Katie Nolan’s exit from Fox Sports is all but official, as she and the network are working on an early release from her contract. General speculation has her going to ESPN next, a move that appears to be a certainty.

Sporting News’ Michael McCarthy reported that ESPN was recruiting her back in February, and ESPN oracle Jim Miller reported that Nolan would make the jump either when her contract with Fox Sports ran out or a release was agreed upon. Nolan’s contract is believed to run until the end of the year (though some believe the deal actually last longer), but it seems apparent is that ESPN and Nolan have been talking since FS1 took her show Garbage Time off the air in February.

Miller appeared on The World’s Fastest Growing Sports Media Podcast with Robert Seidman (aka @SportsTVRatings), and the conversation began with the news that Nolan was negotiating her release from Fox Sports. Miller then revealed (at the 2:35 mark of the podcast) that ESPN offered Nolan a position she wasn’t interested in.

“My understanding and my sources, which I believe,” said Miller, “tell me that she was asked to be part of the Mike Greenberg show and she declined to be a permanent fixture on that.”

Miller went on to explain that ESPN may not have wanted her in a set role on the upcoming morning show either, preferring someone else in that role. He clarified further on Twitter.

Michelle Beadle, along with her NBA Countdown co-host Jalen Rose, are reportedly going to be part of the Greenberg show. That seemingly wouldn’t leave much of a role for Nolan, other than perhaps appearing for commentary or a pre-produced segment. But as Miller mentioned, Nolan might prefer sort of a roving role, especially if it allowed for recurring appearances on the Erik Rydholm group of shows which includes Pardon the Interruption, Around the Horn, Highly Questionable, and a new show featuring Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre.

Of course, Nolan could also be hoping for her own show, but where that would fit on the ESPN schedule is a considerable obstacle. Replacing Beadle on SportsNation seems like an ideal fit. But the show tapes in Los Angeles and Nolan is located in New York, and the belief is that she doesn’t want to make a cross-country move. If that’s not a possibility, then a featured contributor type of role across various shows, and maybe something like a podcast, would raise her profile more than being a cog on Greenberg’s morning show.

But if Nolan has something specific in mind that doesn’t mesh with what ESPN has to offer her, how likely is the possibility that she doesn’t go to there at all? ESPN obviously wants to hire her, but just how badly does the network want to be in the Katie Nolan business if an ideal fit can’t be found?

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Ian is an editor for The Comeback and Awful Announcing. He has covered baseball for Yahoo! Sports, MLive.com, Bleacher Report and SB Nation, and provides analysis for several sports talk radio shows each week. He currently lives in Asheville, NC.

  • Mike

    With her departure from Fox, Katie Nolan needs ESPN a lot more than ESPN needs Katie Nolan.

  • Scott Fitzgerald

    “But the show tapes in Los Angeles and Nolan is located in New York, and the belief is that she doesn’t want to make a cross-country move.”

    I’m sorry, where does she get off demanding her situation? What has she done in the sports media industry that she thinks she can turn down and demand certain jobs? Maybe someone needs to remind her that she’s Katie Nolan and not Linda Cohn. She isn’t even Britt McHenry.

    • namingrightsforsale

      Not being Britt McHenry is a massive compliment to her.

    • MetaphysicalMan

      Where is the ‘demand’ in this transaction? She was offered a position and declined it.

  • Bscotch Bscotch

    Can’t blame her for wanting no part of that Greenberg show – it’s going to be cringe-worthy and/or vapid. Note to Beadle…..this is what good agents do

  • Christopher Bates

    What’s with the inevitable misogyny whenever there’s a Katie Nolan post?

    • CreightonRabs

      What misogyny? She’s an overrated talent who has no business having any role on a sports network program. Last time I checked, I have the right to criticize a female sports media personality without your false narratives trying to shut people up.

      • Christopher Bates

        What do you think it says that you concluded that my comment–which was not a “reply” to anyone–was aimed at you and not, say, Scott Fitzgerald?

        • CreightonRabs

          It doesn’t matter, idiot. You didn’t direct it at anyone in particular and you’re implying that we’re not allowed to insult poor Katie Nolan because she’s a girl. GTFOH with that bullshit.

          • Christopher Bates

            If I am an idiot, then presumably nobody will care what I have to say. And yet, you seem to be rather butthurt about it. Those two things seem incongruous.

            Similarly, while criticism of Nolan is certainly fair game, I suppose I’m just too dense to understand why it was necessary for you to mention her gender in your oh-so-thoughtful assessment. You could have written, “Katie Nolan is wildly overrated,” or even “Katie Nolan is the most overrated sports personality since Lisa Guerrero.” But you felt it necessary to shoehorn that extra bit of data in there. Why was that? Since we’re so freely sharing our views on what is being implied, it seems pretty clear to me that you’re implying that female sports personalities are already bad, so it’s a double whammy for her–female AND overrated.

          • CreightonRabs

            Your strawman arguments are so weak, I have no idea what you’re saying.

            You’re the one who implied that any criticism of Nolan is either sexist or misogynistic, so why don’t you just turn in your man card and stop watching sports, douche?

          • Christopher Bates

            I would suggest that your resorting to third-grade insults like “idiot” and “douche” says something about the quality of your thinking and your written expression.

            Meanwhile, you obviously don’t understand what a straw man argument actually is. Of course, we can’t all go to a university that has a 94% acceptance rate (in fact, only 94% of us can). Maybe one day you guys will break into the Top 1,000 nationally. Dare to dream!

            Oh, and one last thing. I didn’t imply that your criticism of Nolan was misogynistic, I said it outright. So, it would seem that your reading comprehension isn’t too strong, either.

          • Richard Hannon

            I think I’d like to read more of your work, Mr. Bates. On pretty much any subject you’d like, just as long as you upset someone and get into an exchange with him / her. This is good stuff!

          • CreightonRabs

            The two morons who upvoted your dreck are clearly brain dead. Also, last time I checked, you don’t get to decide whether or not criticism is justified or not, so step out of the way and quit suppressing dissent.

          • Christopher Bates

            Wow, that was kind of a delayed reply. Did you have to pull a double-shift on the french fryer?

            In any case, I hope the two people who upvoted me are making an appointment with their neurologists. Having gone to California University of Pennsylvania as you did, surely you are an expert in what brain dead looks like.

            Incidentally, has anyone ever told you that your name sounds like an STD? “Sorry, Bob, I’m afraid you have creighton rabs. Better smear this cream on your pecker before it gets out of control.”

          • CreightonRabs

            Wow… You must have no life whatsoever to have to stalk another person’s info. Why don’t you get a life, asshole?

          • Christopher Bates

            With a freakish name like yours, it’s not too hard to find your information. I might add that you slammed other users in this very thread because you were unable to view their info. So, which is it?

            Anyhow, I’m wondering what the primary source of your obvious inner rage is. Is it the tiny penis? The face that only a mother could love (except that even she didn’t love you)? Those girls in junior high who, you know, beat you up at recess every day? Inquiring minds want to know!

          • CreightonRabs

            Die, asshole. Please, die a painful death and make the world better.

          • Christopher Bates

            Another brilliant and insightful reply that does not–in any way–affirm the perception that you have serious anger management issues!

            How do you have so much time this morning to be on this site? Shouldn’t you be working on your supposed Master’s thesis? Or did you run out of crayons again?

          • Sean Mooney

            You are a mouth breather and go back to then hole you crawled out of in 1950.

            Katie Nolan is a talented, opinionated, young voice in sports who has fresh takes that hit more than they miss. ESPN would do well to bring her in and give her a half hour somewhere on the schedule.

          • CreightonRabs

            I’m not going anywhere. Deal with it. Nolan is atrocious and her show was complete garbage.

          • Sean Mooney

            She isn’t atrocious and her show wasn’t complete garbage. If you wouldn’t have a submissions match against your wang the minute she came on screen you would have known this.

            I can understand someone who looks like a walrus mated with a watermelon being threatened by a smart pretty girl but the criticism doesn’t hold water here on her.

          • CreightonRabs

            Quit the White Knight bullshit… it’s not like she’s gonna want your weak ass to begin with so cram it.

          • Sean Mooney

            You are a low IQ dope.

          • CreightonRabs

            I have a Bachelor’s degree and am working on a Master’s. Nice try, though…

          • Sean Mooney

            And only 4 days to come up with the comeback too. You probably were struggling to spell Bachelor’s

          • CreightonRabs

            That’s because I actually have a life, bitch ass. I’ve got better things to do than to deal with liberal wacko shit-stains like you.

          • Sean Mooney

            Yeah I’m not a liberal so you continue to be wrong. Quit trying to think man. I can smell the smoke from here

          • MetaphysicalMan

            You are one angry dude

          • CreightonRabs

            Says the loser who hides behind a fake name and no avi…

      • newdog301

        “who has no business having any role on a sports network program. ”

        But what are you basing that off of? There is no set standard of credentials for what a talking head needs to be, it’s all about bringing different personalities to the table.

        Charles Barkley doesn’t come off as someone who knew the X’s and O’s while he played the game, and doesn’t seem to watch a lot of film either. That doesn’t stop him from being entertaining while commenting on it.

        • CreightonRabs

          It’s called an opinion, jerkoff… Last time I checked, I’m entitled to one.

  • CreightonRabs

    The best on air slot for Katie Nolan: none at all. The most overrated woman in sports media since Lisa Guerrero.

  • MetaphysicalMan

    I wish they would just give her a show of her own. SportsNation would be a dead end for Nolan unless they allow her to change it around some. I don’t know if anyone here still watches it, and this is not to say it was ever something great or anything, but it’s morphed from a goofy as hell irreverent show to just another hour filled with talking head debate.

  • Tim Moran

    I watched Nolan on occasion. Her takes were fresh and at times a bit too edgy for the suits at Disney that run ESPN. On a network with a predominantly male audience like the WWL, she would be a nice pick up. She is smart, opinionated and hot. Why the haters insist on attacking her is a mystery to me.

    • mdb80

      facts are she has had two shows…they both bombed. she doesn’t have a very realistic picture of herself right now she needs to humble herself and get a job.

  • I’m pretty sure ESPN could, you know, use one of the dozen or so studios they have up and down the East Coast to tape SportsNation if they really want Nolan to host it and she doesn’t want to move to LA.

  • brewersfan729

    She needs to be on some Boston centric site/station like Barstool or NESN. That’s basically what her show was on FS1, all Boston, all the time. That’s not going to attract viewers.

  • OOS

    I once caught Katie Nolan on Garbage TIme because Awful Announcing kept (and continues) to do stories on her, and I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. She was just kinda over the top, forced jokey – but nothing really original or unpredictable – just the standard sports-related humor you get on every show. The appeal seems to be hot girl being funny.

  • redman913

    who’s wearing the pants over at ESPN to let her ragdoll them like this?

  • Glen A Simonsen

    Good move staying away from that Greenberg show. She would be ok on SportsNation, although not as good as Beadle. Maybe a format change would be in order for her on that show. She would be best leading a show, maybe with a tighter format than Garbage Time, which was OK, but didn’t fit well at FS1.

    I think she would be fun on First Take.

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