On Monday afternoon, a Twitter user apparently named Abdul tweeted a funny photo of a guy at the Boston Marathon inspiring runners by reminding them that the Patriots had trailed the Falcons 28-3 in the Super Bowl before rallying to victory.

Here it is:

Pretty amusing, right? Some media outlets thought so. SB Nation tweeted at Abdul to ask if it could use his photo. Abdul, whose Twitter avatar appears to be him wearing a Red Sox shirt, had an interesting response:

Sure enough, a little while later ESPN reached out to Abdul, and he did not respond kindly.

Abdul is apparently still upset about ESPN’s role in Deflategate, the scandal that began when several reports, including from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, suggested Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had illicitly deflated footballs during an NFL playoff game.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Patriots fans deny ESPN over their Deflategate grievance—in fact, it’s at least the third time. But it may be the first time we’ve seen a Patriots fan demand ESPN block him on Twitter and then tell the network (or the innocent person running the assignment desk Twitter account) to “go fuck yourselves.”

Gotta love those Boston fans, amirite?

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  • Saber Khai

    I think “Go fuck yourself” is my preferred response to any media company that asks to use any photos or other intellectual property of mine without offering adequate compensation. But the fact this guy was a Patriots fan and wanted to stick it to ESPN is awesome.

  • BIG ED

    I just find Boston fans smug and arrogant. Let it go already deflategate is over Pats won another SB

    • Turk Turkleton

      Patriots fans were all saying “let it go” after the Pats stomped on the Colts in the AFC Championship and air pressure in footballs became national news. We all know the NFL/media didn’t let it go (nor did many fans of other teams). If Patriot fans have to live with the consequences, so does everyone else.

    • Steven Vincent

      Just because the Patriots were able to overcome the dishonesty of Goodell and the NFL front office does not make it all right. That’s like saying that because the bank that was robbed still had a successful year the robber doesnt have to go to jail. Goodell has a huge debt upon which he needs to make good. Deflategate has been debunked beyond any shadow of a doubt whatsoever. The first time ever that the NFL measured footballs during a game they were ignorant of middle school science. The story of deflategate is the story of the behavior of the NFL.
      The only one who can end deflategate is Goodell. He owes Brady and the Patriots an apology, money, and draft picks. Until Goodell finds the character and backbone to man-up and pay his debt, deflategate does not end and Goodell will forever have scum tattooed across his forehead.

  • Daniel J. Westrick

    The Huffington Post reports that ESPN has blocked him!

  • PAI

    What a waste of the verified account mark for twitter…

  • Parts

    I love that guy.

  • I_Dunno_Dude

    Same exact thing happened back in October

  • Joe

    Also Abdul was making it appear he took the picture when he didn’t. http://deadspin.com/patriots-fans-heat-check-goes-wrong-1794425573

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