When ESPN announced that Michelle Beadle was replacing Sage Steele as full-time host of NBA Countdown, it led to wild speculation that the Worldwide Leader was cutting ties with Steele. But according to the Sporting News, Steele is apparently on her way to becoming a morning show anchor. Mike McCarthy writes that ESPN is about to name Steele as Mike Greenberg’s sidekick on his about-to-be announced show that will be based out of New York.

The long-awaited morning program will apparently end the 17-year partnership between Greenberg and Mike Golic on ESPN Radio. It will signal yet another foray into morning television for ESPN that has included Cold Pizza, 1st and 10 and SportsCenter:AM.

For Steele, being on the morning show would give her some stability and a regular role. Plus, it would give her some positive news especially after a post on Instagram about a protest at Los Angeles International Airport didn’t go over well, and a Facebook post on diversity that got her called out.

The uproar after ESPN announced Beadle as NBA Countdown’s full-time host led president John Skipper to issue a statement expressing his confidence in Steele, but the speculation didn’t die down.

After the Countdown announcement, ESPN assigned Steele to cover The Masters for its SportsCenter on the Road segments. Awful Announcing was informed that Steele would remain on SportsCenter on the Road for the foreseeable future.

But if the morning show is Steele’s light at the end of the tunnel, then it buffers Skipper’s public vote of confidence and could quiet the critics who have been angry over her conservative statements. But critics aside and if the Sporting News report is solid, then it appears that Steele isn’t going anywhere and is on firm ground with ESPN management.

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  • Derek Duncan

    Wow. The un-warranted slant against Sage Steele rears its ugly head here yet again!

  • Raymond Chuang

    I think the new show probably won’t start until the beginning of August 2017, the start of the NFL training camp period.

  • Hawksian

    Mike Greenberg’s morning show is the opposite of “long awaited”.

  • YouAreWrongAndDumb

    She’s awful. This will be a perfect fit for her, then.

  • newdog301

    I don’t listen to Mike Greenberg talk about sports. Why would I care what he thinks about pop culture/other news?

    This whole thing is a terrible idea. It comes off as Greenberg being a diva and wanting to make more than his co-host. In fairness, he probably is more valuable to the network than Golic, but you can’t make a move like this. Go to FS1 if you want to do this. This is essentially him wanting to host Mike In The Morning.

  • Real Talk

    Liberals wants her out lol… Liberals don’t realize the conservatives subscribers are leaving anyway

  • Chirs Ryan

    I would have loved to have been in the meeting where someone was just like “you know what this network needs? a show with the two blandest personalities we employ.”

  • Stephen

    The old axiom … “If it ain’t broke …”
    I really enjoy Mike & Mike AS IS.
    Greeny with Sage Steele would be a train wreck. Her diva ego would undermine any conceivable chance of a balanced chemistry. Her unfortunate speech impediment is another liability that can’t be ignored … albeit one that might be addressed via a professional speech therapist.

  • Tookie Clothespin

    As if I needed another reason not to watch this show. Has Greenberg ever said anything interesting? His views on every issue can be telegraphed a mile away by anybody that has listened to him for more than 15 minutes. And I don’t care about Steele’s politics. I just can’t stand her because she has a terrible sports delivery. She does that same annoying delivery that all bad sports people do. It’s a bad imitation of Stewart Scott. Anytime anybody starts doing it I turn off that program. It’s why I haven’t watched Sportscenter in about a decade.

  • arbfuldodger

    Well that assures that I won’t be watching that show ….cannot stand Sage she always sounds like she has something in her mouth when she talks …A couple of my friends call her “Mush Mouth” because of that

  • Santini Perico

    Yep, its being confirmed that “conservative statements” means talking sh*t about minorities, thanks for clearing that up.

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  • Millenium


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