ESPN announced earlier this year that Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan will call the Los Angeles Chargers-Denver Broncos game on Monday, September 11. As it will be the only game they will call together this season, both Mowins and Ryan are getting prepared. There are ways to do it, in the studio by calling a taped game, but there’s nothing better than being at a game and calling it live.

So ESPN has had them call the Florida State spring game. They’ll also call the Tampa Bay-Jacksonville game and also the New York Giants-Cleveland Browns contest. The key is that the American public won’t be able to hear Mowins and Ryan call those games. Those practice sessions won’t be televised and they’ll allow the pair to get the kinks out and get comfortable working with one another.

In addition, Mowins has visited the Chargers and Broncos camps to get some background.

Mowins becomes the second woman to call play-by-play on a NFL game. Gayle Sierens called one in 1987 for NBC and it’s been 30 years in-between. To prepare, Sierens also practiced calling preseason games with partner Dave Rowe.

In order to get their announcing teams ready for the season, networks bring their staffs together to call practice games. This isn’t the only high-profile team to get reps. Jim Nantz and Tony Romo will be calling the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game so they can get acquainted with one another:

Mowins has been hoping for this opportunity. She’s been calling college football games for ESPN and also did Oakland Raiders preseason games.

“I understand the significance of it and the importance of this moment and I hope there are a lot of young girls and young boys out there who not necessarily see me as a play-by-play announcer but as a kid who had a dream and had wonderful support from family and friends to pursue that dream and put in a lot of sweat equity to get the opportunity,” Mowins said.

The season opening games are just a little more than a month away, but there’s never enough time to prepare.

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  • philly97

    “How can we make the Chargers-Broncos game as insufferable to the fans as possible?”

    “How about Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan?”

    “Promote that guy!”

  • footballfan

    Really Awful Announcing?! How about a full story with a picture of Nantz and Romo the A team on CBS who are new as a team this year or Burkhardt, Cultler and Davis, the new B team on Fox, as those are real teams calling games each week in the regular season and with Nantz and Romo, the playoffs.

    I am glad to see Beth Mowins, as a women, get a chance to call a NFL game, but enough with Rex Ryan. He was awful as the Jets coach after their first two playoff appearances, and was literally up Mark Sanchez’s butt and screwed over Tim Tebow in NY, and stunk it up as the Bills coach. This qualifies him for the booth and “expert” analysis?! Plus, that man had lap-band surgery?! He is still heavy as hell.

    ESPN should have put the Rex Ryan of politics, Chris Christie, in the booth with Ryan. They are both overweight, are all talk but do not deliver on promises, and both are huge with huge egos. That would be perfect pairing on ESPN’s part.
    Focus on getting a picture of the promos for Nantz and Romo or Burkhardt, Cutler and Davis, and what the full slate of announcer pairings are for CBS and FOX and stop giving any airtime to Rex Ryan. A shame that talented and respected and likable NFL announcers like Solomon Wilcots and Ron Jaworski will not be calling television games this year but Ryan the jerk, is.

  • footballfan

    This is the picture that Awful Announcing should be showing that is a much better picture that viewers will start getting used to. Jim Nantz/Tony Romo the CBS A Team doing a practice telecast tonight of the Hall of Fame game between Dallas and Arizona. Nantz/Romo = A Team, Mowins/Ryan = F- Team

  • Walt_Gekko

    Maybe they should have Mowins and Ryan also call the Friday night college games on ESPN/ESPN2. That would give Ryan time to get back for the Sunday shows.

    Wouldn’t be shocked if this actually works.

  • chaz

    Seems like the Jets , the Bills and now ESPN have bought Rex Ryan’s monorail.