Michelle Beadle mixed up Charlie Murphy and JB Smoove live on air. Oops.

She admitted that she "effed up bigly."

Comedian Charlie Murphy, who died Wednesday at age 57, appeared in numerous movies and television shows over several decades of acting, most notably on The Chappelle Show in the early 2000s.

ESPN personality Michelle Beadle, however, apparently wasn’t much of a fan. When Murphy’s death came up as a subject on SportsNation, Beadle made a comment she’d probably like back.

“For me, he was probably my favorite part of Curb Your Enthusiasm,” she said, as Marcellus Wiley nodded in agreement and LZ Granderson furrowed his brow.

The problem was, Murphy never appeared on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Beadle was thinking of fellow comedian JB Smoove, who vaguely looks like Murphy if you squint but is, in fact, a different black comedic actor.

Here’s the cringe-worthy clip, via The Big Lead:

Credit to Beadle, she owned her mistake afterward, tweeting that she “effed up bigly.”

JB Smoove, who has appeared in 17 episodes of Curb, is alive and well and hopefully won’t be leaving us anytime soon.

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  • crs44

    She’s a racist.

  • YouAreWrongAndDumb

    “They all look alike, amiright guys? Guys?? Where you going?”

  • Respected Citizen

    Her real crime is thinking the JB Smoove arc was any damn good.

  • Destro

    F yo couch.

  • MrBull

    Once again Beadle ‘opens her mouth shows why she is clueless’…and her ‘apologize’ was weak and cheap as she threw her fellow co-hosts under the bus…
    As for Wiley and LZ, how they can not tell another brother from one and another is really sad and embarrassing….

  • Bscotch Bscotch

    Much worse than not knowing it was called Chappelle’s Show…..not The Chappelle Show

  • juwan362 .

    It’s no secret, everybody knows this dumb ass blonde is always talking with her foot in her mouth. I remember when she went after SAS via Twitter a few years ago about the domestic violence comments that he made on first take after the ray rice video came out. He owned up to it and admitted that he was wrong about how he spoked about that issue. He apologize for it and he was adamant about it as well. Hell the man even got suspended indefinitely without pay to top it off, but that wasn’t good enough for ol’ Beadle. Bitch was clearly trying to put pressure on the powers to be to fire him. Bottom line she is a back stabbing two faced bigot.