Last week, ESPN announced it would simulcast ESPN Deportes on ESPN2 during Monday Night Football, meaning Spanish-speaking fans would have an easy way to watch Saints-Vikings and Chargers-Broncos on Monday.

Well the day has arrived, and naturally, because a lot of Americans don’t like anything they consider foreign (and because a lot of Americans aren’t bright enough to figure out that the English-language broadcast is only one channel away), there have been many tweets complaining about the games being broadcast in Spanish.

Hey guys, if you’re so upset about the games being aired in Spanish on ESPN2… just flip to ESPN, watch in English and pay it no further thought. And if you’re just shaking angry because Spanish speakers get to conveniently watch a football game in their native language… maybe find a little empathy.

This simulcast will continue through Week 9, meaning we’ll get eight more weeks of dumb and/or xenophobic people getting upset about this. Can’t wait!

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  • chipramsey

    How about everyone learn just English?

  • chipramsey

    How about everyone just learn English?

    • Brad

      Why do you speak Britain’s language? Get your own!

      • chipramsey

        Technically, American English and British English are considered separate languages because of the wide variations of the two.

    • Dale Latimer

      Too expensive. More than their TV bill.

  • GimmieDat

    Just cut all sound to make everyone feel better.

  • mike illingworth

    OMFG. These are the morons I’m behind when driving. How can you not figure it out? I guess no one watches Telecaribe or Azteca 15? I’m just surprised ESPN had unscrambled feeds on cband in both Engish and Spanish. With Penn State and Oklahoma games also unscrambled on Saturday, ESPN must be going nuts.

  • Karianne Cox

    So…I think ESPN actually messed up and is broadcasting ESPN, not ESPN 2 in Spanish. I don’t have TV, but that is what seems to be happening while trying to stream it.

    • PAI

      VZ Fios was fine, at least ESPN was in English, didn’t flip to ESPN2 as didn’t need to.

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  • inku palios

    Welcome to Trump’s America.

    • Mystery Babylonian

      I think you mean Obama’s America. Pretty sure Trump (like most Americans) thinks assimilation is the respectful and honorable thing to do.

      • Guest

        A broadcast of a game in a foreign language is not the end of the world. In particular when there is also a English language broadcast available.

      • Simmonds17

        Trump and “most Americans” should never be used in the same sentence, unless to say Trump is seriously deficient in many qualities compared to most Americans. (Perhaps not those upset by ESPN2 offering an alternate Spanish-language broadcast of Monday Football, however.)

  • Deon Hamner

    That’s Muh-rica for ya…

  • achap39

    These are the same people who travel to Europe, and then bitch why no one is speaking English in Paris or Amsterdam.

  • Fred Fred

    Have no problem with espanol, my issue was sling was showing a delayed English version at 7pm. Just took some time to find what I wanted. Besides author of this article is a freakin snowflake, who hasn’t left his mommas skirt. Instead of calling people phobes of all kinds, maybe put on your big boy pants and look at the whole picture. Illegal is not immigrant, we’re not afraid we are trying to turn this leftist stampede back to the center