espn college basketball scorebug

Last week, ESPN promised new graphics for their coverage of the upcoming college basketball season, and on Friday the network rolled out a brand new scorebug as well — one that’s bulkier and denser than we’re used to from the network. At first glance, it looks to have more text than previous ESPN score graphics, but upon closer examination, it contains all the same information, just packed a little tighter and in a bigger font.

See for yourself here:

The colors change depending on the teams playing, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. Each version, however, features a transparent black bar extending to the side of the screen.

And here’s a reminder of what ESPN’s college basketball scorebug used to look like, for comparison.

Some of the information (fouls, possession arrow) that used to be hidden below the score is now next to it, in a display that kind of resembles cat whiskers. That, plus a more blocky text, makes the whole image seem a bit unwieldy.

The good people of Twitter were not necessarily fans of the new look.

In ESPN’s defense, however, the scorebug does have some fans.

And a poll of Kansas fans showed popular opinion on the bug is only slightly negative.

Whether you like or dislike ESPN’s graphic choices, you’re probably going to have to get used to them because there’s a whole lot of college basketball ahead.

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  • Dale Moog

    Everyone vents about how much they hate a new scorebug every time someone changes one I bet by Presidents day in Mid February these same people will forget that they did not like it once they have watched 100 games or so with the new one.

  • mike illingworth

    I like it. Easier to read. Better than the TBS one in the mlb playoffs. Darker colors are better with my eyes.

  • sowhat2015Brian O’Neill

    I like the trend toward larger, easier to read fonts on score bugs. The lowercase fonts ESPN used to have required a powerful microscope to read, especially at a bar.

  • unclechuckie

    what’s a scorebug? has it always been called a scorebug? when did it become known as a scorebug? who came up with the term scorebug? where did the term scorebug come from? is it called a scorebug in other sports? I don’t like the word scorebug. I don’t like the old or the new scorebug, only because it’s called a scorebug.

    • Andy Salcedo

      The earliest “scorebug” was popularized by Fox during their “NFL on Fox” coverage and it was called the “FoxBox”.

  • eddie

    Do they change every 4 or 6 years of graphics or scorebug on sports networks ?