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The firestorm over ESPN’s Jemele Hill tweeting that President Donald Trump was a white supremacist hit whole new levels Wednesday, with news of the company’s previous action against Linda Cohn cited as a double standard by some, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders calling Hill’s tweets “outrageous” and “a fireable offense,” many in and beyond the sports world taking to Twitter to defend Hill, and many others (including Fox News panels) ripping her further.

Hill appeared as usual on SC6 Tuesday, but didn’t address the issue; she addressed it in a tweet at 11:38 p.m. Eastern.

ESPN also sent out a statement to some media outlets afterwards. Here’s ESPN’s statement on the matter.

Jemele has a right to her personal opinions, but not to publicly share them on a platform that implies that she was in any way speaking on behalf of ESPN.  She has acknowledged that her tweets crossed that line and has apologized for doing so. We accept her apology.

Hill’s statement isn’t a recantation of her comments, but an expression of regret for how they “painted ESPN in an unfair light.” And with a statement like that, one that ESPN PR probably had a hand in crafting, it seems unlikely the company has further discipline in mind for Hill. Their “we accept her apology” statement seems to indicate that, too. They already said her tweets “do not represent the position of ESPN” and were “inappropriate” Tuesday (which they’ve taken flak for as well, with Deadspin in particular calling it a “craven apology“).

It’s possible that ESPN considered a suspension or other action against Hill, or forcing her to make a more thorough recantation of her comments. They’ve certainly been known to suspend people before for all manner of reasons, including handing a three-week suspension to Bill Simmons after he called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a liar. But the way this has blown up means that any further disciplinary action by the company would have brought a ton of left-wing condemnation for them, especially from all the people inside and outside the sports world who tweeted that they stand with Hill.

And any action short of firing her (which really would have provoked outrage) likely wouldn’t have satisfied right-wing critics, and even that probably wouldn’t have appeased many who like to regularly go at ESPN. So standing pat and having Hill issue this statement regretting the way her comments painted ESPN seems like a logical move. And it now looks like all sides are hoping this blows over. It’s not necessarily going to exit the stage soon unless something that incites right-wing critics more shows up, but it doesn’t look like ESPN or Hill are set to provide any further fuel for the fire.

[Jemele Hill on Twitter]

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  • Paulmatthew22

    I hope her bosses and collegues are prepared to start losing money and viewership,.because it’s gonna happen,.Bank on it,.She has said racist things( See: Jamele Hill Boston Celtics / Hitler) before,.Apologized,.No one believed her,.You can tell what’s inside a persons heart,.and hers is filled with hate,.NOT just for Trump,.He was an easy bullseye,.This runs MUCH deeper,.

    Someone hurt her a long time ago and she wants to take it out on white people,.That’s fine,.It is what it is,.but it doesn’t make it right,.and she’s no closer to salvation of the mind or soul,.to be sure,.Hope she gets some help,.There’s alotta pain there

    • souvien

      So, when exactly is Trump apologizing for all the Birther BS he pulled on Obama?

      • Obo Agboghidi

        As soon as Hillary apologizes for starting it in 2008

        • Christopher Bates
          • Shawn Rychling

            Politifact? HA! They manufacture Kool-Aid 24/7!

          • Christopher Bates

            That’s right, I forgot that you conservatives have your own set of “facts.” Don’t you have to be at a party celebrating Trump’s largest-ever inauguration crowd?

          • Obo Agboghidi

            Everyday is a party when democrats have no power in any branch of government

          • Shawn Rychling

            No, but I will attend party toasting Hillary Clinton’s new book and thanking God every single day that she lost!

          • Shawn Rychling

            Keep sipping that leftist Kool-Aid. Cherry flavor I am sure, as in RED, but you may be too stupid to know what that means!

          • Christopher Bates

            You’re right, there is indeed a stupid person in this conversation. I will have the good graces not to point out who it is, though.

          • Shawn Rychling

            You don’t need to point it out. Just look in the mirror.

          • Obo Agboghidi

            Politifact? Why not just source a DNC SuperPac? Even your own link connects it to a Hillary supporter. How convenient.

        • Christopher Bates

          Here’s “The Week,” A British publication:

          And Politico, which is centrist-leaning-conservative:

          USA Today, also centrist-leaning-conservative:

          Snopes, which is non-partisan:

          I know, facts can be hard things to accept.

          Now I look forward to your telling me how ALL of these sources, none of them Democratic, are full of BS, and are colluding together.

          • JWJ

            “And Politico, which is centrist-leaning-conservative:”
            You seriously can not be that delusional to believe that Politico is conservative in general. C’mon, that is a complete lack of awareness.

          • Christopher Bates

            Politico and The Hill were both pretty right-leaning when they were founded, and over time, they’ve both moved closer to the center. In any event, the fact that you disagree with me on one assessment of a site’s political slant doesn’t undermine the whole point. Unless you’re prepared to argue that snopes AND The Week AND USA Today are all left-wing.

          • bralinshan

            Politico is 100% liberal and they’re unapologetic about it. Please develop some insight before it’s too late.

          • Christopher Bates

            Just because a publication is to the left of Breitbart doesn’t make it left-wing. Please develop some insight before it’s too late.

            Also, your dumb opinion about the editorial slant of one website does not in any way impact the larger point: There is broad consensus that Hillary Clinton did not create the Obama birther rumor, and that claims she did so are just right-wing lies.

          • common_sense_is

            You think Snopes is non-partisan?! HAHAHAHAHAHA

          • Christopher Bates

            Yeah, I get it. Any site that disagrees with your pre-conceived worldview must be liberal. I notice that you have yet to try and make the argument that a British site is somehow a Democratic front. By the way, there’s plenty of stuff on Snopes debunking leftist stories about the right:





            But yeah, clearly a liberal front.

      • Jami Hardick

        Does trump work for ESPN? Most people I know use sports to get escape from this crap. SC6 could just as well be put on MSNBC for all the social issues they talk about.

      • MR Mr

        O god is that really a issue for you? When are all these people who lable him a racist or the celebs who call for his death going to apologize? Birthing issue?Get a life. These black racist and liberal white elits are way out of touch with the real world.

      • Kelly Moncus

        So you got a copy of Obama’s “REAL” birth certificate in your pocket?

  • souvien

    Gotta give Jemelle credit,..she really got Sergio Dip off the hook! She kinda trumped it, if you will…

  • Mikey Trapp

    Screw ESPN. Jemele spoke the truth.

    • inku palios

      What Kathy Griffin did was ten times worse than anything that Jemele Hill did.

    • common_sense_is

      Who needs evidence, right? Just believe what you want to believe regardless of facts – the mantra of liberals.

  • Carter_Burger67

    She only apologized because she got caught. We’ll move on alright. Move on from ESPN.

    • Brian C. Lee

      Agreed. I rarely watch ESPN anymore, precisely because of crap like this.

      • Carter_Burger67

        ESPN is circling the drain, and like other liberal outlets that are clueless as to what their audience consists of, keeps doubling down. They are spectacularly Dixie Chicking themselves because there are billions of dollars on the line when they fail.

    • Dan Grondy

      she really didn’t apologize for what she said

      • Brian C. Lee

        And she almost certainly didn’t mean what little she did say in her non-apology.

      • Carter_Burger67

        Yea, I probably should have put “apologized” in quotes.

  • Johnny Hampton

    Why should she apologize? People talked bad about previous Presidents and never apologized. Why should she be the first?

    • Deon Hamner

      Because ESPN is ultra left leaning. Just look at the comments. She is a terrorist and black lives matter supporter, antifa and all the other nonsense terms they try to dehumanize her

    • davesnothere

      No reason to get upset. She didn’t apologize for what she said.

      She apologized for appearing to represent ESPN when she was speaking her own mind.

  • MR Mr

    All these snowflakes are upset that Obama isnt able to give them all a free pass to their racist veiws. Trump is not a racist. He may be a bafoon but to lable him a racist is just their frustration that Hitlery lost and all their unicorns died.

    • Deon Hamner

      Not Trolling but you do realize he was sued for housing discrimination right? Then what he said about the judge and his mexican heritage. I’m not saying he is a racist. But it’s easy how some will link him as such… If I didn’t know you and said oh you wouldn’t give me a fair shake because your white. You would get pissed too.

      • MR Mr

        You are talking about somthing that was mainly aimed at his father ahd was 30 years ago. These people are just frustrated because the lesser of two evils won and need some one to spit their vitrol at. To just blindly call him a racist is a total lack of real facts and to be honest really diminishes the word for the people who deserve it and the people who fought against it. Im no fan of the President , but People throw around these lables like racist, white surpremacist as their whole argument instead of talking about facts, showing proof just right to the word and ending anychance of real communication. She should be fired. If some said Obama was a black racist ESPN would have fired them. Obama use to pick BB brackets for god sakes. He was in was in bed with ESPN and they would rush to protect him.

      • notfunny2u

        Look, I’m not here to defend Trump, but if you look at the case facts it wasn’t an incredibly solid accusation. Plus, being an NYC tenant myself, I’m fairly certain landlords are getting sued all the time for this kind of thing. Lastly, what they were forced to agree to (while admitting no wrong doing) we’re very generic steps to ensure fairness…you’d be hard pressed to even call it a slap on the wrist. This is all to say that “he was sued for discrimination” isn’t a very sound argument.

  • MrBeepo

    ESPN missed their chance to not look hypocritical and fire her. That would rid them of her amazingly low rated show and give them a chance to say “See we’re not a bunch of liberal asshats after all.”

  • common_sense_is

    I know a number of people for whom this was the last straw. They finally cut the chord and got rid of ESPN. These left wing nutjobs that agree with Hill don’t watch sports nearly as much as the right-leaning people fed up with this double standard crap.

  • Bernard Diggins

    Actually she is sorry, in every sense of the word.

  • Conedog

    Classic projection.

  • MyNameGoesHere00

    What is this ESPN you speak of?

  • MrBull

    What a bunch of bs!…Espn has made it very clear where they stand and it is not with the sports fans….
    Look at the Simmons incident with calling the NFL Commissioner ‘a liar’ – 3 weeks suspension…Linda Cohn ‘take a day off’ over how her comments ‘effect the network’..How they just ‘accepted’ Hill’s apology is cowardly and a double standard…
    watch the ratings on her show go down along with other non live game broadcasts (exception Game Day)….
    There needs to be a major housing cleaning at the top of Espn , otherwise turn the lights out….

  • MR Mr

    Jamile Hill, a racist in sheeps clothing. Can you imagine the white racist remarks she says in the privacy of her own home when no one is listening. Probably makes trump sound like a boyscout.

  • davesnothere

    Sportscenter at 6. Because it’s important to show scores and highlights from games that haven’t been played yet.

  • Matthew Birmingham

    I no longer dvr the program. I do my best to avoid people who are racist on either side of the debate. Guess that means I’m getting closer to dumping the satellite. The only reason I really watch now is for ESPN3 which streams a lot of College Football.

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  • bralinshan

    ESPN is evolving into a channel for Blacks and Hispanics. Which is fine if you can accept lousy ratings and highly niche advertising. Especially when you don’t have to settle for such a small piece of the pie.
    ESPN would rather be Far Left than make more money. Their choice.

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  • Ralph Ellis

    As accurate as the comments may be, it is always important to distance your personal social media stances from that of your employer.

  • Daniel Song

    Her show is terrible.

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  • The Truth

    If I want left wing political commentary I’ll turn on CNN or MSNBC

    If I want to watch sporting events and I’ll watch somewhere other than ESPN

  • Imagine if Linda Cohn had called Barack Obama a supporter of the Nation of Islam and a black racist who considered white people inferior to blacks. Now try to imagine ESPN treating her as incredibly gently as they have Jemelle Hill.

  • loveamerica24

    I guess it’s ok to if your black and a women. Is this why Kamala is a front runner?

    They should be focused on this instead of making false narratives.

  • nicholai

    I really think she will be dropped quietly after the all the ruckus. ESPN is a business and this is bad for business particularly NFL and NASCAR. She doesn’t. Care because it’s not her money being lost yet.

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  • Eric Sauve

    NUKE ESPN! Hit the button at

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