NFL analyst Cian Fahey announced Friday that he has resigned from his ESPN gig after what he described as “ignorant’ behavior at a bar.

Fahey, who runs the football website Pre Snap Reads and is known for his expertise in quarterback analysis, hosted a podcast on ESPN and appeared frequently on ESPN radio programs.

Fahey announced his resignation in a series of tweets Friday afternoon. He declined to elaborate on what he had done beyond saying he had, “treated American strangers like I would my Irish friends.” Fahey has lived most of his life in Ireland.

The “Mike” in question there is Dan Le Batard Show producer Mike Ryan, who apparently mentioned this on-air during that show Friday.

Fahey has worked for ESPN since October. He announced he was heading to ESPN to do a podcast in July.

ESPN has confirmed that Fahey “no longer has a role with us.”

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  • PAI

    Who? I mean, really, who?

  • Raymond Terry

    “Pre Snap Reads”

    He appears to have flunked.

  • Toad

    The comments of “who?” are so weird, in a couple of ways. Mostly, this: if you follow football even a little bit closely, you’ve heard of him.

    • 66pugs99

      Perfectly describes the ignorance of many of the commenters on here.

  • 66pugs99

    Yes, Cian was way too sensitive to be on social media, and not all his analysis was perfect, but he brought a much needed, unique unbiased perspective to NFL stats. He predicted almost perfectly the projected season arch’s and problems with Alex Smith and Tyrod Taylor, and was one of the first to truly analyse what Blake Bortles was doing right. The problem for Fahey was his sensitive and emotional ear and fanatical homerism by so many idiots. Someone should have just taught him to post on Social media and not to read it, as he was respected by many who understand football. Undoubtedly, the pressure got to him in the end, which happens to many geeks who suddenly become popular. Hopefully he’ll still be able to do his original work.

    • Jim Connolly

      thanks Cian’s mom

      • 66pugs99

        Oh look, it’s a homer that couldn’t take any criticism of THEIR player. What a shock we’d read that.

  • MrBull

    This unknown, never heard of resigns for being ‘drunk and rude’ to Americans at a bar? Yet, Jemele Hill is still employed?
    Man is espn messed up!

    • namingrightsforsale

      Serious question: do you think orange gasbag should still be “president”?

  • Brendan Kennedy

    don’t drink with co-workers. ever.