ESPN’s Samantha Ponder is pregnant with her second child. And she’s due in a couple of months. But that didn’t stop some idiots from slamming her appearance. With today being International Women’s Day, this is not the way to go.

Ponder put out this tweet Tuesday night in response to the trolls who inexplicably had the free time to send out hate:

Why anyone would attack a pregnant woman is beyond reproach, but unfortunately, that’s the world we live in.

Ponder has been speculated as the replacement for Chris Berman on Sunday NFL Countdown, something that picked up steam in SI this week. She and her husband, Christian are parents to a daughter.

Ponder certainly had the right to hit back at the trolls. Some will ask why respond to them, but sometimes they go too far and they have to be put in their place.

[Larry Brown Sports]

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  • Deplorable Highwayman

    “Covered in toddler pee”?

  • Riusaki Jenkins

    I don’t want to see a pregnant chick on TV. If I was a TV exec, any on-air female that gets pregnant is pulled off the air. You are there for your looks not your intelligence.

    • StoJa

      Troll game on point

    • Tim Moran

      If you were a TV exec, you would find yourself in court for sexual discrimination. And I wouldn’t use that comment about being there for your looks and not your intelligence as a defense. What century do you live in again?

  • jimmyv1

    Samantha Ponder is the prettiest commentator on television.

  • DrewShervin

    Samantha is going to breakdown the NFL rivalries on Sunday with her extensive knowledge of the league that goes back 5 years. When Trent Dilfer started his NFL career Samantha was 8 years old. Suzy Kolber on the other hand was 29 years old. I know Suzy can’t do Sunday and Monday but there is no doubt who is more qualified. She can say that she saw everyone on the panel’s both college and pro careers.

  • nellar

    “…beyond reproach…” ??? Doesn’t anybody edit this crap? BTW, I’m more concerned with the air in Samantha’s head than I am with the baby in her belly.