In the wake of its recent layoffs, ESPN is also making moves to keep some of its talent. ESPN has announced it has signed contributor Will Cain to a multi-year deal that will keep him as a commentator on both TV and radio.

Cain will continue in his role as a contributor to First Take, Outside the Lines and E:60 and he’ll also make appearances on ESPN Radio. In the past, Cain has also written for ESPN The Magazine as well as on ESPN’s website.

“Will Cain brings to our platforms a different and provocative point of view on a variety of topics…he’s smart and always prepared for any debate situation,” said David Roberts, vice president, production. “Simply put , Cain consistently enhances the quality of discussions within all of our programs. Without question, Will Cain makes us an even stronger network.”

Cain came over to ESPN in March of 2015. He has served as a political analyst for CNN and The Blaze co-hosting programs for both organizations.

One of Cain’s most recent appearances on First Take had him clashing with Stephen A. Smith over Tony Romo and race:

Some may feel that ESPN is retaining Cain due to his conservative points of view and to counter claims that the network leans left. No matter what the conventional wisdom, ESPN has decided to keep Cain for the foreseeable future and you’ll continue to see and hear him on the network’s various platforms.


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  • MrBull

    Espn is going the Fox Sports way – keying on talking and sports clueless mouth pieces instead of true broadcast journálist reporters and analysts

    • ItsBlackjack115

      Basically, a TV version of Barstool Sports.

  • John Danknich

    Someone’s POV is only classified as “provocative” if that person is conservative.

    • BobLee Says

      Yep. In the same way that athletes / coaches are “encouraged” to air their socio-political opinions IF those opinions are of the liberal persuasion.

    • Tookie Clothespin

      I would say that Cane’s POV is provocative in the same way that Skip Bayless’ POV is provocative. They both say a bunch of asinine crap that’s not based in reality because they want it to be true and they know that it will get them attention. He never really says anything that I would classify as conservative when he’s on ESPN. He just says a bunch of dumb stuff so that Stephen A. will have a reason to go apoplectic.

  • YouAreWrongAndDumb

    Meh, fuck that guy.

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