Last week, we told you about Fox Sports not renewing Katie Nolan’s Garbage Time program and possibly expanding her role at FS1. According to the Sporting News, there might be a monkey wrench thrown into FS1’s plans. Mike McCarthy is reporting that Nolan has met with secretly with ESPN’s John Skipper and others to potentially go there.

However, Nolan has 18 months left on her Fox contract and probably wouldn’t leave for ESPN, but perhaps it would necessitate a trade, something that it has done before with Al Michaels and actually explored involving Nolan for Ian Darke.

One possibility McCarthy mentions for Nolan moving to ESPN would be putting her with ESPN Radio host Mike Greenberg who is on the verge of having his own morning TV show on the Mothership. If that happens, it would certainly give ESPN some advance buzz before the premiere.

Of courses, the meeting was likely an exploratory meeting to show ESPN’s interest in Nolan when her contract expires. FS1 has mentioned that it wants to increase her presence on the network “five-fold,” but what that entails, nobody knows.

There’s no doubt that Nolan would be an asset to ESPN or FS1, but right now, she’s a ship without a rudder and a host without a show. Fox is looking at its options. The Sporting News says FS1 is developing programming ideas.

Whether Nolan jumps ship  is anyone’s guess, but as we follow the heated ESPN-Fox rivalry, this could be another chapter in this ongoing soap opera.

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  • mdb80

    makes zero sense to me

    putting her with greenberg makes no sense because his whole thing is the opposite of hers. She tries to be edgy/funny while he goes for the straight down the middle nice.

    Also how would adding her add buzz to his show?

    her show got cancelled(twice) because nobody watches it…

    what would the ad be like?

    …watch greeny and nolan…you know greeny who is moving from his old show because it got stale after a decade and.you don’t know nolan because nobody watched her last two shows but this will be amazing……

    I also can’t see Nolan doing the Kristine Leahy for Greeny. Leahy feels like she is a co-host but really she is there to keep the hormonal part of the fanbase entertained. I think nolan would want to be more involved.

  • CreightonRabs

    Thanks for giving us another potential reason not to watch ESPN. The thought of the hyper-annoying Nolan paired up with Uber-douche Greenberg is enough to make me puke.

  • bibliomaine

    She’s been so over-touted I almost feel sorry for her. But this is how Katie Couric got started. Being cute and spunky.

  • Justin_Herrick

    Sorry, Ken. I don’t think adding Katie Nolan would add any major buzz to ESPN’s morning show. People would recall that she was on two shows that got canceled. Sure, she won a Sports Emmy. But no one even talks about those.

    The star would still be Mike Greenberg. Nolan isn’t drawing eyes on a notable level to any show.

  • robbyburns

    If anything it’s an amazing troll by the “evil four letter”, leak information that you may want to acquire your closest “rivals” young talents if anything you put enough pressure on them to over pay her of let her go and you don’t have to give anything up to get her, as for possibly pairing her with Greenberg all be still sleeping I’ll pass.

  • ChazzyJoe

    Increase her exposure five-fold? From the two people who watch her now up to ten?

  • Teddy Clarke

    I don’t get the hype. She’s terrible.

  • Racing Fan

    This is so like when a coach is trying to get a bigger job, Float stories that Team X is interested, so the current team signs said coach to a crazy extension. If Skipper really met with Nolan about a job, then that’s pretty good for her. If that’s not true, the rest is BS.

  • Respected Citizen

    I guess the fivefold comment makes sense if they’re trading her to EsPn.

  • crs44

    This makes me even happier that I do not have cable or satellite service.

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  • Bscotch Bscotch

    So….Garbage Time averaged about 100k viewers last year. Which means that roughly 3 to 4 actual viewers in Nielsen homes watched the show. But, good news is that she reaches more viewers on United Planes. A United 777 has 366 seats…..so that’s like 100x here TV audience. And that’s just one plane!

  • Sean M.

    One problem I found with Garbage Time is that you might miss a few episodes and then want to check out a new one and the show would be on hiatus. If they had put her show on at 10 pm I think the ratings and viewership could have been higher. If she goes to ESPN her schtick will be so tamed down she will become just another sports personality.

  • James Uy Ty III

    Katie Nolan will have a new FS1 show, Rollin with Nolan, starting next Tuesday at 7 pm Eastern Time. It will also be a weekly show and much earlier than Garbage Time. It was plugged just a while ago during a commercial break in the replay of Undisputed.

    So that means, Nolan stays with Fox after all.

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