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One of the worst-kept sports media secrets for seemingly more than a decade is that Mike Greenberg would be hosting his own morning show on ESPN. We finally got the announcement earlier this year, and with Greeny in lame-duck status on his “Mike & Mike” radio show, he’s looking back and looking ahead.

Greenberg tells the Chicago Tribune that the show, which will originate from spanking brand-new studios in New York starting next year, will be called “Get Up.” The show will also include Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose, and will debut sometime in the spring of 2018.

“It’s a terrific title because it can mean a lot of different things — not just ‘wake up’ but ‘let’s get going and be the best we can be today,'” he wrote. “Get up with Greeny and Beadle and Jalen. It’s perfect.”

Whether it becomes part of the breakfast show lexicon like “Today,” “Good Morning America,” or ”CBS This Morning” is totally up to the American people. Greenberg tells the Tribune that “Get Up” will air from 7-10 a.m. ET and also be simulcast on Sirius XM. He also said that while reports had the show built with him in mind, it wasn’t ever going to be a solo project:

“From its inception to when it was pitched to me and the moment that I agreed to do it, this was not going to be a solo show. I am absolutely thrilled we’re able to get Beadle and Jalen and we’re still fleshing out what the rest will be.”

Greenberg said there’s no launch date set in stone as of yet. He said the construction for the new set is underway and added. “I don’t want to attach a date to it, but it will be here before we know it.”

As for his final week with co-host Mike Golic, Greenberg said he’s glad people have enjoyed listening and watching:

“I’m so pleased that people have enjoyed it. At least speaking for me, I’ve enjoyed it even more. All good things come to an end, and I guess this is our time. Look, a week and a half after we wrap up, Mike will be back on with another show (with Wingo) and it’s going to be really good. It won’t be exactly the same, but it will be really good. Hopefully people will like that too and then at some point I’ll be back. So we’ll still, in other ways, hopefully be part of people’s morning routines.”

So for the next few months, Greenberg will have some down time while preparing for the launch of “Get Up.” It will be a different look, but Greenberg knows that he’ll have the promotional push from ESPN and Disney to get it off the ground.

[Chicago Tribune]

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  • YouAreWrongAndDumb

    This no talent ass clown is getting a huge investment from ESPN while there’s rumors of more layoffs afoot. Shows exactly how ass backwards ESPN is at the moment.
    I hope this show is a miserable failure. I know it’ll be miserable.

    • Deon Hamner

      calm down…. you right he has no talent, but let’s not kid ourselves. Somebody throw us a bag of money, we taking it…

      • QED – quod erat demonstrandum

        Can’t imagine what numb nuts tune into the current or the new show.

        • Deon Hamner

          folks with low IQ… If there is no live games, no need to watch… That’s my mantra…

          • QED – quod erat demonstrandum

            QED needs to come clean though. Just between you and me.

            Yesterday at the gym I couldn’t take my eyes off the lady on the ESPN Deuce Fantasy Football show.

            I don’t even do fantasy. At least of the football kind.

            My bad.

          • QED – quod erat demonstrandum

            Lisa Kerney. Mamacita

          • Bill Gordon

            Stephania Bell.

          • Mike

            And she’s really smart too. Hot and smart – nice combination!

    • Karl Kolchak

      ESPN is like the Democratic and Republican parties. Still looking for the bottom so they can start to dig a hole.

  • MrBull

    And at this time next yr. it will be called ‘Over!’…this show with the class of clowns they are having will be worst then ‘Cold Pizza’….
    Thank god I live on th West Coast as this garbage will be over by the time I ‘Get Up’!…

  • John Danknich

    Get Up? More like Throw Up.

  • yesrick

    Not feeling it

  • MrBeepo

    Get up, find the remote and change the channel.

    • CreightonRabs

      This was a great concept … until they added Michelle Beadle as an on air presenter. Personally, I would’ve preferred someone who is less irritating as a co-host like Sage Steele, though I think I can live with Jalen Rose as well. But Beadle? Ugh…

      • Tigerblows.com

        she’s blowing her way to the top!

        • CreightonRabs

          That’s a scary thought in and of itself.

      • Stephen

        Sage Steele is a self-absorbed diva who clearly needs speech therapy for her pronounced lisp.

        • CreightonRabs

          Closet racist, much? Because I don’t recall ever noticing a lisp, but, hey, you do you, loser.

          • King Dong

            Your cliche’s don’t work here. He didn’t mention race…you did you
            co ksu ker!

          • CreightonRabs

            I’ve never heard anyone make reference to Sage Steele’s lisp until that closet racist did. My comment stands, douche.

  • QED – quod erat demonstrandum

    QED much prefers “go away”. But in retrospect, that would have to be the name of my show if he were tuning in.

    This is a conundrum.

    How about “MG is a ______”?

    • CreightonRabs

      Tool, Douchebag or Fraud would seem to fit perfectly, in my opinion.

  • arbfuldodger

    This show is soooo doomed …what a waste of money.

  • Bscotch Bscotch

    Sponsored by (insert ED medicine here)

  • bibliomaine

    Get up and get out. He’s a poor man’s Joe Buck, believing his own press-clippings.

  • souvien

    “Shi**y Pizza” was taken?

  • Bscotch Bscotch

    ESPN just loves spending a ton to build studios that will not drive incremental revenue

  • Raymond Chuang

    The thing is that Greenberg may have to “reinvent” his on-air style for the new show. That could take a while to accomplish.

    • CreightonRabs

      You’d have an easier time telling President Trump to stay off Twitter than you do having Greenberg the Tool to ‘reinvent’ his on air persona, which is about as exciting as a mannequin. But, at least the Mike & Mike radio show gets an upgrade with Trey Wingo, who is genuinely funny without being fake like other ESPN ‘talent’ (SVP, Neil Everett).

  • I for one like him. And wish he weren’t leaving the radio.

    • Tigerblows.com


  • sportsfan365

    This guy’s takes are as scripted as the advertisements he constantly reads.

  • Stephen

    I don’t understand why Jalen Rose is shoehorned into this show. He’s a basketball guy — and a good one. But he has no cred outside of hoops.

    • CreightonRabs

      See: Shannon Sharpe…

    • King Dong

      It’s espn, they have to have all the aggrieved classes to represent diversity. This show will be blacker than a pool table full of 8 balls. :- |

  • Mike

    Get up? Why?

  • TampaD

    Beadle? Good God, it will be worse than I imagined.

  • Boardman Koko B Ware

    Shades of Troy McClure’s famous self help video “Get Confident Stupid!”

  • C-Sharp

    He probably heard that name from his wife.

  • King Dong

    Get lost, Get a life, Get Dumb, Get Gone…
    Where do they think the viewers will come from?
    This won’t be a sports show but rather a TodayGMAOprahEllen knock off…They’ll lose male viewers faster
    then hollywierd is losing joosish moguls! Can’t wait for it to disappear much like Carlos Danger in federal prison…

  • Yehuda Hamer

    Is there really a need for another show like this???????????

  • Pepe Silvia AKA Waaaambulance

    A bunch of ESPN stooges rolling around in their own shit. Im sure it’ll work out great

  • Sting Rey

    let me guess the format. another show on espn with sportswriters arguing with each other.

  • Tigerblows.com


  • crs44

    It will soon be changed to “Go Back to Sleep.” This milquetoast bore will fail miserably.

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