With Mike & Mike” ending” and Bomani Jones asking out of his radio show, we knew a shakeup was coming on ESPN Radio. On Friday, ESPN announced its 2018 lineup, with Will Cain and Sarah Spain among the personalities to gain new shows and Stephen A. Smith gaining national distribution.

Here is what ESPN Radio will sound like beginning January 2 (all times Eastern):

4-6 a.m.  — “First and Last” with Mike Golic Jr., which remains in its current slot.

6-10 a.m. — “Golic and Wingo” with Mike Golic and Trey Wingo, replacing “Mike & Mike,” in the same time slot.

10 a.m.-1 p.m. — “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz,” also remaining in its current slot

1-3 p.m. — “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” which was not previously distributed nationally

3-6 p.m. — “Russillo and Cain” with Ryen Russillo and Will Cain. Russillo has been hosting alone since Danny Kanell was laid off in April, while Cain has emerged as a frequent contributor on ESPN Radio and on ESPN’s “First Take.”

6-9 p.m. — “Spain and Fitz” with espnW’s Sarah Spain and SEC Network’s Jason Fitz, who previously hosted a weekend ESPN Radio show with Jordan Rodgers.

9 p.m.-1 a.m. — “Freddie and Fitzsimmons” with Freddie Coleman and Ian Fitzsimmons. This show previously aired from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. but is now getting an extra hour.

1 a.m.-4 a.m. — “SportsCenter All Night,” which currently airs from 2-4 a.m.

Additionally, ESPN officially announced new podcasts for Bomani Jones, Katie Nolan, and the Jalen Rose-Dave Jacoby duo. As we reported earlier this month, Jones recently suggested to ESPN management that his daily radio show, “The Right Time,” be repurposed as a podcast, as he prepares for his new television venture with Pablo Torre.

Here is how Jones and ESPN senior VP of audio Traug Keller explained the decision.

“Podcasting is changing how audio is consumed, since the listener is more in charge than ever, and offering dynamic content is a smart way to grow our business and serve our listeners,” said Keller. “Bomani, whose trajectory continues to rise, brings a distinct voice to an audience looking for compelling discourse.  He asked to move his show from radio to a podcast and we readily agreed. His thought-provoking and entertaining opinions will translate perfectly to our on-demand platform.”

Jones stated, “I couldn’t be more excited about moving exclusively to a podcast. As someone whose career began in the digital space, I can’t wait to fully explore what can be done there with an audio program. This podcast will be insightful, and I hope it will be as much fun to listen to as we’ll have putting it together.

The Nolan podcast was first announced last week. That show will air weekly, while “Jalen & Jacoby’s” new show will be produced four or five times a week, ESPN said.


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  • Drew

    That line up is terrible. Will Cain has ruined The Russillo Show. Then they add SAS to the line up for more hot take garbage? No thanks. Been listening since the SVP Show. I’m done after this mess.

    • Gimme Gimme Octopus

      I don’t get into a lot of the ESPN hate because I am not emotionally invested enough. But splitting up SVP and Rusillo was one of the worst moves they ever made. The radio side really went downhill with that and the promotion of LeBetard.

      • Raymond Chuang

        The thing about LeBatard’s show is that it really is a highly-acquired taste. If you think of it as a semi-parody of a sports talk show then it makes sense.

      • Ted Mark

        “You don’ get the showww!!”

    • inku palios

      Will Cain only is on ESPN to make the network appealing to the Fox News base.

  • OrangeDem

    Ryen sounds so uncomfortable when the FoxNews affirmative action hire co-hosts. Feel bad for him now that he has to share the actual bill with Cain.

    • Destro

      Ryen wanted him as his co-host.

      • Jamaal Piper

        Can you confirm this?

    • Drew

      I’ve noticed the tone in his voice is noticeably different when Adnan or some other Non-Cain host is on. He’s much more upbeat. And when SVP came back for a show a couple of weeks ago, he was almost giddy. They never should have split them. SVP @ midnight is good but I wish they could have found a way to make the radio thing work as well

  • PAI

    Who even listens to any of this? In Boston, it typically pulls a 0.0 rating across the board all day. This can’t be making any money at all.

  • RJ2008

    Podcast killed the radio star.

  • Are local affiliates being impacted at all?

  • Raymond Chuang

    I actually think Russilo and Cain will work together quite well, because I’ve heard Cain when he appeared on “Mike and Mike” and he comes across as a pretty intelligent talker.

  • Jon

    Cain seems to be a sop to people who’ve been tuning out of ESPN on both radio and TV because they claimed it has a liberal bias. Of course, it doesn’t do anything for the listeners who went to ESPN in the past to get away from politics, period, since you’re just substituting Cain’s conservative takes for Jones’ liberal ones in afternoon drive. But we’ll see how it plays out, and they did put Russillo there, presumably to at least try and keep the show sports-centered.

    (Jones lost listeners and stations in large part because he couldn’t go more than one segment without mixing politics and sports, and sounded completely bored when he had to talk about the actual games and not all the TMZ gossip and/or political stuff around the games. He can do that to his heart’s content on the podcast, where people will actively have to seek him out in order to listen).



  • Angie Carmichael

    Stephen A. Smith’s show should be cancelled, not given national distribution.

  • Ken

    No mention of Izzy guitierez… is he done at espn?

  • Tori

    Ugh to the Russillo show news. I hope that at the very least the current hosting lineup remains and Will is only there 3 days a week. I’m down to listening to the show 2 days a week to avoid Will. Really hope it doesn’t become an avoid the show entirely most days because I love Ryen, but Will is way too annoying to listen to on a regular basis.

  • 66pugs99

    I’m happy that the un-listenable Cain will join Russillo. Now the two least likable personalities on ESPN can be together, not to plague any other show.