On Friday afternoon, CNN had Fox Sports Radio personality and dogged ESPN antagonist Clay Travis on air to talk about the controversy surrounding ESPN, Jemele Hill and Donald Trump.

The segment did not last as long as planned, however. Moments into the discussion, Travis declared that, “I believe in only two things completely: the first amendment and boobs,” prompting host Brooke Baldwin to pause the conversation and ask him to clarify. Travis reiterated that, yes, he believed very strongly in boobs, and the segment moved on. But Baldwin could not simply let the boob comment pass, and before long she, Travis and fellow guest Keith Reed were going back and forth about whether it is appropriate to talk about boobs live on national television. The segment reached peak absurdity when Travis interrupted Reed to ask, “You don’t love boobs, too?”

Eventually, Baldwin had had enough, cutting in to announce that Travis’ appearance was over.

Once Travis and Reed were gone, Baldwin declared that, “That was entirely inappropriate,” before apologizing for not cutting Travis’ microphone quicker.

Minutes later, Baldwin tweeted her bewilderment at Travis’ comments.

Of all the things you might have expected to get Travis kicked off of TV, it was boobs that ultimately did him in.

Though Travis was booted from CNN, the appearance was a victory for him, in a way. Moments after the segment ended, Travis was trending on Twitter, bringing him the exact kind of exposure he was looking for.

Update: Travis has posted about this, saying that he’d previously said he believes in the First Amendment and boobs on CNN spinoff channel HLN and on Fox News (as well as on his site), that he’ll say it again in a scheduled appearance on Fox News tomorrow, that CNN has asked him to come back Monday, and that he’ll be making “I love the first amendment and boobs” t-shirts and donating all the proceeds to breast cancer awareness.

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  • MetaphysicalMan

    That…. that’s just sad.

    • namingrightsforsale

      An apt way to describe his career (on numerous levels).

  • thewatcher2

    “Though Travis was booted from CNN, the appearance was a victory for him, in a way. Moments after the segment ended, Travis was trending on Twitter, bringing him the exact kind of exposure he was looking for.”

    Can you say:

    I think this was a bad day for both Travis and his co-sidekick in ignorance Sarah Huckleberry (intentional) Sanders in that they both overplayed their hands. Only the trolls will still take Travis seriously and by invoking Linda Cohn into the conversation and not telling the whole story (speaking out against an employer is a worse look), Sanders looks like a partisan hack – something we’ve never had before in White House communications.

    • XYZ

      OMG OMG OMG Someone said boobs on tv I am so offended. (snaps pencil and stomps feet)

      • Matt

        Well, Anderson Cooper on CNN likes cock.

    • Son of Rusty Shackleford

      We’ve never had a partisan hack in White House communications? Did you ever listen to 30 seconds of the painfully-misnamed Josh Earnest or any of his idiotic predecessors? Then again, you probably did and accepted his comments as the Gospel Truth, just like any bullshiiiite coming out of ☪ظ☭ma’s (intentional) bunghole (even more intentional).

      • thewatcher2

        It’s Washington, but this B’s is over the top.

  • XYZ

    CNN was so offended by this after the segment ended they reached out to him and asked him to come back on Monday.

    • mdb80

      thats the funny part they realized that she and her other guest were in way over their heads with him and realized they needed him on a different show. They will try to get him with a van jones type someone more intelligent to try to argue the issues.

  • mdb80

    he said boobs? wait he said boobs on a show with a host with a low cut top on? I cried lol no I didn’t actually I don’t see the problem.

    What I am worried about is what the other guest said. He said that because Hill is a female/black she has suffered from racism and sexism so she has a right to vent it. This should worry a lot of people its a pretty scary thought. That if you are black or a woman you hold no accountability at all for actions or words…if you are a white man boobs is bad lol.

    • namingrightsforsale

      Whats far more scary is your insinuation that people who are victims of societal injustice don’t have a right to express how they feel about it.

      • mdb80

        this is the problem words have consequences and its not one sided like that guy, hill, the host who sometimes don’t like boobs would want you to believe.

        It can’t be…’if you upset me its offensive’…’if I upset you I am a victim deal with it’.

        Jemele Hill is not a victim at all of what he accused white men of doing. She would tell you she grew up in URBAN detroit lol. Now you hear that and you think current urban detroit one of the most dangerous cities in american. Uh no she went to a very nice small school that allowed her to focus on journalism. She didn’t grow up in the Ghetto she was privileged one of the lucky ones. She went to the same high school that Jerry Bruckheimer went to..yeah the movie guy lol. She then went to Michigan State and got her degree again hard to claim struggling african american when she was able to pay for four years of college. she then worked one year in nc and then worked for teh detroit free press…then the orlando sentinal and then to espn where for the last ten years she has rec’d promotion after promotion. Get real she’s had it great and few people have had it better. Journalist all over the country are losing their jobs….she just got another promotion lol. Her idea of injustice is Kaep a millionaire isn’t being paid more millions.

        notice kids in flint michigan can’t get clean water…not even a topic for her, why? more eyeballs if you go at the president. why not get involved ni education in detroit where 8th graders were one of the worst performers in the country on math/reading tests? Nah go after the guy who said boobs on cnn. instead of just going after cops…why not also ask why over 93% of all african americans are killed by…other african americans. Why not help kids in detroit suffering from violence that consumes their streets?

        my point is simple the name callingisn’t getting anyone anywhere.

  • Destro

    I can’t argue with the man.

  • BobLee Says

    Probably not Travis’ best moment. DUH! Did he plan it to get exactly the reaction it got? Probably. I believe I could have gotten in some body shots to ESPN without going that route. … oh well.

  • souvien

    Nah, Ku Klux Klay is all about balls…especially Peyton Manning’s balls…slurp!

  • mdb80

    oh and its misleading…he said it and she kept bringing it back up….she clearly was into it why else would she have a low cut top on?

  • deepelemblues

    Never seen anyone complain about how the female hosts of national daytime TV talk shows like The View or The Talk frequently lightly tease each other about sex, bantering back and forth while they and the audience howl with laughter. That is all just good fun but a heterosexual man saying he likes boobs is some kind of grave injustice.

  • Sting Rey

    is this a surprising considering clay works for fox. think about the recent history of fox news and fox sports correspondents.

    • Dale Moog

      He is NOT a FOX employee. He used to be. He works for Himself and has a show syndicated by FOX Sports Radio. FOX Sports Radio is owned by iHeart Media.(Think iHeart radio app) They own the Company premiere Networks(formally a division of Clear Channel.) iHeart buys the FOX brand for use in audio distribution of both FOX Sports and FOX News Radio.

  • Deon Hamner

    He should stick to sports

  • Smarky Smark & The Funky Bunch

    Bro don’t talk like that to women. This is not hard. This isn’t a first amendmemt issue, this is a common sense and “Don’t be an ass” issue. Was she suppose to laugh? After the 2nd or 3rd time you said it, still didn’t get the hint? He knew what he was doing there. 1) So that he could get stupid MAGA and “Fake media” bros to rally around him against CNN and 2) to get some viral action. Not a fluke that it got traction from him saying it on CNN and not on fox. It’s not hard to be a sleezebag and yet Clay has trouble not being one. Amazing

  • inku palios

    Honestly, Clay Travis belongs on Fox News, so he can make advances towards Ainsley Earhardt.

  • Son of Rusty Shackleford

    He didn’t get kicked off the Cleavage News Network; the segment ran a few minutes just like their other “news” segments do. The infobabe BB didn’t have any problems talking about Don “black hole” Lemon’s nipples last New Year’s Eve (while he complimented Kathy Griffin’s “nice rack”—ewwwww), but the word “boobs” triggered her? Puh-leeze….

  • Matt

    Looks like MSESPN PR guy is getting his butt kick on twitter.


  • mdb80

    irony is the other guy…keith reed has a bunch of @ss and tit comments on his twitter…he said that doesn’t count it wasn’t on a national tv show….so apparently keith reed supports trumps remarks about grabbing you know what…that wasn’t on a national tv show. Also is there irony in someone claiming their public twitter is a private setting lol,, not to mention his bio on twitter describes himself as a ‘writer, rabble rouser’ lol apparently he was upset clay is a boob man because he himself is an @ss man and that upset him that clay isn’t.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    I hate douchebags. Especially ones who hang out with those who disparage towing company employees

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