After months of knowing that it was going to happen, it was finally officially confirmed by ESPN yesterday that Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic would be going their separate ways after nearly 20 years on the air together.

Golic will stay on the radio and be joined by new partner Trey Wingo for a new show with his son Mike Golic Jr. also playing a part. The radio simulcast will move from ESPN2 to ESPNU amongst the ESPN “family of networks.”

Greenberg will be given a bigger television spotlight as the new host of a new ESPN morning show centered around him to be joined by a yet-to-be-named cast of thousands.

With the announcements happening yesterday, Greenberg and Golic finally addressed the situation on the air this morning about the coming end of Mike & Mike. While both were looking forward to new opportunities, you can tell there’s a sense of somberness from both that Mike & Mike is coming to an end.

The success of Mike & Mike is undeniable, no matter your feelings about the program. I can’t think of too many people, even the biggest optimists within ESPN, that could have imagined a near 20 year run when they matched a SportsCenter anchor and former NFL player together with the same first name. The pair have been an ESPN staple on the radio and on television going back to the start of this millennium. Kurt Warner and the Rams were winning the Super Bowl over the Titans when Mike & Mike started, that’s how long they’ve been on the air together.

The transition on the radio side should be rather seamless with Wingo coming in to replace Greenberg. On the television side, ESPN is making a huge bet on Greenberg to reinvigorate their mornings on ESPN as a flagship program. Time will tell if they have the same success apart as they had together.

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  • Jcool

    Mike & Mike has lasted for the same reason NCIS has been on for 14 seasons… Old people like their routines.

    • Richard Hannon

      Yup. We’re fond of The Big Bang Theory, too. A little less since they’ve had the characters act more grown-up. Change is hard …

  • Saber Khai

    I used to listen to Mike & Mike on a regular basis but gave up on them after a while when I finally got tired of their shtick.

  • unknown1691

    The few times I’ve listened, I’ve enjoyed Golic, but Greenberg is too much an athlete suck up and apologist for not having played sports. HE should have some confidence – if you have an opinion, give it and don’t minimize it by saying you never played pro ball.

  • I am going to miss Greeny (since I don’t have cable). I don’t listen as often as I used to, since the football-centric nature of the show and ESPN is not as appealing, but when I do listen, it’s for Greeny more than Golic. I like Golic too, but Greeny is the smart one, the outsider who doesn’t entirely buy the nonsense the jockocracy promotes. I wish him the best and hope he succeeds on TV, but it won’t be the same.

  • Dale Moog

    This Show SUCKS over the years I have given up on them First it was Eric Kasslius on NBC then it was Pro Football talk on NBCSN now it is Clay Travis on FOX I hate the slow boring pace of this show it is not funny and not that smart. They are the third or fourth best show on ESPN radio on a daily basis behind Ryen R. Dan Lebatard. and Bohmani Jones. in some order. boring tired and in total need of a replacement.

  • Ja

    How could anybody listen to these 2 hacks.

  • B52

    nobody gives a shit about these idiots.. bob iger-head of disney wants to run in 2020 for president-espn is just a sjw platform to influence the electorate…get your scores online in real time and leave the pc,kill whitey “hot take” shows behind. It’s crazy how they want to insult their audience-almost as crazy as their denial of the problem…

  • TampaD

    Good riddance.

  • Raymond Chuang

    In many ways, ESPN’s “The Six” is an experimental show that will test a lot of the things we’ll see on the new 6 to 9 am SportsCenter that Greenberg will host with Sage Steele.