Katie Nolan officially started at ESPN this week, but still hadn’t debuted on the air. That changed on Thursday, when Nolan popped up on Thursday’s edition of Highly Questionable alongside Dan Le Batard and Papi.

It also took her roughly two minutes to go on an anti-Yankees rant, which was appreciated.

And in another layup, a Roger Goodell rant!

The show continued on with the usual Highly Questionable shenanigans. Overall, it was a pretty tame debut, but I don’t think anyone really expected her to come in on her first day on air and start peeling off rants about social issues.

Letting her debut in Highly Questionable, a three person show with a seasoned talent in Le Batard urging her along, was the right move so she wouldn’t need to carry the entire show on her own.

One appearance on Highly Questionable doesn’t tell us much about what her future role will be – the show has had a plethora of cohosts in recent months. However, at the end of the show, she did announce that she’ll be back on Friday’s show, so stay tuned.

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  • brewersfan729

    Really enjoyed her on the show and think she’s a perfect fit for it. Hope there are more appearances on HQ in the future.

  • spanarkler

    A great way for her to begin. And she nailed it.

  • souvien

    Hell, just give a post SVP slot to her and Sarah Spain and let them cut loose!

  • I agree about the Yankees. But who DOES she root for?

    • StoJa

      Red Sox

      • CreightonRabs

        Oh, boy, another fucking Boston ‘sports fan’ at ESPN… I hope somebody tells Nolan that there are other pro sports franchises in North America outside of New England.

        • TriCuriousGeorge

          Oh you are really triggered. How sad. 🙁

          • CreightonRabs

            What’s sad is that you’re even wasting your time defending a fraud like Nolan.

        • StoJa

          Oh my god…you’re right! I bet she doesn’t know!

  • Bscotch Bscotch

    Since you put this clip on the Internet, will she be eligible for another “Social TV Experience” Emmy?

  • MetaphysicalMan

    Katie is great. ESPN’s gain for sure. Just hope she ends up in a good spot, preferably her own show. But she’s definitely someone they can randomly insert on a variety of shows such as HQ.

  • CreightonRabs

    Actually, our long national nightmare is just beginning.

    Any ESPN show with the overexposed, overrated Dan LeBetard is insufferable enough. Throw the equally overrated Katie Nolan into the mix and you’re talking borderline epic fail.

    • Christopher Bates

      Y’all can just ignore Creighton Rabs. He’s a sexually-frustrated schlub who turns his vitriol on any woman covered by this site. That’s when he’s not marching at the special “rallies” like the one in Charlottesville, of course.

    • TriCuriousGeorge

      You gonna be ok? Do you need some help finding your safe space?

      • CreightonRabs

        I’ll be fine as soon as I throat punch your bitch ass…

    • StoJa

      Sounds like the only person having a nightmare is you, bubba. Just turn the fucking channel and move on with your miserable existence.

      • CreightonRabs

        You don’t get to tell me what I can comment on or what I can’t comment on. Katie. Nolan. Sucks. She’s overrated and annoying. The. Fucking. End.

  • MrBull

    The show stealer was Papi…he messed with Katie by faking he was choking and then at the end with the fake hand shake…

  • DrewShervin

    I didn’t care for her. She came on like she owned the show. It’s not her show. I like Israel Gutierrez as permanent third host. He gets the show and has great reaction to funny videos from Russia. Katie is a bit too bombastic and doesn’t defer to Papi. The biggest mistake was letting Bomani go. Obviously giving him his own show with Pablo Torres was a position he was not going to turn down. I just don’t understand why you would weaken one show to create another.

  • Dale Moog

    I am waiting for the time they put her on as a guest host on PTI with Tony. That could be good TV. Wilbon would never do PTI with her as a co host though

  • Jane Gray

    Welp, she’s a highly questionable hire for them so it’s a good fit.

  • Richard Hannon

    Cueing Phil Mushnick in 3 … 2 … 1 … “Vulgar … potty mouth … appropriately named ‘Garbage Time’ … Nurse! LatestartaaargleBmffgack … runtofirstjackhimup … offmylawnyoukids …”