great insult! Be a better person and don’t inject ager and incivility into discussions like this.

      • Jon

        ESPN did dump Curt Schilling when he just wouldn’t stop going online and commenting from the right on political issues, which made him comparable to Jemele Hil, who you’d assume at the very least should be past strike two right now with her recent politically-related incidents (you could say she’s already past strike three and on to strike four if you throw in the 2009 incident involving Boston Celtics fans, but John Skipper may have a seven-year statute of limitations on racially-charged statements).

        ESPN’s problem has been thinking that the way to greater ratings for non-live sports hours was to adopt the PTI strategy, but on steroids, in allowing their on-air talent to discuss sports and mixing in politics. What they’ve ended up with is too many of their talking heads and show hosts on TV and radio who are far more excited about that and the stuff around games and leagues than the games themselves. They force politics into show topics whether it’s justified or now, and are and doing it to a viewer base that in part, tunes into ESPN to get away from politics.

        What ESPN execs, producers and hosts may want to focus on isn’t what ESPN’s viewers want them to focus on, and the result is more grumbling and fewer viewers. Van Pelt can get irked at the grumbling, but if the network doesn’t get back to its core sports focus, it’s going to keep losing viewers.

        • namingrightsforsale

          What Curt Schilling said is at all comparable to what Jemele Hill said?

          • Jon

            Schilling’s anti-transgender comment and Hill’s labeling of Trump as a white supremacist both were uses of social media to comment on things which had nothing directly to do with sports, and as a public face of ESPN, what you say or link to on Twitter or any other social media platform reflects back on your employer.

            The fact ESPN’s suits were more irked by Hill attacking Jerry Jones’ corporate partners — who also happen to be ESPN’s advertisers — than they were in the first incident may simply reflect some sort of three-strikes rule, since Schilling had a couple of run-ins over politics before his firing. But combined with the people the network has hired and promoted over the past few years to mix sports and politics, many viewers see a bias and have been switching ESPN off, especially on their non-live shows.

            And we’ll see what happens on the radio side going forward, with the Will Cain-for-Bomani Jones PM drive time swap just revealed on Friday. They’re tethering Cain to Van Pelt’s former ESPN radio partner Ryan Rusillo, but there’s no question if they still want their hosts mixing sports and politics, Can’s going to do it way further to the right than Jones had been doing it (and it’s not as those Bomani’s going away — if anything they’re going to increase his airtime on ESPN television.)

          • namingrightsforsale

            I don’t see how what they said is comparable except in that both could be construed as political statements. Does the content itself not matter?

          • Jon

            Nope. In a 50-50 country, you start letting your on-air people on a sports channel mix politics and sport in order to create hot takes, you’re going to tick off, if not 50 percent of the audience, than enough to hurt your ratings and your ad sales.

      • Joe Johnson

        Wrong. The problem Rightist and Centrist people have with ESPN, is the same problem they have with the Main Stream Media. HONESTY.
        We don’t care that ESPN spews irrational Leftist garbage, it’s their right as a private company.

        Just don’t as a Network:

        a) pretend you don’t do it (which many have done)

        b) pretend it isn’t one sided, and that it’s how “everybody” feels.

        c) complain about the obvious and reasonable blowback from such methods

        If ESPN wants to be an activist sports channel (which they are now) that’s fine. Just ACCEPT people that disagree to watch something else with ZERO political spin, or a different spin. Don’t be so bitter about it. You did it to yourself. (Hence the collapse)

        ESPN is the drunk short dude in a bar, that starts a fight with everybody to prove how tough he is,then cries literal tears after he gets rocked. “Why did this happen to be, waaaaaa”

        Um… know why it happened. Live with it. Stop bitching SVP and ESPN.

        • namingrightsforsale

          Do you watch Fox News or consume any sort of conservative media? If so, your complaints about honesty ring very very hollow.

          • Dean J Rutter

            Lol. It was truly comical to watch a compilation of Hillary lies that CNN stood up for. Ya the left is all about truth and honesty. Lol.
            Watch clips of cnn lies where the real truth is caught on tape of there fake news. Might open your eyes.

          • namingrightsforsale

            Is you not addressing the point about Fox and other conservative media mean that you’re conceding that they spew a lot of lies?

          • Dean J Rutter

            Not at all
            Because I guess you believe everything the left wing media feeds you. You think other news is lying.
            If you deny that CNN lies over and over than im sorry to say that you are blind.
            Its been proven many times that they do it regularly.
            It cant be denied.

          • Joe Johnson

            Take another swing, I don’t watch Fox. How cute you still play your team games. “Fox v Cnn”. Gop v Dem. There is Truth, and there is dishonesty. Go find some enlightenment, it will be good for you, I promise.

      • Dean J Rutter

        I have no idea what you mean when you say “right wing politics. Explain that?.
        Did the words white lash and deplorable come from the right?
        Is BLM a right wing group?
        Is terrorrist labeled ANTIFA a right wing group. No they are not. That is diviseve pal.
        Maybs you should go to the right and fight the left bfore its to late.

        • namingrightsforsale

          You don’t know what I mean when I say right wing politics? Really?

    • Karl Kolchak

      Nope, ESPN’s problem is that it dumbed down its shows to the point where they would only appeal to people like you–and now they’ve huwt youw pwecious widddle feewings.

      • Nat D

        Is that you, Scott Van Pelt?

      • 66pugs99

        Well said Karl. I’m getting tired of dummies trying to dictate to the majority on what people should watch. ESPN still kills FS1 in almost all programs in ratings.

  • BobLee Says

    I never had an opinion about SVP before, now I have a negative one. The anonymity of social media makes EVERY high profile sports, entertainment, political figure a target. The “say it to my face” retort is worn-out. I suspect The World woulda been a better place without social media… as well as toenail fungus and the McRib but none of’em are going away. Deal with it SVP… or get a job with UPS.

    • 66pugs99

      Your remark is far more useless than Van Pelt’s – and of course it gets so many upvotes. Yes, he has to deal with it, but yes many of the comments are ridiculous propaganda politically motivated by white nationalists and extremists. Van Pelt has the right to call these idiots out, just like they have the right of freedom of speech. Or are you against his freedom of speech now?

      • BobLee Says

        Not against his freedom of speech nor yours 66pugs99. Is there some sort of prize for “upvotes”? Who knew? … IMO, when the high profile celebrity acknowledges the “idiots”, the “idiots” win; regardless of the politics of the “idiots”. “Idiots” seem to come in all flavors these days.

        • 66pugs99

          “when the high profile celebrity acknowledges the “idiots”, the “idiots” win” .

          Ya, that’s exactly the type of logic idiots believe when they are ….. idiots. Dan Le Batard’s little Miami program is now a huge national and even international hit because its based on calling out idiots. Le Batard is now a millionaire and he has the most downloaded podcast on the internet because he makes the idiots look like fools. How does your cliche work there? Your formula is just too simplistic, and what trolls say to keep on trolling. (not saying your a troll, but there are many spamming trolls on here today)

          No doubt, if you’re always calling out the idiots on every channel, it gets tiresome, and you lose focus of what you need to do. But Van Pelt has earned his voice through hard work, has a very likable personality, and has cred where people will listen.

          As much as calling out the idiots all the time is not a great idea, saying nothing is how America is how the laughing stock of the world today. The key is to choose your moments. I think Van Pelt gets an A+ there, as it seemed to have triggered many of all the right “idiots” with all the responses n here.

        • Kim Willay

          We buy our groceries with upvotes.

          Little trick we’ve found.

          Store owners hate us!

          Like the six pack abs guy only we monetize upvotes.

          • BobLee Says

            Well Hellfire… I’m going to ratchet up the cleverness of my comments now that I know that. 🙂

          • 66pugs99

            If you’re not smart enough to realize it shows how many extremist and hateful bigots on this thread because they’re triggered by it, I can’t help you.

            It also shows you’re one of the “idiots” we’re talking about. Thanks for showing that.

      • Bragar

        What the hell?????????

        Chill dude!

      • William

        Yeah, the ridiculous comments are only coming from the “white nationalists”. What a joke. I’m neither white, nor conservative, and am still able to realize the zealots on BOTH sides are making it worse. When you assign your opinion to a specific race (especially when it’s flawed), you invalidate your position.

        • 66pugs99

          Do you not know what a qualifier is? I said the word “many” which you know doesn’t mean all. How do you not understand that? And yes, many of these comments come from extremists and those who follow the beliefs lines of white nationalists. All you have to do is click their names to find that out.

          • William

            Ok, “many”. Do you think that word changes the tone of your post? The specifics that you mention still add to an obvious racist tone. If you think otherwise, there is no use arguing with you, as is the case with most political arguments that attempt to assign blame solely on one side. Also, I didn’t know you were being specific to this articles comments. That may change my view a bit.

    • Shawn Diiorio

      So, how’s that make-believe world where everyone wants to talk shit?

  • poe

    ESPN exists only because the networks have signed contracts with espn. otherwise espn is pure unadulterated garbage. their announcers are laughable at best, boring mostly. their black announcers are all prejudice. disgusting commentary lacking any true insight.

    • Mike

      I don’t think it’s fair to say that all their black announcers are prejudiced. Jemele Hill is clearly left of center, as is Michael Smith. Sage Steele is conservative and Cari Champion seems to have stayed away from politics. The real problem is that viewers can easily detect a bias in either direction for many. SVP is terrific, but if he thinks ESPN is anything but liberal as a whole, he’s kidding himself. And he’s too smart to do that. He’s just defending his company. Let John Skipper do that.

    • 66pugs99

      “their black announcers are all prejudice. disgusting commentary lacking any true insight.”

      LOLOLOLOL. The perfect comment to describe the type of poster on here today.

      • poe

        Yeah it’s hilarious that black announcers can be super racists and it’s ok because Blacks get a free ride when it come to being a racist. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Real funny! Jamele Hill and Michael Bennett are the super racists in America today with the brother Steven A Smith, a male hysteric with a very low IQ a close second. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha it’s hilarious that they spew columns of racist comments and are free to do so because they are Black racists and get a free ride. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Its funny, it’s hilarious. I’m glad you see its so funny. When is Michael Bennett or the NACP going to apologize to the LVPD for getting all the mileage outta calling the white racist pigs who arrested Bennett when it turned out they were black police officers who were set up by Michael Bennett and his cohorts in crime. Bennett tried to get them fired. Ha ha ha ha ha ha Hilarious! And we gotta listen to this garbage on ESPN. What does Jemele Hill offer besides racial hatred comments on her show on ESPN? Ha ha ha ha ha ha very funny. I am glad you are so amused!

        • 66pugs99

          You might be a racist if…..

          Nah, take out the might.

  • JeffinOKC

    Social media is the biblical Tower of Babel come to life. Everyone talking with zero communication.
    People post how they never watch ESPN, but they take the time to comment on every ESPN related article. Really?

  • Ray Horcajo

    there is nothing svp can say about anything that is worthy of attention him. i watch events only, as none of the talking heads has anything to say. the women are ugly know nothings and most of the men are uniformed skinny suit wearing niconpoops.

  • Karl Kolchak

    Speaking of someone who lives in a make believe world where morons get paid big money to talk shit. This guy is a corporate stooge going down with a dying network that was sabotaged by it’s own determination to continually appeal to the lowest common denominator.

  • Dean J Rutter

    I would love to meet you I can say to your face that ESPN indeed sucks.
    I will never watch it again. I and many others have decided not to watch a political channel that is supposed to be a sports network.
    You will never convince us to go back. We are done with you..done.

  • Clint

    Left / right.. both suck. Fact of the matter is Eisner & Co are Zionist pigs 🐖 whom want to inject they’re insane beliefs through multiple platforms.

    • Jim Williams

      You do realize Michael Eisner has not been the CEO for many years.

  • Keith Ledbetter

    SVP, look me up and I’ll tell you “ESPN Sucks”. It’s so liberal these days I don’t even watch it. If I wanted politics, I’d switch to CNN or Fox! Do SPORTS, for god’s sake!

    • namingrightsforsale

      If you want politics, there are far better places than CNN or Fox.

  • KyleYount

    Its fun reading far left lunatics and their message board comments about sports you dont even watch like football and baseball and basketball and hockey instead you watch water polo and croquet and figure skating. When it comes to poor snowflakes and their widdle feelings being hurt Im fairly sure the pussified men in this country arent the conservative ones. I saw another dumb comment on here about the media telling the truth and conservatives having a problem with it. Lol the new york times had 6 stories about the holocaust from 1936 to 1945. The media elites have an agenda and have since the beginning. Far left all the time.

    • namingrightsforsale


  • PAI

    Says the guy who looks like a newbie twitter avatar with glasses.

  • smack_F.U.NKY_around

    A highbrow, Elite sports media hack who refers to himself as ‘SVP’ is in no position to wag his finger at anyone. ESPN is full of deadwood, this cretin and Bob Ley among them. We can only hope that the layoffs start with them.

  • Donald Roberts

    CLASSIC !!! If you object to ESPN’s liberal agenda being shoved down your throat…….”you’re so dumb that I can’t even pray for you because you’re beyond hope.” Don’t need you to pray for me. You should be praying for the ratings of your NFL pregame show and MNF, the millions who have cut the cord, and yet another round of ESPN employees about to lose their jobs !! Also, the epicenter of “talking shit” is Bristol, Conn!

  • Squiffy

    How can ESPN ’embrace debate’ and then cry about it?

    • Mike

      Because if you don’t agree with them, you’re wrong by definition. It really isn’t “debate” as much as “hot takes”.

  • nbtx27

    No SVP, ESPN deserves it’s detractors. When sports “personalities” , on air talent, chose to become political in their comments instead of simply doing their jobs , they lost it. You have purchased rights to the games, show the games, comment on the games. Nothing more.
    Meanwhile the significant dead time at ESPN has been taken over by blowhards espousing their views on the president, society, guns, etc. ESPN chooses to overpay for this nonsense. People don’t turn to sports channel to listen to the drivel of these talking heads opinions.
    It is not what ESPN is for.
    I have no problem dropping cable, eliminating cable, not because I can’t afford it, but because I would rather not see
    $7/ mo. go to ESPN which simply perpetuates their holier than though political opinions.
    ESPN = sports entertainment, nothing more. You and your channel lost that very simple concept.

  • PeopleSuck

    This SVP idiot is on my poop list today. And before about 20 minutes ago I didn’t even know who the F he was. svp = LOSER.

  • Bragar

    “ESPN’s detractors live in “this make-believe world where everyone wants to talk shit”

    Well…if that’s true, then the detractors would be very much like the everyday announcers on espn. I don’t EVER watch sports coverage so I can see the talking heads spew nonsense. I watch for the game.

    What espn will never understand is that fans tune it to see their favorite teams play-not to see their motor mouthed professional talkers. Their mauling of the English language is enough to make me hurl. van pelt always seemed annoying to me in the network’s promotional ads. Now after reading his rant I see that I was spot on.

    • Sting Rey

      co-signed dude.
      highlights were the featured aspect of sportscenter. now its sportscenter starring scott van pelt or SC6 starring smith and hill where they are the featured aspect of the show.
      i stopped watching espn years ago. one of the many reasons was a commercial for a college game on espn, they didnt even mention who was playing. they promoted the game based on who was announcing the game.

  • JGault

    Seems they are only “Idiots” after the choose to dump you, Scott.

    Before that they were called CUSTOMERS or FANS..

    Think about that for a second, Scotty.

  • Loud Noises

    Losing subscribers at record pace, SVP decided to spend his time on that show criticizing people instead of promoting why people should watch. Simply bad business and I like SVP and his show.

    • 66pugs99

      Seriously? It’s a podcast on a blog, not “60 minutes”. That’s the prefect place to vent.

      • Loud Noises

        Yeah it’s not like we have this network where every iota of information is available…oh wait.

  • Toad

    “People who don’t like what I do are full of shit.”

    We all think that about ourselves, not just SVP, and we all live in a make-believe world, not just him.

  • sportsfan365

    SportsCenter is a relic of the 80’s. People and technology have moved on.

  • RoreyRock

    There is no NFL boycott.

    ESPN is as strong as ever.

    Nobody is cutting their cable.

    Hollywood is seeing record profits in box office sales.

    Trump is not the President.

    See all this and more on CNN Sunday!

  • Ranger1873

    it’s easy to quickly post a derisive comment that doesn’t necessarily require much thought or depth.

    And this differs from Stephen A. Smith in what way?

    As for politics, Van Pelt doesn’t get it, but that’s hardly surprising. More and more people are demanding that sports broadcasters stick to sports. They’re now starting to show it through subscriptions. ESPN ignores this basic fact at its peril.

  • wowgivemeabreak

    I’d tell this moron to his face that he is an idiot and that lefty propaganda pushing ESPN can chortle my balls.

  • Carter Russell

    I’m late to the party here, but might I suggest the word “catalyst” applies? People might not drop their entire cable package because they perceive ESPN political bias (or whatever their complaint might be), but their anger might speed up the process of making the jump to online alternatives for those who were already mulling over the idea. We usually need something to push us out of a comfortable nest.

  • QED – quod erat demonstrandum

    2 things:

    – how naive is SVP to think people would be intimidated by him to hold back on telling him the straight story about his company

    – and he must be jealous of the competition. People on his network talk shit all day long

    BOOM Q-E-D

  • jpres

    Hey, SVP, you’re so high on your high horse…do you get vertigo??????

  • Keith P.

    What SVP doesn’t seem to realize is that it isn’t any one thing that is causing people to drop ESPN. They are suffering the equivalent of death by a thousand cuts, or the straw that broke the camel’s back, to trot out a couple of cliches. It is the buildup over time of seeing thing after thing on ESPN that finally causes someone to say “Enough!” and drop it. It can be another Stephen A. Smith rant, a yelling match on one of their argument shows, the ESPYs, SVPs own too-cool-for-school attitude, you name it. Individually each may be tolerable, but let them build up in a viewer’s mind over a period of time and many will eventually say “Why am I paying for this crap again?”.

  • SL

    Scott Van Pelt. A man who cannot come to terms that his employer (ESPN) does not have the drawing power it once did.
    Time marches on.
    ESPN and it’s type of sports reporting is over.

  • Bohica

    No problem telling svp that espn sucks donkey balls to his face. I stopped feeding the beast a long time ago.

  • Stephen B

    Why would a SPORTS station alienate roughly 50% of their viewership by becoming political? This is a failure by top level executives who will be replaced for their short sighted thinking – ESPN deserves everything it gets.

  • marty1234

    And where were all the liberal opinions before ESPN decided to mandate them..Gutless sportscasters and i’ll include you in that ‘’all of the sudden’’ vocal group..Steven A is especially disappointing..Van Pelt, not so much..

  • Jack 63

    SVP’s comment about his co-announcers apparel tonight honoring veterans is a total disgrace to them and their sacrifices to our nation. String the ungrateful bastard up!